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Places of Force and Yoga Practice

Places of Force and Yoga Practice
The path of yoga is very fascinating and cognitive and they who already stands on it will agree that every second of life turns into practice and opens life and environment from an absolutely different side and not with one. But even here there are certain difficulties which force the practitioner to resort to the various tricks in order to move as lasting as possible along the path of self-improvement and to serve for the benefit of all living beings. In this article we will descry several options for where to go to restore energy more effectively.

Beginners often face the problem of misunderstanding by others. It’s an absolutely natural process because a person begins to change and as a result people around also have to change and they are not quite ready for it. This is one of the main obstacles in the beginning of the yoga path. However, having overcome the barrier in form of reproaches from relatives, old “friends” and acquaintances and having reconciled to the fact that one has to go alone, miraculous changes begin to happen around: relatives suddenly start to take into account your food particularities, friends become more interested in your way of life or simply disappear leaving the place for those who share your perception.

After the social moments are settled yoga follower is able to go deeper into oneself, become more aware and find the changes not only at physical but also at the energy level. And here a new round of changings begins: you no longer go to a dubious company simply because you were used to, don’t lead idle talks, don’t do unnecessary actions which won’t bring anyone benefits or hinder the practice; don’t watch TV or listen to the radio, you go more often to yoga, read developing literature. In the end, you realize the fact that even trying to make your life as enjoyable as possible something is missing, there is a sense of defense. In other words, almost constantly a person is subjected to various temptations and tests of will. It’s not bad of course, but it turns out that energy is spent more on maintaining oneself in a tonus than on accumulating and redirecting it into a better channel. It’s rather difficult and sometimes impossible to move on.

Why is it happening? The fact is by practicing we raise our energy level and as a result we become a bait for people and essences with low energy in order to feed from us. It takes place because we don’t exist separately. All living beings are one big organism where energy exchange is continuously taking place. That is, we either have to run our energy into the right direction immediately or this force will be removed from us compulsorily and not only removed but given bad one in return. And until we learn how to convert negative energy into positive (which requires years of practice) we will suffer from it. No matter how strong and steady the follower is even the most experienced one should restore his energy body. Because even if we sleep or rest a lot at the physical level the subtle body only exhausts from this. That is why it is necessary to visit places of force, go into retreats and leave for practices in clean places with like-minded people.

They call the locations with high energy - “places of force” and often associate them with the presence of realized personalities at one time or another. For example, it is very favorable to visit the places of life of Buddha Shakyamuni and other enlightened people in India, Nepal, Tibet etc. Despite the fact that an incredible number of people come here every year the places remain energetically pure and powerful. It’s no wonder that everyone who has ever been there once notices significant changings and a desire to practice harder or start doing yoga finding answers to a long-standing questions. The fact is, not every person is allowed to these places. Stories of how everything was already prepared, bought and a suitcase was collected but at the last moment something went wrong or, conversely, a man did not have to do anything because everything was formed itself are not uncommon. As a rule, people go to places of force with pure thoughts and great respect due to which there is an inexhaustible exchange of positive vibrations. Also, the geographical position of such places is mostly accompanied by stunning beauty of nature, the purest sources and air. Places of force are not only India and the likes but also Altai, Krasnodar Territory, Baikal and others.

It is better to visit holy places with competent guides and leaders. If you are walking along the yoga path it is necessary to have a practicing teacher as the conductor and not just someone who has learned the history or geography of those places well. It’s very positive if the program of the tour includes practices in holy places – meditation, hatha yoga, talks and lectures. It will allow you really to feel the energy and plunge into the atmosphere of the area.

Another way of filling with energy is retreat. Retreat means “solitude”, “shutter”. This term has become an international one and applied in reference to isolation for spiritual practices. It can be a single retreat, for example, when a follower goes to mountains or wood for a few days or it can be solitude with like-minded people – Vipassana, which in translation means “to see reality as it is”. The basis for any retreat is a clear program and strict schedule and it can also be accompanied by practice of silence and food restrictions. Very important is the attitude towards the practice, the result is directly related to the applying efforts, namely, how conscientiously and fully the program and instructions of the teacher are observed.

This method contributes to the accumulation of energy, understanding yourself and finding answers. Such practices also need to be carried out in clean places far from the city and society. Why is it so important? From my own experience I can say that, for example, meditation in the Cultural Center “Aura” where I passed Vipassana twice is strikingly different from the meditation at home. And to be honest, it’s just a habit to sit still with a straight back and crossed legs. I want to say that it’s impossible to get any other experience in a brick high-rise building where so many different and not positive energies are mixed. Other participants shared similar impressions: even meditation in the park rather than at home doesn’t allow achieving those realizations that are possible where many people are constantly practicing. In my opinion, it makes sense to go in a single retreat after Vipassana because you already have an idea of how to perform certain practices and more correctly perceive what is happening in your mind and body. It would be great if more experienced practitioner will help you to prescribe the program, it can be a teacher who knows your features. It is important to decide in advance the time of seclusion so as not to escape before it. It can be a very short time at first, the most important to realize the plan as much as possible. And it is necessary before the practice to ask permission from the spirits of the terrain and to thank them at the completion.

However, not everybody is ready for such drastic measures or do not have the opportunity to leave for places of force but they also need a “breath of fresh air”. You can go to an eco-settlement and it is desirable to surround yourself with those who share your strive to spiritual development and with whom you can exchange experience. A good option in this case may be a visit the yoga camp “Aura”, for example. There are several of them at the moment and they are in a very favorable for praxis places. The regime is planned here, throughout the whole term of working in the camp there are several teachers who are always happy to help, who conduct wonderful lectures and will help to arrange a single retreat. Also, here you can meet like-minded people and the beginning teachers can try their hand at teaching under the guidance of more experienced ones. Since the main interest of the camp organizers is in promoting practitioners on the path of self-development housing prices cover only the most necessary costs, everything else is done thanks to donations.

In conclusion we would like to wish those who are on the yoga path already by all means not to betray it and use any opportunity to visit the places of force, regularly go into retreats and communicate with like-minded people. But even if there is still no such possibility in any case try not to despair and continue to make efforts, life will surely reward you. For those who are just beginning to look towards yoga it will be extremely useful to come in contact with the holy thing and try to solitude and perhaps this will begin your yoga “in an adult way”.