Измени себя — изменится Мир вокруг

Chapter 3. Physiological Consequences of Abortion

женщина, беременность
The Armenian tigresses behave not thus, nor dares the lioness destroy an offspring of her own. 
Such acts by dainty women are performed, yet not always with impunity. 
Many a time she slays herself who slays her offspring in the womb. 
She dies herself and with dishevelled hair is borne away upon her bed of anguish, 
and all who see her cry, “Well was her doom deserved.”

The law of karma is not invented by human beings law; it is valid always and everywhere, as the laws of nature. We can trace its implementation at various levels. Now let us turn to physiology. Think about fr om whence does such a phenomenon as the unprecedented growth of women’s diseases namely in the XX century, come from? Everything is for the same reasons: the consequences of infanticide and payment for comfort.

Fr om the point of view of official medicine all abortions are divided into unsafe and safe.

Safe – performed with the assistance of a qualified professional (doctor, midwife, nurse) using approved methods of official medicine, and in a suitable medical facility. 

Unsafe – performed by a person without medical education, or without necessary training, in unsanitary conditions, or it is performed by the woman herself. 
If we connect these statements with the universal concept of karma, they will sound something like this: “there are murders, for which you will get retribution, and there are well prepared and organized, for which you will not have to answer”. But in reality it does not happen this way, you have to pay for everything. If you still can avoid liability for breach of the Criminal Code – there is no opportunity to avoid the law of karma, the law of cause and effect. The desire to destroy future human being is violation of the basic law of life, followed by retribution, including health.
There are no safe abortions, every abortion is a blow to women’s health, and is a direct consequence of decisions made by her. 

Abortion is often presented as insignificant intervention that requires fr om a woman to change her usual rhythm of life just for a few hours or few days maximum. This is not true. Abortion is always very dangerous operational or pharmacological exposure that carries series of unpleasant and sometimes life-threatening complications after it.

Any more or less experienced gynecologist will say that a woman after abortion cannot restore her immune system for a year and a half, for a year and a half she is sick. Woman, who had three abortions, become a gynecological patient for the rest of life. Different tumors, chronic inflammation appear; doctors have to cure all these consequences, to do complicated operations, to remove organs. Most likely, woman will feel consequences of abortion in one form or another during all her life, even at the physiological level. And all doctors are aware of this, but, unfortunately, they do not convey this information to the women. “Now we have 94% of girls that say that they do not know what's going on, they do not know the consequences.

Gynecologists do not talk about that”, — Elena Koksharova, psychologist, says. Most women start to think seriously about what harm abortion has brought to their body only after carrying out interruption of pregnancy. This approach can be considered somewhat frivolous in relation to the body. Perhaps for someone it will be sufficient to learn about its physiological consequences to refuse from abortion. In fact not many people know that the damage of abortion affects not only the reproductive function of a woman, but also affects the body as a whole. Pregnancy is a truly inclusive process that touches the entire body. Naturopaths call it "zeroing" when the symptoms of one or another disorders in the body, accumulated over the years, are removed. Under the influence of hormones, not only the physical body changes; worldview, psyche, energy also change. All of these processes are started at the moment of conceiving and logically terminate with the natural birth of a baby, and some continue throughout life. Any intervention on the part into this perfect natural mechanism, and especially its rough interruption, will inevitably lead to consequences. The whole female body changes and get ready to grow a new life in it, as a result of abortion, it experiences the strongest stress. All of its maternal functions become unnecessary. There comes imbalance of hormonal, immune system, renal and hepatic function, blood pressure regulation, and volume of circulating blood. Abortion is a blow not only to reproduction system, but also for all other systems of the body.

After an abortion, quite often amenorrhea develops (i.e. menstrual cycle disappears), which can last several years. Periods may become scanty, or on the contrary, too abundant, in any case, will be painful. 

Breast tissue begins to prepare for breastfeeding even in early pregnancy, and sharp “failure” in the original program is accompanied by a strong stress for the body. Abortion is one of the most common causes of mastopathy or even breast cancer. 

Even adrenal glands cannot avoid consequences of abortion: a metabolic disorder occurs, greater number of male hormones is produced, which is manifested both externally (development of hair cover of male type, for example) and psychologically (instability to stress). 

Abortion affects the functioning of the thyroid gland, exactly with such intervention they connect, for example, the development of Graves’ disease; the common people call it goiter.

Abortion is stressful for all organs and systems, but of course the reproductive system suffers to the greatest extent. What are the consequences for it?

1. Complications during abortion.
1.1 Wounding from abortion. Uterine wounding from abortion may occur during stretching canal of uterus neck (ruptures of uterus neck of different severity). The soft musculature of the pregnant uterus can be easily damaged by instruments introduced into uterine cavity during abortion (rupture of the uterus). Without surgical treatment such injuries may be life-threatening. Sometimes after an abortion immediate surgical removal of the uterus is required.

1.2 Heavy bleeding during abortion. If large blood vessels are damaged during an abortion, heavy bleeding may occur. Such bleeding requires emergency surgery. Often a blood transfusion is needed, though, frequently it does not save. To die from bleeding at the surgical table is not very bright prospects. Sometimes, it is also needed to remove the uterus to stop the bleeding. (There is a perception that the risk of bleeding is relevant only in the surgical abortion, but the probability of its occurrence is high even in medicamentous abortion).

