Измени себя — изменится Мир вокруг

Office and yoga

асана, триконасана, йога
“Surely, Pantskhava was right, ..., if the chosen path was pretty easy it would mean that the path had been chosen incorrectly. All the people, by whom we admired and admire, always have a thorny path. And Phocion was right, if many people agree with you or endure approbation, you must immediately stop and think where you made a mistake or sin" (fr om the book "Tibet. The light of emptiness " by E.N. Molodtsova).

When you practice yoga and clear the inner world little by little you find yourself on the battlefield of human consciousness where not the lightest energies prevail. Pretty often people satisfy their passions all around and try to bring a lot of pleasure to their lives. But, as the Bhagavad Gita says, at first it is a honey which becomes a poison then. Such is the fact, however. But to understand this you need an internal introspection, and who is going to do such "nonsense"? Mind writes this off to success or failure. And the search for "honey" is going on…

After trips to places of power wh ere you find yourself in a circle of like-minded persons and the concentration of passions is less at times, you’ve got the following thoughts: “It would be nice to stay here ... well, at least to spend the winter…” Are there many practitioners who do the same? Quite enough. But don’t you think it is also the avoidance of difficulties in life? Is it a search for a higher-quality "honey"? Unfortunately, we often want to choose an easier way. But I don't believe it will help us to develop.

If you do not have the possibility to escape (thank goodness!), a period of hellish hateful office work is starting. Motivation is lost. Indeed what for do we do all these strange actions? Calculations, negotiations, approvals etc. Someone has a problem that chocolate eggs were not shipped; someone doesn’t have the time to prepare some budget on time. If you look from the outside you see some kind of phantasmagoria. Actors after the show have forgotten that they participate in the play.

Dissatisfaction. The issue is not about work or people around but inside, and it is important. Nonacceptance of what was given. "I do not want this, I want another." Look at it from the other side. Extraordinarily but my office became my school of life. Here I learned and I’m still learning how to be patient and how to accept and understand someone else's point of view. I practice concentration and try to do everything in a good way. I learn how to behave toward people neutrally even if their ideology is very far from mine. Karma Yoga. Yoga in every minute, moment.

Or maybe you go one more step? To share your knowledge, experience of healthy lifestyle, to be an example of yama and niyama. When one of my colleagues stopped to eat meat after one of our trips, I thought my hard office work was worth it. Are you here for a reason perhaps? Think about it… You have the opportunity to let people think about the meaning of life, why they came to this world, to show a different view on the surrounding reality. What would happen if you ran away from the society? Nothing. Well, if I lived for myself it would be perfectly. But what about the rest …? I cannot pay no attention to them. I didn’t have the opportunity to ignore it. And I am extremely delighted. 

The path of personal development and helping others is not the easiest for me. It's pretty difficult to combine daily practice, women's responsibilities, job. And I have already known that it will be even harder then. But it's worth it. To make this world brighter. I thank Gods and Defenders for the strength and patience given to me to keep going on planned course. I hope it will be enough for destined actings. Om!