Измени себя — изменится Мир вокруг

Where do thoughts come from?

Where do thoughts come from?
Our thoughts and emotions are nothing else than the subtlest form of energy that we generate in the surrounding area. Hate, love, envy, gratitude - all certain vibration with certain characteristics.

Every cell and organ of our body has its own frequency. Everything has its own frequency, even our planet - is no exception. It is known that the Earth is "singing" on the chord F-sharp major. By the way, scientists have noted that its ordinary "relic" - 7.83 Hz (the so-called Schumann resonance..) - Has been growing steadily over the past decade, indicating a certain evolution of the space. Schumann waves is why we constantly observe natural disasters. "Apocalyptic" its value can be the frequency of 13 Hz, above which the planet and humanity is waiting for some transformation processes. So talk about 2012 and about the quantum leap, awaiting humanity have a real basis.

We communicate with the universe by means of vibration of words, emotions and thoughts when making a choice and commit certain acts. The Universe responds to us in the events of our lives. Events - this is her language, so it is important to perceive and to understand the response signs that it sends to us. The most obvious manifestation of that, you know - this is the so-called coincidences.

Have you ever wondered why this happens: when you remember about a person, then he or information about it appear in your life? Or when you are busy with the problem, the prompt is suddenly on the page "accidentally" disclosed magazine you or in the text of the billboard? Why, when you're looking for answers, they come to you from the "unexpected" areas? Or - you think about someone looking at your phone, and the phone rang; and required prompt you see in the advertising inscriptions on the wagon a passing truck …

The concept of synchronicity, describing such phenomena between people and events that brought Carl Jung. He first described synchronicity as "the simultaneous occurrence of two events that are meaningful, but not a causal relationship." Explain the nature of these "significant coincidences" only the energy unity and interconnectedness of all that exists. After such events the universe sends us to "confirm" that she hears us.

By the way, when Jung was asked: "Do you believe in God," he replied: "No". Then he added: "But I know he is exists."

Vibrations, filling the universe, scientists call "strings" of energy, vibrating infinite number of images. This energy is constantly passes through us and around us is moving. In addition, we are like a radio station, constantly transmit energy signals itself in the surrounding space. Whether we realize it or not, each of us participates in the continuous energy exchange of the universe.

English physicist and astronomer James Jeans said: "The concept of the universe as a world of pure thought, sheds new light on many of the problems we faced in the current research in the field of physics."

In physiological terms we can say that man "runs on electricity". " Your personal energy field, like a "passport", which you are bringing the world around it:

- physical energy (body vibration)

- emotional energy (vibration sense)

- cognitive energy (vibrations of thoughts).

Each of you can remember the times when the appearance of a complete stranger to him you feel any unexplained sympathy, or a sharp rejection. At this point, you "present" your "energy passport". We all are extrasensory physic mediums at some point.

Interaction of mental energy and the world can justify the well-known theorem of quantum physics, John Bell, who says that there are no isolated systems; each particle of the universe is in "instantaneous" (greater than the speed of light) due to all other particles. The entire system, even if the parts are separated by vast distances, functions as a single unit. The man - part of this system.

Sorry for the comparison, but the human mind is not spinning inside a braincase like flies in a jar. NASA experts have determined that our thoughts can spread over distances of up to 400 000 kilometers (this is 10 times around the Earth at the equator!).

It is estimated in the same way that during the day in our brain there is about 60,000 thoughts and about 5% of them are accompanied by fairly strong emotions. It's like an anthill, where thoughts like competing with each other for strength and agility - who is first and who continue to fly to the surroundings. On the planet live almost 7 billion people, whose thoughts and emotions splash in the general field of energy, where people draw again and again.

Imagine, in which a giant information-energy space we live in!

Imagine the energy-field around you like an aquarium with clean water uncomplicated. Now drop it in a drop of ink - a negative thought. What happens to the energy around you, what impact will this "ink droplet" on it? This metaphor explains the importance of having pure thoughts and positive emotions ... It should be clearly understood that the vibration of our thoughts - that is an information that falls in around us energy information field. And any information we can change just by sending new information.

