Ekaterina Androsova

Ekaterina Androsova
Watch your mind, devote your life to Dharma and then you won’t be ashamed of yourself and a feeling of incompleteness won’t be present at the moment of death.
Falling into inertness and an idle timepassing is unacceptable if you want to get out of sansara


I encountered various difficulties performing the simplest asanas when I attended a yoga class for the very first time. Reaching the floor in a forward bend wasn’t successful, while backward bend caused a discomfort. Still with a pass of time thanks to intensive practice, aspiration and trying keys to every asana my body became stronger and more flexible. The experience of asana mastering helps me explain the students attending my classes the secret of this or that posture.

I have taken a certification course of Andrey Lappa (Universal Yoga) and I have attended seminars of various yoga masters from abroad and Russia. Even though I possess a yoga teacher certificate I plan to continue with my studies of the same line. However diplomas and certificates can give just a mere idea of a teacher. Getting your own experience by visiting a certain teacher’s class for once/couple of times is the best way to get a flavor and come to conclusion.

As a rule asanas sequence is adapted to the level of attending the class practitioners. Asana adjustment and pranayama technique are paid attention at if beginners come; more complicated versions of postures to develop mind and body are for advanced practitioners.

Moreover I offer cites of different yoga- and self-development-related scriptures and literature to bring more awareness to yoga practice and to form some understanding of the processes during the class.

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