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What is the energy parasite and how to fight with it?

Energy parasites are the inner desires of a person. In fact, it is this very person who gives them birth with his own energy and then puts life into these “entities” by means of his own desires. An energetic parasite is an energy ball that parasitizes on a human’s bio field.

 Energetic parasites are the result of people’s activities in the world of energy. That is why these parasites have occupied all living space and are present everywhere. Actually, it happens due to their ability to exist for quite a long time: fr om several seconds up to eternity provided there is a person who can feed them with his energy. These creatures parasitize on a human feeding on his energy, thus they are like vampires, only energetic ones. Sometimes a person is so much dependent on his desires that he cannot cope with this indisposition until his longing for alcohol, drugs, shopping or bulimia, etc. is satisfied.

 Let’s consider the typical behavior of an energetic parasite in case of bulimia.

 Bulimia (Greek bulimía from bús - a bull and limós - hunger), voracious hunger, a sharp intensification of appetite.

 Increased appetite has various forms:

 - attack-like (there are rare unsystematic attacks of hunger);

-permanent (in this case a person consumes a large amount of food during the whole day);

-nocturnal (the appetite grows only during the night; the rest of the day is free of it).

 Thus, a person is overeating more and more often. In the end, there comes the period of self-alienation and shame about this uncontrollable behavior. The poor person starts keeping to different diets as a way of punishment, as well as fasting and other food restrictions. However, as the days of this healthy diet come to an end, there happen to be even more intense failures and breakdowns. Alimentation grows into a stronger obsession. The mind is constantly concentrating on what, wh ere and how to eat. And it may go on like this for many years: a person’s healthy lifestyle fails, he tries to again gain control over it and then another failure; he blames himself and does not realize that the root of the problem is much deeper then it seems to be on the face of it. In such cases some people go to psychologists, others prefer certain medical drugs. Still, those who are aware of such notions as karma and energy parasites start sorting themselves out.

 Types of energy parasites:

 There are two groups of these beings: natural and acquired. According to the internal content they can be subdivided into 3 groups:


1.      Minor energy parasites – rapid momentary desires. For example: all of a sudden there comes a craving for food, for seeing an old friend or for buying a nice ring (book, pastry, lipstick) that you have just seen at the shop-window, etc. These parasites are easy to fight down since they disappear as soon as you indulge yourself. But if you manage to overcome and reject this desire, the parasite will soon wear off, like the air bubbles on water surface. During the day people radiate about a hundred of these energy parasites that are not that harmful for us.

2.     Medium energy parasites -   ordinary everyday habits that are possible to get rid of provided there is a strong intention to do it. For example: irritation, lack of organization, laziness, carelessness, lack of diligence, etc. These parasites are more difficult to win over, but it is possible as long as one’s character is displayed. It takes at least 7 times to pull oneself together and reject this or that temptation and the parasite will turn into a bubble. And if to keep to this line till the end, a positive creature will appear, the one that gives more help rather than interferes with one’s life.

3.     Large energy parasites – these are the strong affections and habits of a person that are very hard to get rid of, especially single-handed. They include all kinds of psychological inhibitions: shyness, lack of self-confidence, suspiciousness, tedium, fears, feelings of guilt, etc. In addition, they are all bad habits: smoking, alcohol and drug addiction, toxic substance abuse, bulimia, sexual perversion, etc. Here are also all the affections that are not that harmful in themselves but that still take all energy and time: collecting (of stamps, coins, toys, etc.), passion for hunting, fishing, sports, fanaticism when regarding work with creative or scientific bias, etc. They also include all psychological pathologies and nervous disorders connected with getting pleasure from humiliating others (sadism), persecution mania, mania of myth-making (extreme liars), superiority complex and other idea-obsession pathologies. It is not easy to fight these parasites down. As the minor and medium parasites affected your psychic only superficially while those of the third group have already broken into your aura. The worst case is if they intrude into the dome of your mental field. If the person has been pleasing his secret affections for a long time, the insatiable parasite will make him yield to the habit with a growing intensity since this “entity” is impossible to satisfy. If a human cannot get rid of it on his own, to survive it will “eat up” all his energy. If the situation has gone too far, the person becomes possessed by this energy parasite.  This creature completely substitutes his mind for a lust for pleasures and the victim can think of nothing but satisfaction. Think of the hazy look of alcohol abusers, the black look of drug addicts – is there anything humane left in them apart from the desires that they experience and crave for over and over again? Such parasites are “contagious” as the smaller ones can “split off” and “stick to” other people. If there lives an alcoholic in a family and the other spouse does not divorce him or take in hand, the other one will also become an addict. And is this alcoholic follows the  lead of the parasite that endlessly feeds itself on his energy, with time he himself will turn into a half-parasite with one or several desires that will supplant all the others.


What shall we do?


Since ancient times yogi have been struggling with these “entities” by means of ascetic practices. Asceticism is voluntary acceptance of discomfort (physical, psychological or of some other kind), as well as certain effort that we make. The words “voluntary” and “acceptance” should have special emphasis.


There is a number of reliable and time-tested methods:

-          to be engaged in more altruistic activities

-          to practice the asanas of hatha yoga (the ones that make you be ascetic)

-          to chant mantra OM

-          to read  texts about self-perfection

-          to meditate (e.g. concentration on breathing or trataka).



These methods will gradually diminish desires. If the desire that gave birth to an energy parasite vanishes, then the parasite will also soon be transformed.