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Yoga tours with OUM.RU

We invite you to yoga tours with the OUM.RU club. Our teachers lead trips to places of power. Join us!




To ensure that your trip to places of power is effective and you have an understanding, we recommend that you read the reviews from participants in past tours, as well as the basics of yoga.

If possible, practice hatha yoga: join our classes or practice on your own, as long as you see results. The better prepared your body is, the more you will achieve in places with strong energy.

Travel with certified experienced yoga teachers is an opportunity to get to know yourself better, immerse yourself in the world of yoga, and visit powerful and interesting places.

Yoga tours schedule on 2024

Start date Tour name Leaders Cost
1 september
20 days
Great Tibet Tour 3850 $ // For those who travel with the club OUM.RU for the first time

Yoga tours schedule on 2025

Start date Tour name Leaders Cost
14 march 2025
18 days
Journey to the Places of Buddha 1850 $
5 april 2025
14 days
Yoga Tour to Bhutan and Nepal 3000$ // For those who travel with the club OUM.RU for the first time

What do yoga tours give?

Yoga tours are trips to famous Shrines, places of interest, historically important objects located in the vastness of India, Tibet, and other foreign places related to the origin and development of yoga culture.

Each journey is accompanied by certified yoga teachers. Groups are made up of people who understand perfectly what yoga is and strive to understand the highest depths of existence. That is, groups of like-minded people go on a trip.

“What do yoga tours give?” - you ask. The answer to this question cannot be formulated briefly. Therefore, we will tell you in more detail what the essence of our travels is. And you can see the planned directions above, on this page.

The influence of yoga tours on the physical body During such a trip, we do not distance ourselves from practices, but, on the contrary, strengthen the classes and conduct them in the most suitable atmosphere for this. Performing asanas, meditation and pranayama, carried out in the vast mountain ranges of Tibet, in the atmosphere of Indian Shrines, is a double benefit for the physical body.

During some trips we do kora and trekking. This is an additional workout for the spiritual and physical body. Climbing to a height of more than 3000 meters, hiking around Mount Kailash or hiking to the source of the Ganges River require serious cardio and strength training. During such travels, the body becomes stronger, more flexible, and more resistant to the influence of negative factors. Tours provide a unique opportunity to advance in the direction of yoga practices.

The influence of yoga tours on the spiritual sphere

It is difficult to describe in words what a powerful energy charge the group members receive during any of the presented yoga tours. Such travels allow you to accelerate your development in the direction of spiritual practices and gain previously inaccessible knowledge.

Only by visiting the places of historical feats, important achievements, having walked the same path as the amazing yoga masters, famous for their pioneering experience, can you truly understand and feel the subtle facets of the spiritual matters from which our world is woven.

Yoga tours provide:

