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Attention! Dangerous food

Every day on product shelves of shops we can face large quantity of goods which masked as foodstuff, but are not food indeed – they are true poisons. Usage of such products leads to catastrophic consequences for your health and bears threat for your life.

You can meet these "werewolves" everywhere, be careful …

1. Fast food: quick-cooking noodles, soluble soups, mashed potatoes, bouillon cubes, soluble juice. This products are made from dried up (at 100-120°C) raw ingredients. Thus the cellular structure of components collapses and only a minimum of biologically active, useful matters remain. As a raw material usually uses waste products of meat-processing production, surrogate starch, products with enormous quantity of artificial flavouring and aromatic food additives (often it exceeds 50% of composition), colouring agents and monosodium glutamate (Е-621). Most of the fast food is packed in polystyrene ware which isolates sterols when touches hot water, causing inflammatory diseases of liver and kidneys.

2. Margarine, cheap “butter”. It contains hydrogenated vegetable oils. Vegetable oil (the cheapest, of low quality) mixes with catalyst (usually it is nickel oxide), fills in reactor, hydrogen is added and the mix heats up to high temperatures under pressure, then soapy emulsifiers and starch are added. To remove an unpleasant smell the substance is poured with ferry. As colour of margarine is grey to imitate butter it is bleached, then mixed with colouring agents and intense flavoring agents. Derived fats are trans-isomers of fatty acids (trans fats), it is very unhealthy what is acknowledged fact.

3. Dairy products with a long term of storage (more than 2 weeks in the closed packing). To increase the period of storage milk undergo fast heating to temperature 137°C with the further sharp cooling. As a result of such treatment micro flora is annihilated, structure of nutrients is destroyed and milk becomes "dead". In the dairy products made of treated milk various artificial preservatives are added and to increase the period of storage even more (to half a year!), it is packed in aseptic packing.

4. Product which are packed in aseptic packing. Aseptic means with a use of antibiotics. When this antibiotics with food reach human body, they destroy intestine micro flora, suppress immunity, become a reason for dysbacteriosis, constipations, diarrheas and other diseases, increase risk of chronic forms of intestines diseases.

5. Nonseasonal vegetables (sweet pepper, vegetable marrows, potato, carrot, tomatoes, corn, salads, etc.), berries (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, etc.) of import producers (basically). Nearly 100% of these products are genetically modified what can lead to allergic reactions, pathogenic micro flora in intestines, immunity decrease, accumulation of herbicides and carcinogen (which were accumulated in plants during cultivation with agricultural chemicals) in the body, and other negative consequences.

6. Cakes, Swiss rolls and other confectionery in packing. Completely synthetic products (with an exception of flour and sugar). It contains dozens of artificial chemicals - colouring agents, flavourings, preservatives (most of them are carcinogens). It is easy to reveal such products – they are long-term storage products (from several months to a year), do not get staled, do not worsen, they keep “trade dress” infinitely long.

7. Sweets, chocolate products. Majority of chocolate products have nothing in common with chocolate (many products do not contain cacao at all). This sweets contain considerable quantity of carcinogen oils made from genetically modified plants (palm, soya, rape etc.), a considerable quantity of sugar, chemical colouring agents, flavourings emulsifiers and other substances which poison human organism.

8. Aromatized tea. Such tea produces with artificial flavourings, often contains preservatives and chemical flavor additives.

9. Refined deodorized vegetable oil. Refinement is clearing and neutralisation (caustic treatment) of oils. Odor removal is treatment of oil with hot dry steam (170-230°C) in vacuum and then its dissolution in benzene and hexane for full deprivation of taste, smell and the rest of useful matters. Then to increase expiration date of this oil either antioxidants are added or process of hydrations starts (cleaning the hot oil with hot water under pressure), also colouring agents are added (most of the time artificial), synthetic vitamins (which are inassimilable by our organism). 99% of oil in the food shops is like that, however it can’t be used raw, like in salads, it fits only for frying.

10. Sweet soda. The aerated mix of a sugar syrup and synthetic chemical additives - thermonuclear mix with huge penetrating ability. When getting to our body it penetrates to the blood system as fast as possible what leads to 100%- assimilation of its components and it doesn’t leave a chance to our organism for neutralization and deducing of this thermonuclear mix. Further to this, because of huge quantity of sugar, the thirst satisfied with aerated water, returns in 5 minutes what stimulates person to drink again and again.

11. Juice in packages. Such juice is made from concentrate, produced by treatment of direct wringing juice. To make such concentrate water should be removed by evaporation (and heating nearly to temperature of boiling), by freezing or by passing through a microcellular membrane. Freezing and membrane methods are not so terrible, but any concentrate is packed in aseptic kegs or tankers or freezed for transportation to the place of usage. In most cases sugar and preservatives are added during juice production.

This article doesn’t contain information concerning harm of various products produced by murder of animate beings, more details are available here.

It is not a full list of dangerous types of food which you can face in modern shops, however here you can find the most destructive for your health and really dangerous for your life foodstuffs.

Please be wholesome and conscious when choosing your food! And be healthy!