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Yoga Tour to Bhutan and Nepal

Mastering yoga practices in places of power.
from 5 to 18 april 2025 · 14 days

In places where great yogis of the past practiced (Padmasambhava, Milarepa, Tsogyal and others), the surrounding atmosphere will make it easier to understand yourself.

Tour to the relict country. A kingdom that has preserved yoga and self-improvement as an important part of life. Untouched nature, spiritual people, a rare opportunity to get acquainted with an alternative form of life. Lectures and self-development practices with Andrey Verba are also waiting for us in these and other amazing places.

Meditation and hatha yoga practices are waiting for you in one of the most peaceful places on the planet. The trip will last ten days. Pleasant impressions will remain for a lifetime.

  • Taktsang-lakhang Monastery – "Tigress's Nest" - a place that Padmasambhava visited with his wife Yeshe Tsogyal in the form of a tigress; also a place of meditation of Milarepa.
  • Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan.
  • Chimi Lakhang is a monastery built by the blessing of yogi Drukpa Kunle, who installed a stupa on the hill.
  • Punaka Dzong – which means "Palace of great happiness".
  • Kyichu-lakhang Monastery, which was built to defeat the terrible demoness.
  • Bodnath Stupa is the greatest Buddhist stupa in the world
  • Swayambunath Stupa — flower of primordial light
  • Parping is the place where the cave of Padmasambhava is located, as well as the temple of Vajrayogini.

The tour is conducted by

The tour program

Lectures and talks on yoga and self-improvement, and the practice of the OM mantra will be organized along the entire route of the trip. The practice of hatha yoga will be conducted wherever it is possible and relevant.

day 1

Meeting at the airport. Departure from Moscow

day 2

Morning flight Delhi – Paro. Arrival in Paro. Meeting with the guide. Transfer to Thimphu (capital of Bhutan) (about 2 hours). Visit the significant Thimphu Chorten memorial Stupa. Lunch. Accommodation at the hotel. After a short rest, a meeting with all the participants, acquaintance, discussion of the goals of the trip. Overnight at Thimphu Hotel.

day 3

Morning practice of meditation and hatha yoga. In the afternoon, visit one of the main attractions of Thimpu – the Dordenma Buddha Statue – a giant statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, whose name translates as «Diamond Lightning Strike». The height of the Buddha Dordenma is 51.5 meters. The monument is located on a hill with stunning views of the capital and its surroundings. A lecture on self-development and yoga. OM evening mantra at the hotel. Overnight at Thimphu Hotel.

day 4

Transfer Thimphu – Punaka (about 3 hours). Stop at the Dochu La pass, where 108 stupas are installed. A lecture on self-development. Accommodation at the hotel in Punak. The practical part of self-knowledge. Mastering Pratyahara (distraction from external objects). Free time in the city. Overnight in Punak.

day 5

A day in Punak. Visit Chimi Lhakhang and Punakha Dzong. Chimi Lhakhang is a monastery built by the blessing of yogi Drukpa Kunle, who installed a stupa on the hill. Punaka Dzong (Punakha Dzong) – which means "The Palace of great happiness". Evening practice of the Om mantra.

day 6

Punaka – Paro transfer (approximately 4 hours).Visit to the ancient monastery of the VII century Kichu Lakhang (Kichu Lakhang). Hidden in the garden, the exquisite Kichu Monastery, together with the Jampei Monastery located in Bumtang province, as well as Jokhang from Lhasa and one monastery from the Shigatse neighborhood in Tibet, make up the image of a rectangle. In the 7th century, even before Padmasambhava, the king of Tibet, Songtsen Gampo, saw these monasteries in meditation. To defeat the terrible demoness of Tibet, the Jokhang Monastery (Lhasa 638) was erected where her heart was located. Her left leg in 659 has Kyichu, Lakhang in Paro, and her left knee has Jampei Lakhang in Bumtang. In total, 108 temples were built according to the plan of King Songsten Gampo. In 1968, Queen Mother Ashi Kesang built a second temple, which is an exact replica of the first one.Practical part: combining the practices learned in the previous days for a better understanding of oneself. Return to the hotel. The evening mantra of Om. Overnight at the Paro Hotel.

day 7

Morning practice of meditation and hatha yoga. Breakfast at the hotel. Visit the famous Taksang Lakhang monastery. The ascent in one direction takes about 3 hours. Maybe half the way up on mules.

Taktsang Lakhang is the most famous monastery in Bhutan. It hangs on a rock 3120 m high, 700 m above the level of the Paro Valley. The name of the monastery translates as "Tigress's Nest", according to legends, Padmasambhava was transported to this cave, sitting on a tigress, which his wife Yeshe Tsogyal turned into. The great yogi Milarepa also meditated in the cave.

