Измени себя — изменится Мир вокруг

About us

Information space devoted to yoga, wholesome life and spiritual development

It may be difficult for one person
to pick up a big stone,
but by joining forces,
several persons will do it without any difficulty.

OUM.RU club is a group of like-minded, joined by wholesome life. For quite a long period of time we practice yoga and share knowledge with people in our cities. We conduct yoga tours and seminars in the places of strength and life of the great yogis to India, Nepal, Tibet, Kailash and others. We offer you to get acquainted with the teachings of yoga and self-improvement, and to discover for yourself the path of self-development.

Why should a person practice yoga? Yoga is a time-tested and well-known throughout the world system of self-development. Teachers of OUM.RU club conduct classes, basing on the principles of yoga. Classes are represented as complexes consisting of asanas (postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises). With the help of asanas complexes you can overcome the energy limitations that are formed in your body at this moment, to become more mobile and to eliminate discomfort in your body. Practicing yoga in an urban environment, it would seem for yourself, you change the reality around: the people, with whom you are communicating, are connected to you energetically. Therefore, changing yourself at the level of the body, energy and consciousness, you can positively influence the surrounding reality.

What is yoga in OUM.RU club?

Responses to this question of those, who practice in our club:
Whoso has faith and wisdom yoked in harness,
With conscience as the pole, the mind as reins
And mindfulness as watchful charioteer,
Goes in a chariot equipped with virtue,
Its axle meditation, energy its wheel
Mind’s equipoise its even shaft,
Desirelessness its drapery; his arms
Are freedom from all malice, harmlessness,
Detachment of the mind; his leather coat
Forbearance. Furnished thus, the chariot
Rolls on from bondage to security.
Built by oneself alone is it,
This vehicle divine and unsurpassed.
In it the wise are carried from the world,
In it they drive to certain victory.

Buddha, from “Saṃyutta Nikāya”