Измени себя — изменится Мир вокруг

Yoga and society. How not fall into extremes?

йога, тибет
A few days later after a two-week stay far from the city under conditions close to ideal for self-improvement, after intensive everyday practice of self-development (retreat) some question came to me from outside "Well, how are you? Is it easy to live after retreat? "

Today most of people are interested is it possible to combine an active life in society and the practice of yoga in our modern world?

Those people who live their lives build up in such a way that it should be regarded as a fulfilled, active, full of different possibilities do not understand silent, unremarkable and "unworldly" Yogis, those who often abdicate convenience and comfort go to areas far from civilization and do strange and senseless exercises.

But before you make hasty conclusions about the "strange" Yogis we shall understand a few basic rules of life from these people who are make cause for concern among the other members of society.

Let's start with the fact that in the life of a Yogis who operates spiritual categories which we discuss below. There are 10 precepts to be followed. If we look at these precepts we can see that all of the commandments peaceable coexistence in almost all the world's religions were born thanks to them.

These prescriptions are called laws of Yama and Niyama. There are 5 of Yamas and 5 of Niyamas. Laws of Yama and Niyama are very closely linked. Yamas are precepts in relation to the surrounding world. But it is clear that keeping of these precepts is impossible without certain principles (Niyama). I would like to identify the following precepts Yogis that are supported by inside settings:

Nonviolence (thou shalt not kill, don't harm ).

Waiver of deception.

Waiver of theft.

Waiver of pleasures.

Waiver of a selfish life (do not hoard)

I think that first 3 points are clear to all. Anyone obvious that causing death or harm to the, lying and stealing lead to negative consequences.

But 4th and 5th points I would like to explain more detail.

Why Yogis give up pleasures?

The fact is that pleasures is a hooks for which we can be catch and its very easy destroy our peace of mind.

Moreover, sometimes it can be simple fun. For example, there is a certain cafe in which I like to order a certain dish. And here I come to this café and waiting for enjoyment of favorite dish as cafe is closed or dish is out. What happens next? Everything immediately becomes gray, without much interest I order another dish and all the time thinking about pleasure that might be experiencing. It seems such a small thing has happened. But I am in full frustration. Is it rationally and acceptable?

But what is the reason?

The problem is exactly about anticipation of a pleasure that I cherished. When we expect something we do not live in present, we are in future and it means that we spend our energy on something that does not exist. So today yogis try to limit themselves in pleasures that their mind was able to concentrate and was able to be right here and now. The trouble is linearity thing displays in world around us. Our gaze is clouded by time illusion. There are consistently past, present and future for us.

Very few practitioners have an opportunity to come out of duality limits, see the world vast, simultaneously at different time points. All human suffering consists of the experiences of the past or future expectations.

Suffering leaves us when people learn to live in present moment. It is because the experience of every new moment is not able to lay the foundation of conception about past and future in mind. It is what is now. In this way we achieve experience absolutely fool of fresh and when we feel moment, even a moment of pain, it cannot give rise suffering within us.

Consider one of the situations which suffering for the modern man- the absence of possibility to go to ”long-awaited” vacations.

We suffer. Why? Because our mind let drown by the past find some very pleasant episodes associated with last year's vacation or takes us into the future and continually repeats in mind the idea that all leave to rest, and we will stay in city alone (people are afraid of this, otherwise there was no TV in every room).You see?

If we will live now consciously and understand that when we have a little step aside from our “fake disaster” is nothing to worry. Our life does not lose its quality. The most important is what we bring into the world not where it happens territorially. We see that when we feel happiness in the present moment it will not stop in the future. The future is ephemeral notion: something that for us is forever means only this moment. So, it turns out that our happiness is non-conditional and has no any pictures of the imagination. We need clean concentration on the present moment that patterns of our mind does not live us in an illusion created by mental reactions such as "I have no money - I'm not going on New Year holiday- I will boring to sit at home- I feel bad right now because of thinking about such future”. Absence of every day expectations (which are created by everyday pleasures) leads us to the fact that we cannot live in present. I hope I made my message well understood. I not mean that you need to leave everything and live in a tent on a glacier. We need a conscientious attitude toward people around, fortune and pleasures and remember that tomorrow we will be able dispense with them.

