Измени себя — изменится Мир вокруг

Kailash — a way to yourself

Last year I was lucky to visit a really incredible and breathtaking place. I found this place during the Kailash Kora. Hiking around the mountain Kailash is an astonishing experience which is far beyond the words. However, the most incredible places for strong people are out of typical Kailash route. Once seeing the Kailash eyes you feel the power of this place. 

This time Chinese authorities for whatever reason closed a very popular path to northern face of the Kailash which really upset our group. The majority of the group was exhausted and didn’t want even think about leaving the guesthouse decided to prepare to overcome the pass Drolma La (or Tara’s pass). Some enthusiasts chose to visit closely located monastery but I found a companion and thought about the walk along the river. For unknown reasons, my friend changed his mind and went with the rest of the group to monastery. There is an opinion, that person should have positive karma in order to visit holy places. Apparently, my friend didn’t have strong connection to that place.

So if you are thinking about trip like this, please prepare for it in advance both spiritually and mentally . Good shape will help to move forward while strong spirit doesn’t allow possible problems to appear or reduces their impact. Moreover, if you are surrounded by people who share your ideas you will be able to achieve any goals. My personal experience proved it many times.

Passing along the familiar way to Tara’s pass , I decided to turn towards opening valley to The Great Kailash. Trail as every non main trail was difficult especially after first day of The Kailash hike. In spite of this, I was not scared of climbing, because I was on the way Shiva’s palace. This thought gave me strength and stamina.

In my previous trip, I had to endure a lot. First day I was able to walk to the North face of Kailash and touch Shiva’s throne. On the second day I with a small group went the rest of the route faster , usually it took 2 days, in saved day we walked the internal Kora. I could talk about it even longer. According to more experienced Kailash hikers, it is very rare that new tourist could manage it. But I found small secret. Your attitude and motivation helps a lot in treks like these. The bigger Ego you have, the more problems you get. Leaving the Ego at the door you can achieve great results.

So I confidently continued my trek.

Sometimes this valley reminded me a fantastic planet like I was in a parallel dimension. As I found out later I had been in a “life and death” valley. There are many ancient legends and modern stories. Anyway, this place was not usual, as there are no usual places around the Kailash. There is a belief, that this road I took leads to magic country Shambala which I didn’t see. It makes no sense to look for the gate of spiritual world in material dimension. This gate you can only find inside yourself, though I think visiting places like this may help you a little bit. The valley is called like this because it leads to God Yama palace. People caught in this valley can get old in few hours or time can be stopped for them. Of course, I didn’t gray and Yama didn’t take me to his world as I have many things to do in this world. However, I can’t express all the incredible power and magic of that place. You have to feel it at least once in your life. Mountain sickness? Tiredness? Have I felt the 5600 meters height ? The inner voice of person living in material concept always whispered something to excuse himself of doing nothing. It is so pleasant and convenient. For true seekers comfort and scientific explanations are always in a second place when it comes to self-development. Going beyond your limits is a real purpose of soul evolution. Who does nothing, gets nothing.

«If anyone in the battle won a thousand people,
and the other would have won himself
then this is the other one is the greatest winner in the battle”
Shakyamuni Buddha

Continuing the journey, step by step, breath by breath , I was approaching my goal - The Kailash. The closer I got , the more difficult it was getting to breath. Maybe it would sound funny but in such situation I started feeling my karma pressure and all not good things I had done as heavy blocks on my shoulders. I felt tremendous weight of arrogance and Ego on me.

At some moment when I was close to my goal I got the feeling of joy gradually turning into pride that I was the only person fr om the group who could come so close to The Kailash. Almost immediately after this thought I had to pay . My legs became heavy and I couldn’t continue my small journey.

Kailash is not the place for records and achievements . Kailash is a place wh ere you can look inside yourself and see who you are. Sometimes this “I” is not nice.
All the way I was happy and thanked Gods and defenders that gave me the opportunity to visit this place. Sometimes I felt like wigs were growing on my back. Someone carried me carefully from one steep rock to another or carefully hold me by the collar. So only when I realized that it’s not me walking but I am walked I could keep going.

Gradually, the glacier was been opening for me. A well -known additional mirror, the gate of Shambala, protected by stone dogs was right on my way. After a while I climbed on the glacier. It melted forming rivulets. I drank a little bit of the Kailash water and filled the bottle to take it down. I saw the game of elements . The sun was setting painting the Kailash in rose and yellow color. Then wind came and sky became cloudy. I could look at it forever.

There was not much way left till the giant – appoxemetly one hour. However, I understood that I wouldn’t manage it till the darkness. If I continued, I would cause problems for me and the group .I left my ambitions and stopped.

Joy and sadness mixed in myself. I was happy that I was in this place and sad that I would have to leave it. In order to deserve a life next to Kailash and opportunity for self-improvement it is necessary to make great efforts maybe not one life. I didn’t want to leave but I had reasons to stay. So I bowed to the Kailash and turned back. I had to return in twilight . When I was back the group was already ready for my rescue. I apologized for inconvenience I caused for my friends and went to bed. The next day one of the most Kora passes was waiting for us – Drolma La.
Although, Tibet journey is always saturated both spiritually and physically, Kailash helps to draw conclusions and rethink some concepts.

If you have opportunity in your life to visit this place, please use this invitation of your destiny.