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Electronics eats the man's aura

Electronics eats the man's aura.

The harm of electrinics, huge demeging of the human's aura seriously disturbs scientists today. New phenomenon of the complete destraction of the whole man's energetic system, which is cosed by the influence of big variety of electrinic devices. Lethal cases are fixed a lot. May be the Humanity is in front of real new epidemic named virus "Aura Destroyer".

Those who live far from the cities, without TV, Internet, mobile connection doesn't know about bad influence of electronic devices. So many developing ways of electronics rised by civilization. That's why it's difficult to find a way to neutralize it. Purposefully State Standart of Russian Federation registered official symbol BIO - two uncrossed truncated ovals (means that production is not dangerous for the man's energetic structure).

Electronoc Chaos.

Human and other living creatures can normally function only in case of permanently flowing energy through them. Physicist call such a system unbalanced. Order is quite important here. When the chaos comes, it starts to die. Such as canser: normal sell lives exacly in stomach, liver, while the canser cell - wherever it likes. Biophysics says it's an identity of chaos in organism.

Acupuncture system canals and dots supports the order in our body first of all. It was the basis of any kind of treatment on East for ages, later it was recognized as necessary on the West also. This method is used in reflex
therapy treatment. Bioenergetic centres - Chakras, sorted with endocrine glands, are simular with Acupuncture mechanism. Acupuncture dots and canals, chakras are phisically registered fact in our organism. Each phisical device influences on it's work. Sometimes it has constructive influence in some treatments, but mostly it brings negative one. President of Eco Fund, candidat of biological science, Evgeniy Faydisha declrares that microwave ovens, mobile phones and TV commercials are the most harmful for the order in our organism.

Evgeniy proposes:" Make some simple experiment. Open TV channel with the biggest quantity of advertising and leave apartment for 3-4 hours. Sensitive man will feel immediately that atmosphere at home became worse.for those who are not so sensitive can use a cat. Bring her at that room and you will see how fast animal will start mewing and scratching. So its getting obvious that saturation of vital energy becames very low.

To feel the difference, make the same, but turning on some nature channel, calm, nonagressive music or peacefull beautiful movie. In such a space you gonna feel so much better, so as your cat :) ".

Advertising is a chaos, which TV as a pump, brings to your home. And it desturbs not because it's vulgar or importunate, but deep inside we feel discomfort. To minimalize harmful effect specialists advise to take away TV from bedroom and to change Tv-channel while the commercial time. Also when you switch off your Tv cover the screen with some fabric.

Last one is necessary to make for the same reason when mirrors cover with material when somebody dies. Electronic Mass media opens the door for the creatures from other worlds, and it does has stronger effect than mirror. That canal created by creatures in other reality lasts for a lot of hours after the device tuned off.

Alive and Dead

The cure of the damaged aura was practiced through the thousands of years. Arsenal of it is huge. Here are original use of aroma oils and healing sound vibrations, and bioenergetic feed from palms, eyes of the persons with extrasensory perceptions. Just for last 20 years humanity is facing with agressive influence of surrounded technocracy. Unexperienced we are defenceless in front of it.

In Eco system new conception was born - "Electromagnetic Smog". It means that we are sinking in electromagnetic fields, made by electric power cables, Tv's, computers, refrigerators, mobile phones. And aura, that biophysics define as psychoenergetic and bioinformed "skeleton" of organism, also has a wave and resonant nature. Aura consists of accumulation of living waves, but it has to interact with the dead one. You probably heard about such an interact. Electronics can be deactivated with the superhuge aura of a person with extrasensory preception Uri Geller.

For sure you've met normal ordinary people whose interacton with technology
not friendly (mildly speaking). Electronic devices in their houses fall out more than in other's. But the process became opposite especially last few years. The system of energetic meridians and aura of a man are berning out under the electronic influence. Such people havn't any reaction from acupunctur dots and any energetic structure around the body. Even ultrasensitive technology doesn't verify any waves of protecting energy. The conference "Informational and Bioenergetical Safety of Humanity" was held in London, by The International Centre of Informational Technologies.

Wave Microb.

Some members of the conference called new phenomenon neutrally " Aura's Self-destruction", others more bravely "Wave Microb". Japanese Biophysicist
Hiromu Yokoto expressed an opinion that this phenomenon is a kind ob being, that lives between alive and dead. Their bodies have wave structure, but with the capability of reproduction, nutrition and secretion.

But how we are getting infected by this electromagnetic virus? There is no common opinion among the scientists. Hiromu Yokoto says that this destruction begins when some human energetic wave resonates with electronic's wave. Parameters of human's energetic structure and electromagnetic space of some device are quite different.But because of very big intensity of electromagnetic influence in the world statistical probability ("wave copulation") rises sharply.

Russian physiotherapist Dmitriy Bogomazov declared another hypothesis. Gradual destruction of a man aura by dead physical vibration is happening by the same principle when man's body weaked by low immunity or broken microflora (antibiotic effect). In such a conduction pathogenic microorganisms actevly multiply. For example thrush (fungi) or microb "gelikobakter pilory" that lives in stomach are mostly the reson of gastritis and stomach ulcer. In very simular way aura desease shows its roots. So weak unbalanced aura under the permanent attak of electromagnetic influence begins to produce rough, similar to dead vibrations, which bit by bit absorb more subtle one.

The most subtle vibrationes are spiritual, intellectual and emotional ones. It starts to fall first of all. Then the process is spreaded on physical aspects (cells, organs), that lead to death. Its like healthy cells eaten up by cancer. And the paradox is that organism with destroyed natural energetic source holds on just because of surrounding electronics, which radiation replaces native interchange of energy with biosphere.

Symptoms of a Disease.

On the first steps infected man is looking like workaholic. 24 hours a day he seats behind computer and even in bed uses mobile phone. Same as housewifes nonstop using washing machines, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens etc.

But there is another opinion about workaholic syndrome (pathological passionate love to work). They say it hasn't any connection with the destruction of energetic structure . But please pay attention that 'workaholics' and electronic outbreak appeared at the same time at 70's . Among workaholics you can hardly meet acrobats, charwomen, cattle-breeders for example. Mostly it's office workers surrounded by computers and printers or musicians who use actively different electronic devices.

Video games. listening heavy rock music, watching Tv... These became favourite ways of spending time for the most people. Being infected like that they cannot put togeteher a coherent story about a Tv programm for example.

Unfortunately such a person became noticed be relatives when he become uncommunicative and his actions are mostly automatic. That means that intellectual and emotional elements are absorbed by rough electronical vibrations. Visiting doctors is useless in this case. The main psychoenergetical centre of the patient is unfunctional, that's why it's getting impossible to find any connection between psychotherapist and his patient. Medications, drugs doesn't help here. And meanwhile the dependence from elecrtonical devices continues to grow. Sudden death from heart atack, stroke or another disease when you spend vacation on nature side is a tipical result of destroed energetical structure.

Official medicine confirms that these occasions are happening because of stressses that ends with the sudden relaxation.

So to make influence of electronics smaller it should be got out of the way as much as possible. For renewal of the aura and it's maintance is recommended to make different yoga practices that will help to change the energy. It could be mantras, pranayamas and so on...