  1. An opportunity to make a breakthrough in mastering practices. Detachment from society and the special aura of the places visited tune the spirit and body in the appropriate mood. Asanas turn out better, concentration increases during meditative practices. You manage to feel the true spirit of the culture.
  2. Enrichment by merit. Like sealing wax taking the form of a seal, the mind is transformed to suit the unique atmosphere. During the trip, the worldview changes, it is possible to better understand the whole meaning of practicing hatha yoga.
  3. Expanding the circle of like-minded people. According to Indian legend, spiritual community is precious. By going on an exciting thematic trip, a person expands his circle of acquaintances who look in the same direction and understand the world in the same tone.
  4. Cleansing the spiritual body. Since ancient times, pilgrimages to sacred places have been a way to undergo purification. Tours to the Shrines of Buddhism and other attractions with a pure, sparkling aura help to free the mind from the “rabble” and gain protection from the formation of bad thoughts and thoughts.
  5. Obtaining a unique spiritual experience. It is best possible to open consciousness, feel the movement of energy flows, and realize the depth and subtlety of spiritual matters in places shrouded in anomalous mysticism.
  6. Strengthening karmic attachment to the area. Having visited such places once, a person returns there again and again. This helps you find answers to important questions, feel all the facets of the truth and stay on your individual path to self-improvement.
  7. Restoration of subtle energy forces. The spiritual body needs recharging with blissful, pure energies. It is easy to find the source of such strength during unique yoga tours.
  8. Finding solutions to complex problems. There are no problems for which there is no solution. To find a way out of complex internal contradictions, answer tormenting questions, and rise above the complexities of existence, it is worth touching the “eternal,” “wise,” and “important.” Only on such trips do you realize how small and insignificant everyday problems are, how easy it is to find your way and escape the tormenting oppression of doubts.
  9. “Taste” of spirituality. It is possible to develop an internal understanding of high energies only in such atmospheric places. That is, all this is accessible without interruption from the usual place of life, but when traveling to the places of pilgrimage of yogis, the standard states can be comprehended faster, more clearly, more deeply. The experience of peace and bliss leaves an imprint on the memory. The further development of spiritual practices is based on this.
  10. Development of consciousness. It is easier to reveal the “dormant” wisdom of consciousness and develop the existing skills of your body in places with the appropriate aura. All this happens thanks to the memory of reincarnations. Arriving for the first time in an area with an unfamiliar culture, where everyone speaks, thinks and does differently from what is customary at home, many people feel an inexplicable joy and “taste” of returning to long-abandoned places. One gets the impression that you are not learning something new, but remembering what you knew and knew well for a long time...

Description of yoga tours

Visiting famous places that give us wisdom and strength is like a meeting of two worlds! The inner world of a person becomes acquainted with the unique matters of mystical spaces. There is so much new and interesting here. During such travels, we enrich our inner world, strengthen our physical body, gain valuable experience and improve our knowledge.

But any tour requires specific preparation, since it involves serious physical activity and real tests for the will and spirit.

To get the most out of your trip and not run into minor problems associated with your body’s unpreparedness for such travel, it’s worth getting prepared.

What you need to consider before going on yoga tours

We recommend starting to prepare for such an unusual trip 2-3 months before the departure date. After all, you need to prepare your body as much as possible for the loads, and open your mind for future practices.

  • It is important to evaluate your body’s endurance and prepare for serious cardio exercise. The best option for this is regular yoga or long walks in the fresh air.
  • It is worth switching to a light plant-based diet. This will help get rid of excess physical and spiritual “burden” and create a blissful background of health.
  • We must practice intermittent light fasting (shatkarmas).
  • It is important to internally tune in to the right mood. It is worth excluding information “fast food” (TV, newspapers, Internet “garbage”).
  • It is worth enriching your knowledge in the direction of the features of the places where you plan to go.

All these tips will help you prepare physically, psychologically and spiritually for an unusual journey. With proper preparation, a person quickly masters the intricacies of a new atmosphere, adapts more easily to pressure changes, and endures physical activity of a new level without risks to health. All this is important, as it helps to prevent the occurrence of factors that prevent you from enjoying an exciting tour, tasting all the facets of its beauty and benefits. Nothing will distract attention or disturb the inner mood. All energy and interest will be directed towards learning new things and remembering interesting facts.

If yoga practices have become a part of your life and you have decided to begin your own development fully and correctly, consider the list of directions that our group plans to take in the future. You can choose any trip and apply to join the group. You can go on a yoga tour from different cities of Russia. It doesn't matter where you live. Choose a starting point from the list that is convenient for you, and prepare for your trip by following the recommendations written in this article.

You can find out more details on the permissible age of participants, the features of a particular trip, the cost of the trip and the duration of a particular tour by contacting our operator.

Our yoga tour selection specialist will suggest the most profitable, interesting and suitable route, based on the characteristics of a particular person (or group of people). You can choose an individual tour or go on a mystical journey with the whole family (there are restrictions on the permissible age of children).

Find the desired direction for yourself and get the best spiritual and physical practice, as well as a lot of unforgettable experiences!

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