Измени себя — изменится Мир вокруг

Several important Buddhist teachings

1. Sentient beings don't suffer from inaction, they suffer because they don't understand how to act properly.

2. In order to learn how to act properly, first one should find a clear direction in life.

3. A forked needle cannot stich fabric. It's impossible to reach a goal by going different ways. Sticking to one clear direction is very important. 

4. There isn't a thing outside which can make you suffer. The mind interpretation plays a huge part in the choice to suffer or be glad. 

5. Do not build a roof without a strong foundation. Similarly, in spiritual dimension, the top must rely on base. 

6. Inability to do something is no reason for anxiety. Ability to do something is either no reason for anxiety. So why worry? Be happy and stay peaceful.

7. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Be happy with what you have. 

8. You can't heal a disease by asking someone else to take your medicine. You better take the healing medicine of Dharma by yourself. You need a real doctor. The one who is able to give you a proper treatment.

9. A problem cannot be big by itself. It seems big when compared to a small problem. Be sensible: compare your problem with some more serious one. Immediately your problem will become smaller. 

10. Don't try to run if you haven't learned to walk. In the beginning it's reasonable to perform practices appropriate for your level. 

11. The only source of suffering is your own actions. Be mindful when acting. 

12. Learn how to stay calm and wise. When you are calm and wise, all your actions will be appropriate to the situation and will not be coloured by negative emotions. 

13. Violence and hatred do not lead to happiness. Even a winner of great battles does not feel happy because of them. 

14. Wisdom without compassion is dry and harmful. Compassion without wisdom is blind and infirm. Don't neglect either of them.

15. Do your best to help others. If you can't give them joy, don't do harm. It's one of the most important Buddhist teachings.

16. Running after the rainbow is a way to come back with empty hands. Putting efforts to only present life issues is a way to live in vain. Don't waste your precious lifetime. 

17. Even the strongest thunder is just a sound. Similarly, the loudest glory is just a sound at the moment of death. Don't lie to yourself. 

18. Meditation without Dharma knowledge is similar to climbing a mountain without feet. Dharma knowledge without meditation is similar to running after the rainbow. 

19. There is no point running without a clear direction. Similarly, there is no point going to the mountains without the knowledge of proper meditation.

20. Actions born by anger show your loss of self-control and clear mind. This road is dangerous. 

21. Don't make a mistake talking about your enemy. Your enemy can be bad and good at times. He can't be always bad.

22. Don't imitate feelings if there are none. Don't let enemy ideas drive you. The uncontrollable expression of your animosity will only produce similar answer. Such a conflict is the worst of all.

23. Don't search for peace outside, find it Inside. 

24. If you have mastered the art of meditation, it will appear in your every action. Then all actions created by your body, speech and mind will be perfect and full of supreme wisdom. 

25. Doing harm to other people, you harm yourself. Helping other people, you help yourself. Be wise and help others. 

26. True Love and Compassion are the main things in life. If you have them, eventually you'll have everything. 

27. If you search for yourself, you will not succeed. However it doesn't mean that you don't exist at all. It means that you don't exist the way you imagine it. 

28. Don't forget this knowledge, for it is worth more than gold. It is the knowledge given by Buddha and the Great Teachers of the past. 

From Geshe Jamba Tinley's lectures