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The Essence of Dispute: The Search for The Truth or The Game of The Ego?

The Essence of Dispute: The Search for The Truth or The Game of The Ego?
I was prompted to write this article by another discussion which led to nothing. I think this happens to each of us from time to time.

Usually the reason for disputes is disagreement over certain issues. Starting from the color of clothes and eating habits and ending with the way of life and the “vision of truth”. We are used to be right. We constantly feel the need to justify our actions, words and ideas. More precisely, our ego experience it. This need is so strong that for its sake we can do strange things, talk and write something that we may regret later. And it’s our strong restriction in development.

Different people can look at the same phenomena from different perspectives according to their understanding at a given point in time, because they are used to do it; because mind used to do it. At some period of our life a certain idea prevails in the mind. And we consider it to be the only truth. Even though this idea may not be “our own” at all, but derived from books or heard from another person. For some reason, we forget about any sanity. We forget about endless variety that exists in the world. And if to admit that we are “right”, this doesn’t stop us from winning the dispute at any cost, setting the record straight and showing who is in charge here. Of course, everyone knows about it or guesses, but they pretend ignorant. No matter how much we study the scriptures, no matter how much we practice, our ego can continue to manifest itself with even greater force. Although, the problem even not in that. It happens that a person dwells on an idea and ceases to develop. He seems to freeze, despite the fact that everything around changes very quickly. Yes, everything in this world is not stable, and ideas are not an exception. They also change and develop. If it happens, then the old ideas will not contradict with the new ones, but will be included inside them; they will serve as their foundation.

It’s even better, if this foundation is not just a theory, but the knowledge, backed up by personal experience. Nowadays you can find a lot of exalted and inspiring books and writings. But it’s not enough just to sit under the sun and to “meditate”, thinking that everything will be fine! Positive attitude, of course, is very important, it is necessary. But activity and creative actions that lead to concrete results are no less valuable. This is what we can bring to this world to make it better, lighter, kinder, more spiritual. And it will be better when everyone in this world will strive for development with exactly the same motivation; when everyone will serve to this world by helping each other to improve. In this sense we are all the one. All spiritual practices strive to comprehend this state.

Surely, it is possible to bode well in a different way. Disputes and disagreements do not cease even in this matter. The problem of any conflict, as well as any other issue, from a practical point of view can be solved by changing one’s energy state. It can be hatha-yoga, meditations, mantra OM chanting (which helps me the most). After some time, our state also will change; and there is a possibility that we will look at the situation quite differently. It is interesting that almost every decision leads to the same formula: “change yourself and the world will change too”

Quarrels and discussions are also required probably. It is needed not to prove your vision though, but to learn from such situations a lesson. After all, when we do learn these lessons, we overcome our limitations; our worldview become more flexible. We can allow our interlocutors or listeners not to defend their point of view, but to feel the breadth of thinking and try to understand other, alternative views on reality by themselves. As a result, we can expand our understanding. Having gained such experience and drawing conclusions from it, we are actually becoming wiser.

OM the author of the article: yoga teacher Duvalin Alexandr