Измени себя — изменится Мир вокруг

Happiness to move forward overcoming the limits of the possible

Happiness to move forward overcoming the limits of the possible
It lefts only few hours before our departure to Russia, light sadness because of this, at the same time, there is awareness that the time to return has come. It is time to share the experience. Possibly, one day these experiences would inspire other Sauls to visit familar places.

There is no place for the coincidences in the life, everything happens precisely when we get ready to it.

I have heard many times that yoga-tour "big expedition in Tibet" across the places of great yogins changes tremedously the participants and reveals their extraordinary manifestations and qualities. The life changes for most of participants after the return. Appears a unique opportunity to looking in a new way at themselves and at the world as a whole.

All the participants are anticipating an amazing trip to the mysterious places of the Tibet, that have been closed for visiotors for a long time. Even now to get here takes lot of efforts, because the region is opened for tourists only a few months of the year.

Each life step is unique. And the chance to meet with yourself in the life happens very rarely. It is importnant not to overlook this golden instant and not to lose the revealing moment.

Let’s hit the road!

It is very important to have a right motivation: what is the goal of your participation in the expedition ; where will you chanel the energy of the austerities accumulated during this yoga-tour ?Your austerities are the exit fr om the comfort zone, adaptation to hard conditions of the hightland, unforeseen weather conditions and longlasting life in a voyage. Whether the accumulated experience will be benefitial for others?

Your personal sincere intention is extremely important to get start the trip, during the time of preparation for the journey as well as for the period of challenging journey full of the difficulties and complications that you have to overcome. Sometimes the intention affects even the events during the expedition. Thoughts form the reality, it is important to bear this in mind, by maintaining a positive and understanding attitude during the entire Way.

Тhis summer тhe mistеrious Tibet has opened to our group again. Acknowledgements to the teachers and all those who has been involved in the organization of the long-awaited travel to the country of the snow!

Every time the participants of yoga-tour make an aquaintance with Tibet by visiting the most inhospitable sacral places. These places are related to the life of the most enlightened practitioners of the past and present. Common travellers or tourists can not be found here. In these places we hold the lecture-discussions, in the sites, where the height allows, we conduct yoga and meditation practices. Day by day we approach and prepare to the Cora (bypass in clockwise direction of any holy place, whether monastery, stupa or mountain) around Kailash pasage. The length of Cora around Kailsah is of 53 kilometers.

In translation fr om tibetian Kailash means "Snow Jewel", the superior hightland sanctuary of the planet. It is not a hazard place, it hides the mistery, it attracts the attention and constantly hypnotizes by the inigmes and unknown paths. Here we do not whitness the events that happen by chance neither during the trip preparations nor in group composition or relationships and even weather conditions. The reciprocity is always present.

It is beleived that even a single bypass around Kailash, helps to reach a new level of evolution and to overcome the accumulated carma.

Even the participants coming here for the first time shear that feelings become thiner. In this place you may feel deep wisdom of the past that has been presented here originally. The Majestic Kailash accompaining mountain peaks monitor during centuries, millennias and calpas the successions of travellers along sacral cora in clockwise or counter-clockwise directions.
The perception of reality changes in the highland … and each step aproaches us to the appointment.

The amazing form of Kailash recalls rectangular pyramid, the brink of which are oriented along the four major directions. Mountain summit recalls the crystal coated with eternal ice.

This year, several participants have managed to approach the northern face of Kailash. We were 11 participants. At the beginning of the climbing, when we were at the guesthouse (the first night) it was decided that each of us must apply the maximal efforts in order to live their "own way to Kailash". Therefore, because the distances were considerable, it was decided that everyone would have to hike lonely. Due to the lack of information about the contur of the glacier this year, we did our hike trail recognition on the way. Thus it was not clear the glacier would leave us an access to the mountain. The "Pebbles-Mani" meet us at the very beginning of the trail; they are carved with mantras in Sanskrit. We hear the music of the purest river, it is a small positive and inspirational support. The weather is calm. After the approaching trail to the first camping area, which was difficult this year, the forces somewhere gradually have emerged. A new breath and inspiration to read mantras woke up, gradually breathlessness mind calme down and has abstracted from everything that disturbed you. With every step you feel as you passe throught the filter (external or internal restrictions) and that you are provided with a unique chance to overcome your own clips. Only forward!

