Измени себя — изменится Мир вокруг

The secret of Matryoshka

For a long time the Matryoshka doll has been a famous russian symbol. But it is not only a decoration or a souvenir. First of all it is a unique toy for children - very beautiful and useful. As many matreoshkas it has inside - as many secrets it has.
So what is the secret of colourful dolls placed one inside the other?

Any modern teaching aid could be envious of matryoshkas educational value. This wonderful toy is a perfect gift for children. Using matryoshka we can teach them how to compare things on a basis of height, width, colour and void space. It helps to develop coordination, perception and mental abilities of little kids. Disassemling and assembling the toy again develops logical thought. The game teaches to count.
Moreover, this toy has a lot of symbolical meanings.

It is well known that any traditional toy is a thing connected to the mythology. Many researchers are exploring the mystery of matryoshka while the symbolism of folk art goes deep in history. The experts say: the russian master who created matryoshka knew the russian fairy tales well. Every next inner doll means the level on a spiritual road. And the innermost doll symbolizes the ability to find the Truth.

We can remember a russian fairy tale "Koschei the deathless". The main hero - Ivan Czarevitch ( Ivan the son of a "tcar"( king)) is looking for a magical egg. Inside this egg there is a needle - a magical thing which helps to defeat Koschey, Ivans enemy.

This egg is inside the duck.
The duck - inside the rabbit.
The rabbit - inside the box.
The box - under the oak.

The same situation is with Matryoshka, which teaches us to find the sense in multi-layer system. To find the internal reasons behind outward world, to understand the world deeply, not to judge superficially, but to get to the truth.

Matryoshka is a symbol of family. The word "matryoshka" is formed of the word "mother". Thus this toy personifies the mother of big family, it shows the image of different generations in а clan.

Matryoshka is a symbol of unity and quantity of world realities. It consists of a large number of manifestations, reflections. So it contains the great idea - the reflection of something big in something small - the macrocosm in the microcosm.

Also matryoshka ( with all her inside parts ) is a symbol of multidimensionality and layering of the Universe and human with all his subtle bodies. Our aints knew that, they used age-specific initiations to develop and strengthen these bodies.

Yavie telo
So, the smallest matryoshka is the Physical body of man, it is matured during the 1st year of child’s life and establish a little person in the world of Yav. ( Yav is the material world in which we are right now. According to Vedic culture there are three worlds: Yav, Prav and Nav) The name of the age initiation of this period is Postriziny. This matryoshka is red, because the physical body is connected with red Chakra - Istok.

Zharie telo
Next matryoshka symbolizes Etheric body fully formed in age of 3. There are special rituals to strengthen this body: Sitting on a horse for boys and Zorya-Proventica for girls.
This matryoshka has orange color, because the etheric body is connected with orange Chakra - Zarod.

Navie telo
Another big matryoshka is Astral body. It is yellow and associated with Chakra called Zhivot. It forms at the age of 7. Podpoyasivanie ( wearing the belt ) is a ceremony for boys, Zakosichivanie ( braiding the hair ) - for girls.

Klubie telo
Next matryoshka is Mental body. Green colour. Formed at 12-14 years. The rituals are Yarenie and Lelnik.

Causal body
Blue matryoshka (throat Chakra Ustyee ) - is Causal body, formed till 21. A person is ready to create his own space, which means to be initiated to be a Husband or Wife - wedding ceremony.

Colobie telo
Blue matryoshka ( the Chakra Oko ) is Colbie body (the body of intuition and spiritual mind), one passes dedication to become a Father or a Mother.

Divie telo
The biggest purple matryoshka (Chakra Rodnyik ), symbolizes Divie telo(the soul of man, kameralnie, Atmic body).
A human understands it clearly when the time to be a Grandparent comes.

Pravie telo, Dgiva
Next subtle bodies: Pravie telo and Dgiva have a very high vibration, so they have no color - it is pure light.

Matryoshka represents human integrity, a positive fun image brings piece and harmony into one’s home.