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Padmasana as it is

Padmasana as it is

In society there is a widespread belief that if a person sits in “Lotus position” he is an advanced yogin. Indeed, people for whom padmasana is not difficult; who is used to read or do other texting activities in this pose have an advantage. On the opposite site, there are people who practice only physical aspect but not the spiritual site of yoga, as a result they transform the energy of practice not into the most positive way. Further we will consider the different aspects of theory and practice of this great pose.

Fr om the physical side padmasana may seem very difficult to learn creating an impression that all medical effect is achieved by preparation exercises for the pose. However, physiologists and yoga therapists name a number of benefits fr om the stay in padmasana such as reduction of excess fat and salts in the abdominal cavity, prevention the compression of the body and removal of the back bone distortion. As a consequence, the correct posture occurs. We should also note that the padmasana, according to B. KS Aengara is an excellent remedy for the problems with the knee and ankle joints (arthritis) , it also strengthens the coccygeal , sacral and the colon. Moreover, padmasana actively promotes blood flow to the lower abdomen and the lower parts of the back bone , which prevents stagnant processes and improves metabolism.

Nevertheless, all these effects are only results of person energy state.

Since ancient times yogins aimed to sit straight and stable in order to get into their inner world, remove obstacles to spiritual growth and bring benefit to all creatures. That is why there is an opinion that techniques of Hatha yoga allows the practitioner to sit straight for a long time. Body’s position in which the legs are crossed, and the spine is straight, helps to raise the energy to the upper energy centers.

The higher energy person has, the calmer his behavior and more peaceful his mind, in these conditions intellect and mind interacts better which leads to more adequate life. Also it is a good tool which supports yogin to dive into the inner world.

Unfortunately, the modern society is strongly tied to the three lower chakras – energy areas which along with other centers influence on our thoughts. Sordid desires such as enjoyment of violence, sex, overeating are their first need! Practice shows that one of the five types of energy (prana) in the human energy body - "Apana Vayu" - contributes to these desires, the consequences of which, in most cases bring people suffering.

Let’s take a closer look at place of “Apana-Vayu” in human’s life. This energy has grey color which is possible to see using your “spiritual sight”. The main physical purpose of Apana-Vayu is secretion of decay products. It turns out that “Apana-vayu” flows from top to bottom . So the question is how to use this type of energy reasonably.

In our physical and energy bodies all components are very well connected as a result the clear connection of apana energy activity and human’s state of mind can be seen. The stronger apana the more dirty thoughts , desires and intentions dominate in brain processes. The logical question arises what is the role of padmasana in controlling this energy?

Padmasana has a leading role in moving of Apana-Vayu and other types of energy . That means when the foot covers hip energy channels directly related to Apana Vayu retard its activity. Then, when energy flow directed down is stopped both Ida and Pingala channels are pinched all energy flows into Sushumna — central energy channel in the human body. The more person’s energy is gathered in Sushumna, the more adequate his way of thinking and behavior. That is the main reason why so many yogis have a goal to sublimate the energy in Sushumna. They also tend to promote the energy to upper centers and interact with higher types of energy in comparison with Apana-Vayu.

It should be noted , that the aim to sublimate the energy higher is caused by the intention of spiritual growth that means the development of qualities such as sanity and compassion. Unfortunately, a strong accumulation of energy in the low centers, in most cases, leads to an increase of desires or, in other words - the energy leaks. It is noticed that in modern society, people unconsciously are used to concentrate their minds on the level of the second and third chakras. What is wrong with it? The “tandem” of Apana and any low chakra leads to short-term pleasure and much suffering in life as a result people are not able to imagine or achieve anything what is really valuable.

Padmasana is a great tool to rise the energy. There are also more powerful techniques to transform energy, including unique pranayama, wh ere classical padmasana with the knees on the floor plays a key role. In such pranayama it is necessary to nip energy flows of Ida and Pingala with the heels in order to maximize a fast change of energy state. 

Speaking about meditation in general , it should be noticed that Padmasana is not the main pose for the flights to other worlds. For these purposes Siddhasana is used more often wh ere only one heel on the hip instead of two. This happens because for any social person it is difficult to spend a lot of time in Padmasana while Siddhasana allows to stay longer in such practices keeping only acceptable discomfort in legs.

However, it’s worth to mention that only padmasana without integrated approach doesn’t give the desired results . It is necessary to carry out full development in accordance with the recommendations of some yoga schools, such as the eightfold path recommended by the sage Patanjali.

Padmasana is a great tool for diving into the person’s inner world. Apart from physiological effects, it provides a unique opportunity to control energy flows in body. Padmasana is like a point of shipment to the wonderful world of self-development and self-improvement! That’s why in Buddism most of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are represented on grand seats with crossed legs, which helps gurus to provide the great ancient knowledge to people.

падмасана, поза  лотоса,

So, we have reviewed the main aspects of padmasana practice. It is obvious that this is a difficult process that requires a lot of time and concentration. For all people this process is different. Some people practicing hatha yoga for years can hardly put feet on the hips. Other people can easily sits in lotus position after one year of intensive practice. The main reason for the fast or anticipated achievements are karmic background created by the man himself. ." The energy accumulated in legs, will largely determine the degree of discomfort during the practice. This fact is definitely a huge boon because by developing and improving yourself, yogin impacts on their environment, spreading positive energy for the benefit of all creatures!