As one sage said: "Asceticism is not to have nothing but that nothing is owned by you."

We live in a world where there are three times on a physical level. We can use it like an advantage of our own development. What we can take from the past to positive growth over oneself? It can be lessons and useful results from different situations. Analytical meditation will help you. That is the existence of the past is a very positive moment.

The future is very positive for us too. If you remember that future will come and it is formed from the consequences of our actions you leave your life in sensible and adequately way.

What we have at last? We have adequate actions in past awareness of present and blissful future with increased efficiency of our lives. And if we're talking about perfect choice of vacation for all three aspects of the existence of our lives so that is enjoying outdoors and yoga practice. What does it do for us? To restore the level of our energy as much as possible that you can return after the holidays in social life with mental strength to continue the sensible direction and change of energy around.

Why yogis lend themselves to others?

It’s a cure from egoism. What is reason of egoism? It is constant desire to feel comfort and pleasure. It is constant thoughts about the well-being future. So, let us repeat again. Egoism keeps us on the hook of pleasures. We lose the human face when feel threat to our sweet and comfortable feeling and soul is out of harmony. If there is no affection to everything that we have and we are ready to give up everything to others we can see what is truly valuable: knowledge, experience, spiritual practice.

In addition, you can think about it this way: free giving anything to another is mean that you are high-level person at the given stage because you have what they so much needed. They will strive and reach for you that also have such level. They will develop and do its best. Positively, isn’t it?

But always remember about your personal responsibility of this person and his further development. If this is something blissful you will develop together at the same time. If you bring ignorance and a wraith into the world all participants will suffer in such relations.

It is important to remember about another extremity. That is indifference. Indifference generates callousness and inflexibility in the soul. It does not develop either ourselves or those around us. Dostoevsky very clearly described indifference in one of his stories: "Perhaps it is because in my soul was growing terrible melancholy for the one circumstance that had already been immeasurably above all me, one belief become to me, it was that everywhere in the world anyway .... So, it was detected even in the smallest trivialities: for example, I walk down the street and come across some peoples. And not that of thought: what I need to think about, I have nothing and I did not care about it. And it is good if I solved a problem, but it was nothing. It has become all the same to me all the questions disappeared." That to avoid such degradation of a soul you need appreciate all you have today.

In this way, statement from society members with "an active life position " about worthlessness and emptiness of Yogis life are far-fetched because those who make practice of yoga in fact making the most difficult, longest, most dangerous to work which requires all the time efforts - work at themselves. And as you know if everyone becomes much better it will change our world a lot.

If everyone will bring goodness inside how will grow up general quality of this planet. That is why, deer friends, let's develop and bee in sensibleness.

Now back to the question that was placed at the beginning of the article: Is it easy to live after retreat?

Let us analyze other extreme when person completely immersed in practice, goes out of society, withdraws into himself. To keep the mental balance and accept this imperfect world is very easy when you are far away. Clearly, such types of practice are necessary for raising those yogic qualities we speak above. At a certain point you need to leave the company, dissociate from friends and dive into practice for recharge itself with energy in a short time. Otherwise you have no power to struggle with circumstances which take place in our society at that moment. Otherwise you will have no strengths and capabilities live for brining little more light in our world. Of course often you need leave for some time to stay on your Way.

But real practice of Yoga begins when you come out of your own cave (no matter where it is located, on top of the Himalayas or at home on a mat) you give accumulated harmony, acceptance and peace in the world of passions. That means adult Yoga and that is worth living. I can say that live after retreat is real and it is more quality and often more better than life in a retreat. Do your practice for the benefit of all living beings. Om!