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The causes of diseases. The Tibetan Buddhists point of view

эффективные методы лечения болезней
From the point of view of Buddhism, the mind is the Creator of health and disease too. In fact, it is the source of all our problems. The mind has no physical nature. From the point of view of Buddhists it is shapeless, colorless, and genderless. Its nature is pure, limitless, and pervasive like the sun shining in the clear sky. Problems or diseases are compared to clouds covering the sun. Just like the clouds which temporarily block the sun, without their inherent nature, our sickness has temporary nature, and their causes can be removed.

Perhaps, it is almost impossible to find a person unfamiliar with the concept of karma (which literally means action). All our actions are imprinted in the consciousness stream and have the potential to "give a sprout" in the future. These steps / actions can be both positive and negative. It is considered that "karmic seeds" will never pass by. Negative actions are in the form of failures and diseases, positive actions will bring happiness, health and success.

To get rid of the existing disease, we need to make positive action in the present tense. Buddhists believe that everything that happens to us now is the result of our previous actions, not only in this life but in the past also.

For the persistent healing, we need not only treat the external symptoms of the disease with the help of medications or natural herbs, but also affect on the cause that starts in the mind. If we do not purify your mind, then the disease comes back to us again and again.

The main root of our problems and sickness is our selfishness, our inner enemy. Selfishness generates negative actions and feelings, such as jealousy, envy, anger, greed. Selfish thoughts increase our pride, evoking the sense of envy towards those who have more than us, the sense of superiority over those who have less than we do, as well as the sense of competition with those who are on a par. And vice versa - thoughts and actions on the well-being towards the others bring happiness and peace.

The Tibetan medicine is quite popular and effective. It is based on the herbal treatment, but its uniqueness lies in the fact that during the preparation of drugs prayers and mantras are spoken that fills them with energy. Blessed medication and water produce the more powerful effect the more spiritually the person is developed performing spiritual practices while cooking. There are some cases when enlightened Tibetan Lama blows on the affected part of the body, followed by curing or reducing pain. Compassion is the big force that heals.

Visualization can also be a very powerful tool for healing. One of the Buddhist techniques is to visualize a glowing white light sphere above the head which spreads the light in all directions. Imagine the light spreading through your body, completely dissolving all your diseases and problems. Such visualization is even more effective when combined with mantras chanting. It is important to note that religious belief does not matter here.

In Buddhism it is much said about the matter of perception. If someone gets angry with us, we have a choice to be angry in response to, or to be grateful for the opportunity to practice patience and purify karma. It can take a lot of time.

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