Despite the fact that many trails are traced here, a foot of traveller or anyone else has trod rarely here. You feel it in the air.

It is even difficult to breathe; each movement takes enormous efforts.

The analogy with human birth process appears. When the baby gets born, he enters the environment with many difficulties, risks, and sufferings. At the beginning it is hard for a newborn to adapt to these conditions, but with time, while growing up he specifies a certain bright objective. It is not that important as far or highly the objective is and what road ,bypass or directly, he will choose. This objective will always be the tangible support and motivation to move forward. Possibly he will have some help from the future and all difficulties will provide the opportunity for development and improvement.

Several stupas have appeared waved by the glacier. They look as if they contain some secrets, mistery and some energy. We have surpassed the river and overcome one of the serious obstacles when climbing up the glacier, we continue climbing. We see in front of us the Kailash foot covered by the snow.

Snow in mid-August: psychologically it is difficult to understand, but it is not important anymore. It is getting quiet around; thin glacial waters sound beneath the ice; glaciar streams draw landscapes on the snow.
In some places we see traces, as if somebody travels for the practice at the sacred mountain on strange transport every night.

However, it is silence and emptiness in the air fool of strange scents and sounds of surprising breathless and thoughless.

A couple of black points are moving ahead (we have yet to go and go), first yoga group has approached the foot of the DiSe.This is a name of Kailash in tibetian language met in "The hundred thousand songs of Milarepa”. In a moment they will touch the sacred and mysterious Mountane, they will recite some mantras, and soon we will meet them on their way back with shining eyes and fulfilled with the experience, giving the advices and recommendations of climbing and how to achieve the goal!

Surya illuminates the mysterious Kailash, which is graceous to us in the year (according to the experienced practitioners, who have touched the North Face several times, this is rare in these region), as if it envelops us with it concern, but watches everyting with care and rigor.

A clear awareness that the ascent is also important for the benefit of all those who have not happened to go on this road today, with whom exists a carmic link. This internal comprehention gives force and softness of the step, the snow almost does not sink under the feet.

Appears the orange Trident at the foot of the sacred Mountain ambivalence silence surrounds us. We have reached it.

The height is of approximately 5,335 meters.
The sounds are very distinctive, strange and familiar.

The sharpest icicles are at the foot of the sacred Mountain. The guys are in ultimate mood plenty of openness and crystal brightness. We feel lightness and tranquility, euphoria and inducement. "Stay here longer, embrace thinner” and simultaneously you feel "Now it is time to go down".

The Mysterious Kailash is alive: atmosphere of cleanliness, vibration, sounds are incredible, as if the space reflects in each minor particle of revealed reality. We are fulfilled with emotions and harmony. You want to touch and smile inside yourself. Gratitude.

Before descending we heard an indescribable humming in response to our recite of Ohm!

It is mportant to continue any way, while maintaining consciousness and vigilance, despite already completed other difficult stages. The trail to the mountain pass requires special attention, and we have been able to overcome new challenges.
In the sky is complete appeasement, "Sounds of calm water", "microcosm and macrocosm at the same time"accompane and inspire further down. Let these feelings once will be available to others!

The mantra "Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shambo", executable by Hindus or Chinese, met us at our overnight camping. Gratitude and the glory to Shiva!

No think state appears. There is not any desire to eat, to drink, to do someting… emptiness, harmony, contemplation.

It is time to go to sleep, tomorrow we will have to wake up, the direction is not yet known. Wh ere to take forces it is unknown too, but you have to go! The highest climbing trail to the Green Tara passage (mountain pass Drolma La, 5730 meters) is wating for us ahead.

Early wake up, and once again we live through the cora, this is wonderful! The most interesting that since last year travel, the landscapes of Kailash appeared periodically in the memory clearly again and again, as if you were in these locations in the real-time…

Up to this summer walking street has been repeared, it became more comfortable and as shorter. Everyone walks at their pace, some teachers of Yoga are in the first ranks to the Green Tara pass, they concure Tibetian summits with the ease.

Great surprise of the morning: after yesterday's trail to the foot of the Northern Face, it is possible to walk!

