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About Money by Pavel Durov, the Founder of "vkontakte"

About Money by Pavel Durov, the Founder of "vkontakte"

They who seek castles, sports cars park and flotilla of Boeings in my life will be cruelly disappointed. I don’t have any planes, cars and houses. My world is moving on foot or by metro as well as sleeping in a rented room which size is 18-20 M². They who want swap places with me must completely abandon any alcohol, meat and expensive clothes too.

More than 10 years, since I was a student of modest means, I won’t stop to repeat: money is overestimated. Because creating is much more interesting than consumption and the internal state is incommensurable more important than external. As soon as you make a cult out of money and trade “being” to “seeming” you send yourself to a voluntary slavery. Debts because of status tinsel, boring work with dull cowards, the need to lie and betray your world – that’s only a part of the price you pay for an excessive craving for paper.

We refuse to except the world where people can fight and betray their human essence because of money. If there are people who do it, their behavior must be severely ostracized, in no case it should be taken as logical. The society in which violence for the sake of money is acceptable and understandable cannot exist for long.

The most terrible sin among fans of the money cult is to through money away in a literal sense.

Adherents of the golden calf with understanding read the news about buying yachts which worth like a small city or cars for $ 2 million. But launching a thousand times less money in a free flight will destroy their picture of the world and erode the foundation of their values. The foundation of false values, which predetermined unhealthy social norms, justifying the true waste and violence for the sake of paper.

There is an ancient saying: “The slave does not want to gain freedom; he wants to have his own slaves.”

A person cannot become truly free as long as he exists in the stalemate paradigm of “slave / master”. In this system, any master is someone’s slave and any slave is someone’s master. Remaining a slave of money, it is impossible to become the true master of one’s life.

Written by Pavel Durov, the founder of "vkontakte"