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Information space dedicated to yoga, healthy lifestyles and spiritual improvement.

This site was created by a group of like-minded people. We all have been doing yoga for a long time, teach and invite you to classes. For a schedule and other useful information, see the Learning Center section.

As befits yogis, we lead a healthy lifestyle (or, more correctly, a healthy one). We will be happy to share this knowledge. Actually, one of the goals of the site is to collect and make available information that contributes to the health of people. For more details, see the sections Healthy lifestyle and Proper nutrition.

Site sections, Yoga tours will be informative for those who want to discover places of power, life and practice of great yogis and yoginis of the past. You will learn in this section about annual tours in India, Nepal, Himalayas, Tibet to Kailash and others.

And two more sections of the site, perhaps the most significant - All about yoga and Articles. Collected here are materials on various religions and spiritual practices. In these sections you will find rare, unusual texts with deep meaning.

Our video portal contains films on various topics of sanity. Also on the site we post information about interesting events - past and future.

"We do not adhere to any conservative views and are in the process of development. If you need a sect, please look elsewhere."
Andrey Verba