I am trying to walk slowly at this height, as it has been recommended by the teachers. I synchronise inhale-exhale with small steps. It is dark and high; the direction is far ahead "haste makes waste".

Once again inside there is the transformation and rather on physical and energetical plan. I feel an intensive purification in different parts of the body. With approaching to the summit of the Majestic Drolma Lathe purification becomes stronger. Special thanks to the manager and the supplier of yoga-tour Andrei Verba, who walked in the proximity, his tangible support was perceptible.

Very few people are on the pass; it is bright and clear. The morning sun and thousands of colorful pennons with mantras and sutras, are lying on the wind, passing in the space the message with the clergy. About 5730 meters, to stay here for a long time is not recommended. Mentally we glorify Green Tara. We thank for good humor and warm reception this graceful place, spirits and defenders of the Pass and for the fact that we did reach it. We have to continue our way!

Behind the mountain, one can see the highest mountain lakes of the world, they bright with their turquoise color. Accordingly to the legend, beautiful Parvatti, a spuse of Shiva, laved here her feet. Some pilgrims commit cora around the lakes. Last year the lakes were covered by the ice, however this summer the highland waters can be observed in all their glory.

Gradually we decend the height. On the road we meet practicioners, assiduously executing the bypass by bearing on the ground (or touching the ground with five parts of the body) along the paths.
We are surrounded by river valley, caravans and local residents. Appears enlighted by the Sun the Unique Di Se, each side of which is unique.
In the ancient texts the Kailash is described as a mountain, located in the heart of the eightpetal lotus, due to the fact that the eight mountain chains are adjacent to it. They form sacred, almost bewildering valley.

"Mountains, how much you have seen! How much you know. You are mysterious and wordless..."

On the sides of the trail, we see the rock caves looking like somebody’s faces. Possiblythe great Milarepa practiced here. Apparently in this place he was competing with representatives of the Bon-po religion. One can see on the rocks the prints of palms and other parts of the body, left by aincient yoga practitioners. Almost all of the road is grown over by perfumed nettles, flying on the wind. This picture was described by glorious Zhecun.

The road is almost straight; we are in quite different status of consciousness. We are about to reach the cave of Milarepa, nearby a part of our group will stay for the second overnight. This year the cave has opened to us with quit modified appearance. New thank as of yoga masters and different teachers, new statues of Buddha, Padmasambhavaand Avalokiteśvara, bronze statue of Milarepa. The leggend says that this statue was made by the yog himself; the statue stays at the original place and still gives its bright smile and creates a positive spirit throughout the monastery. Sutras and Milarepa sound around.

During few minuts we sing mantra Ohm, trying to be in resonance with this place. This time the mantra is outstandingly strong. Glory to Milarepa!

It is not for the first time during the trip that we find ourselves in the caves and each time the consciousness is special. I mention apart the meditation in the caves Chimpu, near Samye the most ancient monastery of Tibet and at the lake Manasarovara- Chiu. Here the Famous and the Great yogi Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche)(on the photo above right). Guru Rinpoche made a significant contribution to the development of Tibet and due to whomt he knowledge of the yoga and selfdevelopment could be decrypted for current and future generations. Glory to Guru Rinpoche!

After the return from the cora all yoga-tour participants have been transformed. Everyone has received its experience and possibly has memoried deep internal experiences or past lives. The feedback from the tour participants was diverse. Some places were more in resonance with their souls, other placed amaised them by their iridicent rainbows (we have encountered some of them); certain austerity experiences, whichare essential to help in selfdevelopment, the beauty and majesty of mountain respiration and landscapes. The participants were thankful to the teachers for the knowledge obtained during lectures and discussions. Some of them have decided to retain their experience and inner awareness and to make conclusions independently prior to the next visit.

Everyone has experienced what one was ready to meet, and the time has come. This experience is unique and unrepeatble.

Sincere thanks to the teachers, organizers for the revealed reality of the most sacral places of Tibet. Gratitude to those who let us go and have blessed our further Way! As well as lots of thanks to the participants of this Remarkable Great Expedition!

Best wishes to all who are seeking for the development, to those who are looking for the opportunity of contact with special places wh ere the spirit of yoga is still preserved!


Valentina Uliankina
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