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Principles of patenting by mother-millionaire

современные дети, воспитание

Dani Johnson grew up in a poor family, became pregnant at 17, was homeless by 21 and became a millionaire by 23. Last March successful business-woman, mother of five children and grandmother of several grandchildren, has visited Riga and during the seminar told about her principles of parenting:

I travel to different countries to make parents think and to not make mistakes, which parents in the United States made for decades. Our children are the next generation, which is already almost lost. They are used to get whatever they want in a childhood, and when they become adults, they just sit on the dole, - said Johnson.

Goals should be from childhood

Rich people clearly understand what goals should be in front of their children. Yes, they educate future graduates of Harvard, future senior managers, future doctors or presidents. Meanwhile, the average person bear and raise children with the thought: what if you're lucky?

"In the family of my friends who own their publishing house, the son did not want to learn and did not know what to do in life. Then the father took a radical decision and sent him for a week to work in a homeless shelter, without anything. A week later, teenager returned back with a great desire to learn and participate in the family business ", - says Johnson.

Without TV and mobile phone

Who is the best friend of a "normal" child? Most likely, it’s a television, computer and mobile phone. Children of Denis Johnson got their first phones at the age of 16, their first computer was father’s old computer and there was no TV in the house at all.

"My kids cannot afford a mobile phone, because they do not earn anything. Cellphone teaches a person not to organize and manage your time, and the TV shows the wrong model of life.

What can you learn from Sponge Bob cartoon? Lazy, dissolute, nihilistic little man happy about how others wind around his little finger. Do you want your son to become such a man? Would you like to have such a man for your daughter? If you do not watch television for 30 days this dependence can be eliminated, "- says Johnson.

Teach your child to love work

Weekends are coming, and what do children hear? Thank God, Friday; We can take a break from this work; my boss is a pig; my subordinates do not listen to me and I hate my job.

This point of view teaches people since childhood that work is bad, difficult and unpleasant. Children who were taught as that, do not want to get a job or start their own business, - says Dani Johnson.

In her family children starting from two years do simple housework, and by 11 years their contribution is already quite significant.

"That’s how they pay for accommodation and food in our house. In life, nothing is free of charge", - says Johnson. She does not use the services of a cook, maid or nanny - with all the housework family copes on its own.

Thus it is necessary that the child is be able to do the job that he does not like or causes strain - because it develops character and strength of will. If you only do what you like – it will not bring additional benefit for the person.

You are not an ATM for your child

"I give 50 dollars per year to my child for shoes and buy four pairs of jeans. You can’t by luxury shoes for such money, but if you want - go and earn some money, or wait for the sale!" - Johnson said, noting that the child should be provided with the most necessary, but the special fantasies and desires, he must realize himself.

"The worst thing that parents can do is making money in order to give children what they lacked in childhood themselves. As children grow up, they enter a world where they already cannot afford to live as they were used to", - says business -woman.

Spend or save?

With a rest of money there are only two options: to buy unnecessary things (and to provide a good education and travelling for children of those businessmen who sell these things), or teach children how to save, earn and invest money.

"How to motivate the child not to spend money where it is not necessary? In our house there is a rule: Accumulate $ 10, and I'll give you extra 10. When the sum is collected, you can only buy things that allow you to grow and develop: a bike, a musical instrument or a journey "- says Johnson. And do not buy what others buy! Typically, this is an extra stuff that just takes up space.

Teach your child to be generous.

Most successful people are characterized by emotional and material generosity. They are not jealous and they are very generous. Teach your child to respect, Johnson invokes. Not for nothing, the Bible says that it is necessary to sacrifice 10%: the children in her family, too, they give 10% of each dollar earned to orphans. 20% remains for the leisure and entertainment, and the rest goes to the savings, for the future and the implem entation of ideas.