Practical part: samadhi, consideration of this technique. Return to the hotel. The evening mantra of Om. Overnight at the Paro Hotel.

day 8

Morning practice of meditation and hatha yoga. Breakfast at the hotel. Flight to Kathmandu. Obtaining a Nepalese visa. Accommodation in a hotel in Kathmandu. The evening mantra of OM.

day 9

Morning practice of meditation and hatha yoga. Visit to the Bodnath Stupa.

day 10

Morning practice of meditation and hatha yoga. Visit to the Swayambhunath Stupa.

day 11

Morning practice of meditation and hatha yoga. Visit the Parking lot where Padmasambhava Cave and Vajrayogini Temple are located.

day 12

Morning practice of meditation and hatha yoga. Free time in Kathmandu.

day 13

Morning practice of meditation and hatha yoga. Transfer to the airport. Flight Kathmandu – Delhi.

day 14

Flight Delhi – Moscow

We will be glad to hit the Road together! Join us!

Tour price

3000$ // For those who travel with the club OUM.RU for the first time
2700$ // For those who have already participated in yoga tours with the club OUM.RU

For yoga teachers who have completed training courses at the club , an individual discount is provided.

The price includes:

  • transfers along the route in Bhutan by comfortable bus;
  • hotel accommodation in Bhutan (double occupancy, with shower and toilet in the room);
  • Bhutanese visa;
  • meals in Bhutan (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
  • entrance tickets along the route;
  • excursion program and English-speaking guide in Bhutan;
  • lectures and yoga practices with Andrey Verba.

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Tours to Bhutan are a unique opportunity to get to know yourself and visit places where famous yogis practiced.

The trip will last ten days. The time spent in another country will be remembered for a long time. Pleasant memories will remain for a lifetime!

Are there tours to the state of Bhutan?

If you want to master different methods of remembering past lives, go on a journey. Our trip to Bhutan, a small country located in South Asia, will be eventful and interesting. The program includes visits to many places known all over the world. The practice of asanas will take place frequently. Therefore, the participants of the program will be able, on the one hand, to relax, and on the other – to maintain their body at the proper level.

If you want to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan (tours), the prices will not seem high. The cost of the trip is acceptable for everyone who wants to know themselves and engage in their own spiritual development. Tours to Bhutan from Moscow are carefully designed. The full price includes: a bus ride, hotel accommodation, meals and an excursion program. Lectures and practices that will be conducted by Andrey Verba and other teachers of the club are also taken into account.

During the trip, participants will not feel discomfort due to ignorance of a foreign language. They will be accompanied everywhere by an English-speaking guide and a Russian-speaking translator. He will help you communicate with the local population.

Many tourists visit the country from year to year. This is due to the fact that there are many famous attractions in the Asian state. These include:Tigress's Nest Monastery, Chagri, Gangtei gompa, Kyichu lakhang.

Taktsang-lakhang monastery "Nest of the tigress" near the city of Paro. It literally hangs from a cliff, the height of which reaches 3120 m. The name of the monastery is associated with a legend. The Indian teacher Padmasambhava was transported here riding a tigress, which his wife Yeshe Tsogyal turned into.

Taktsang lakhang is an ideal place for meditation. The monastery consists of several buildings connected by stairs. Images of Bodhisattvas can be seen on the walls of the main cave, and amazing views of the Paro Valley can be seen from the balconies.

During the trip, the tour participants will also visit a Buddhist monastery founded by a monk of the Drukpa Kagyu school. Chagri gompa is the main center of hermitage, located in the Thimphu Valley. It is located on a steep hill. Therefore, climbing to the top takes a lot of time. It is no coincidence that the tour program includes the practice of hatha yoga. Classes will help to overcome discomfort in the body during such outings.

The Gangtei Gompa Monastery is located in Bhutan. It is located in the picturesque glacial valley of Phobjikha. This is a famous place where the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism operates. Here you can see a huge collection of manuscripts.

It is not difficult to book tours to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan. You just need to have the desire to travel around the country where great yogis practiced. During the tour, participants will definitely visit the Kyichu Lakhang Monastery. This is a Buddhist temple near the city of Paro. The monastery was founded many years ago by the king of Tibet. Inside the temple there are valuable artifacts of the Buddhist civilization.

Tours to Bhutan will be of interest to anyone who practices yoga.

This is a wonderful opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the world and get into a completely different world. There is a special atmosphere in this cozy Asian country. It helps to understand yourself and take a fresh look at life. During their stay here, the participants of the program will be charged with positive energy and filled with tranquility.

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