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Why do we need the Rosary?

Everyone wants to be happy. Those who have given rise to the source of the search path of happiness become blessed. There are a precious experience which left a legacy true wisdom and unconditional knowledge to them. It is important to have the intention, strength and persistence also wisdom and gratitude order to use priceless legacy which will facilitate the thorny road of personal ascension.

A lot of problems in life, tests and experiments overcome along the way. And in the beginning one of them is - giving up affection to material sense objects for the sake of a higher goal. Regular Japa (meditative spiritual practice (recitation) of mantras) is a powerful helper in the development of this step surely.

We read in "Bhagavad Gita": «Among the great sages I am Bhrigu, among spoken words I am the one letter (Om). Among the sacrificial rituals I am the ritual of japa, and among the immovable objects I am the Himalayas». Japa is the most important sacrifice and the most important Yagya.

The word "japa" consists of two words: "ja" - birth, "pa" - protecting, maintaining, that protects and keeps the whole creation. Japa means something what creates and protects our spiritual identity for us.

The instrument of japa is MALA - beads. There is a prayer addressed to the rosary in the Sastra:

"O Mala, you're the embodiment of Maha-Maya, epitome all forces the whole Universe, all four meaning of human life hidden in you. Be the source of all perfection for me, help me to overcome all kinds of obstacles. When I take you to the right hand during of japa give me all kinds of perfection ".

Physically rosary consists of 108 strands and beadsand one more bead - 109th. (Mantra is repeated on it.)

Rosary with beads is symbol of the created world. The thread (sutra) is a symbol of primordial, subtle, unmanifested energy, which is the basis of all creation.

Beads represent manifestations, visible matter, presented in the form of an neverending variety of worlds, while the number of beads equal to 108 symbolizes neverending. While reading Japa you should start from the center and guide a rosary beads on clockwise. When you reach the central beads you need to turn rosary again and go in a different direction. It is forbidden to cross the 109-th bead. If someone jumps over the central bead he does not get any result from the pronouncing of the mantra. The circle as a symbol represents the Wheel Samsara. To avoid this circle we need to break it and we do it when we reach the 109 beads and turn off.

When you pronounce mantras and use thumb and middle finger the sound of the holy name became a part of the human heart and mind. You can use the other fingers to get different results:

• thumb and forefinger - for revenge (guna of ignorance);

• thumb and ring finger - to remove troubles;

• thumb and little finger - to fulfill all desires.

I started to do hand-making rosary some time ago. When I find the stones to rosary, put on beads on a string and when I finish my work with knot I feel initiation to something good, sublime,useful.

Sometimes I take for a long time bead in my hands I especially liked and charmed can”t look away of unfathomable beauty, color and pattern of magnificent master - Nature.

When I finish the rosary I admire them and wish that they will help for some kind person with all my heart.

You will practice with rosary with all your heart so I try to make them with a light spiritual thoughts, with pronunciation of the holy names (japa) and with blissful sounds of music.

I gained experience and I can feel the tactile quality of the material: is it extruded material, imitation of natural stone or colored glass beads. I try to buy the beads from a single source which is responsible for the quality and conformity of the products.

Another important point is your own choice of beads in my opinion. Perhaps you just take them in hand and feel like speaks one or another stone with you. Maybe it will be sunny rudraksha or warm sandalwood. I chose my rosary based on astrological recommendations. Although in this case, it will be more correct to consult specialists to make personal recommendations based on date, time and place of a person's birth. I want it very much that my modest work, my kind intentions joined to the flow efforts of people living and puts a tremendous effort, for the sake of to make conscious not only his life, but also the world around them.

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author of the article Elena Gavrilova