Man can be compared with the personal bio-computer participating in the exchange of information in the "Internet" noo-sphere. The fact that our brain is actually a transceiver of sophisticated-modulational electro-magnetic signals is a significant fact (EEG method in medicine), but advanced registration methods are not yet sufficiently sensitive. Every human body is the source and the receiver of the electro-magnetic field, in other words - the type of bio-computer "brain-mind-body" with the encoding / energy / information decoding functions.

Phenomena like telepathy - "transmit thoughts at a distance" - no longer have any fundamental scientific objections. Scientists have now own real development interface "brain - computer" that allows to manage devices by thought alone humans. You can also recall the experiments with thoughtography (imaging of mental images on photographic plates), our compatriot psychic Nina Kulagina, a Chinese woman Zheng Syanlin, Margaret Fleming’s phenomenon of the power of auto-suggestion (kinesiological muscle test method in medicine), the phenomenon of menerik ( "call of the North Star" - receiving information from the future in northern latitudes), and more.

In the book "Animal training" by Durov who told about the impact of mental commands on the behavior of animals. Through the wall, not seeing or hearing person, a dog performed his mental orders, and sometimes the whole program.

Our brains, like transceiver system is a source of radiation and the perception of mental energy. Every thought - a boost of energy and the law of energy similar resonance attracted. Meeting in the energy field of the Earth with the vibrations of other people's thoughts, our thoughts resonate with the vibrations of this kind and amplified. And when we have long consciously or unconsciously focus on anything, then by Universal Law is attracted into our lives.

In physics, there is a concept "phase transition" that quantum particles start to "line up" in the same direction, and at the moment they reach a certain number ( "critical mass") all other particles are attached to them.

Similarly, the universe responds ( "adjusted") in relation to us. When in your life are beginning to engage people, events, information, opportunities, situations, ideas and the like, are gradually showing the reality of something on which we have focused - this is your "phase transition." This universe is unfolding for you. No wonder we sometimes say in surprise: "Yes, I have sent thee by God!".
Poet and writer James Allen (1864-1912), wrote these lines: "We just thought - and what happened to us. After all, life around - a mirror of our thoughts. "

So there is a creation of our reality of life. Understanding this allows us to choose almost any "connection" of our thoughts with the energy field, "coincidences" we are no longer surprised, we can even anticipate them, and even create on their own!

With its unique wave characteristics, like any other energy, the idea allows us to work constructively with the outside world. Everyone could tell a story related to the phenomenon of synchronicity. It happens all the time, and the more aware of our thinking, the higher the "quality" and the level of vibration of our thoughts, the more synchronization happens to us.

I note that, trying to ignore the phenomenon of synchronicity in your life, do not confuse it with a mediocre household coincidences. For example, when in the morning (or evening) all the family at home, you can often notice that as soon as you need the toilet, someone else immediately needs it too . Or should you think, "it would be necessary to look into the "classmates" website, lo and behold! - there is already someone sitting! Just you remember that you had hidden away the chocolate, so it is already ate by someone. This is not mysticism, maybe just a bit crowded in the house.

Learn to believe that the universe - a living, thinking and possessing consciousness, and we are part of it. It is necessary to adopt a rule: "When going to believe, then you will see" (W. Dyer), and not vice versa - "when I see it, then believe." And then this belief will change your life. Awareness of themselves as part of the universe gives you the correct coordinates for all future development.

In his book "Life is at full capacity" Jim Loher and Tony Schwartz writes: "Every one of our thoughts and emotions are energy implications - for better or for worse. Final evaluation of our life is placed not on the amount of time we spent on this planet, but on the basis of energy invested by us at this time ... efficiency, health and happiness are based on the skillful management of energy. "

"Be mindful of your thoughts - they are the beginning of the actions", - said Lao Tzu, a prominent physicist David Bohm used to say, "Thought creates the world, and then excuses."

Remember, your thoughts tend to turn to the realities of your life. You will always find and confirm your doubts and your hopes. Next - a question of your choice: what you join.