1.3 Complications related to anesthesia during abortion. Each type of anesthesia during abortion, even local anesthesia, is associated with some risk, albeit small.
In particular, cardiac arrhythmias, respiratory failure and liver function may occur. Allergic shock is the most dangerous complication of anesthesia during abortion. 

2. Early consequences of abortion. In the first days after abortion, the following complications may occur: 
2.1 Inflammation. The cavity of the uterus after an abortion is transformed into a continuous bloody wound and you cannot put a bandage on it. Therefore, various infections become typical consequence of abortion. First, we should be afraid of the development of inflammatory process in the uterus (metroendometritis). Infections can develop in other organs as well: in the fallopian tubes (salpingitis), in the abdominal cavity (peritonitis) and in the parauterine adipose tissue (parametritis). In the case of blood poisoning after an abortion (sepsis), there is a danger to life and urgent intensive antibiotic treatment is required. 

2.2 Thromboses because of infringements of blood clotting and getting blood clots after an abortion in the bloodstream. As consequences thrombi in veins may be formed, in particular in the leg veins. Such conditions require urgent treatment. 
You have just read the dry theory, and here are the stories of women who have experienced on themselves the consequences of abortion. 
One woman seeks help on one of the forums with the following text (the text of the author is fully kept): 
“Hello! My name is N.N. I came to gynecologist for abortion in the period of 7-8 weeks. 
23.11. Operation was not completed, was interrupted, as there was a suspicion of a perforation of the uterus (neck of womb shut during an abortion).
24.11 Ultrasound examination did not confirm the suspicion, but they cleaned the uterus again, as ultrasound showed that something had left in it. I did not have a temperature, and there was no secretions for 2 days, on the third day heavy secretions began. A week later, the uterus was enlarged again and ultrasound showed that there was something in it (great clot). They cleaned again. Secretions were not going to stop. 
09.12 I did ultrasound in another place, in the uterus there was a placental polyp. They made operation with vacuum – cleaned out.
12.12. Ultrasound showed that there was nothing in the uterus, but inflammation began. The doctor said there was no need in buying any medication; they were doing everything that was necessary. Pain in the lower abdomen was tolerant, gradually subsided, but not until the end. Bowel problems began. Secretions (in my opinion) are sanious and purulent, yellowish-pinkish, approximately at the same level – a little more, a little less. Namely they worry me. The doctor said that it is healing so slowly after 4 surgeries”. 

Imagine what this woman had experienced, having been on the operating table for four times. Imagine how soon her health will be restored? She asks how doctors can now help her… 

On the forums, women share their experiences: 
“On the 19th day after cleaning strong bleeding began, very strong. After ultrasound gynecologist said that it was menses, but they did not pass for 10 days and were very heavy and painful, I ate a “Nospanum” by handfuls. It turned out to be inflammation of uterine appendages, and during 2 weeks I was treated with antibiotics and done physiotherapy”.

“I had inflammation in a month. After cleaning in 28 days menses came, but they very strong, I realized that it was not normal, ran to the hospital, they put me under a drip immediately, it was inflammation of the uterus”.

“After medical abortion, which, according to professors, does not give any complications, I had bleeding for 2.5 months. It was as if my uterus was crying tears of blood about the murdered infant. Ultrasound examination showed a lot of cysts in the ovaries, I constantly suffered from pain in the lower abdomen, the mood was depressed”. 

Sorry for the blood, in the truest sense of this word, details, but that is the reality. Having experienced the terrible consequences of abortion, frequently women or their relatives want to blame and punish doctors:

“Hello, my mother went to have an abortion. After an abortion, she felt very bad, vomiting opened, but the doctors did nothing, sent her home. At home she did not feel better; I called an ambulance for her. After the arrival of ambulance, doctor on duty said that she had a pressure of 40 to 20. They quickly arranged everything and took her to the hospital already unconscious. At the hospital, the operation was urgently made for her. She stayed in the intensive care unit for 2 days. Then she was sent to the gynecology, wh ere doctors diagnosed “uterine puncture” at 3 cm. She had direct transfusion of blood and plasma injection right on the operating table. In general, she was barely saved. Now the doctor, who did an abortion, is trying to hide the facts, proving her guilt. Help us what to do, wh ere to apply! We want so much to punish her!”

But are doctors guilty in the consequences of our own terrible and cruel decisions? Someone suffers from the consequences of his act almost immediately. They come a little later to someone, and, as a rule, already associated with chronic problems in the field of gynecology and the inability to have children. 

3. Late consequences of abortion. 
In most cases, the late consequences of abortion are developed on the basis of the early complications. The greatest tragedy of our society is that, watching the causes and consequences (abortion and subsequent diseases), no one links one with the other. Abortion in 15 years and cancerous tumor in 50 are too separated in time, and the suffering women, and even the doctors, do not have enough perception of volume to bind the one with the other. 

3.1. Development of extrauterine pregnancy and infertility. During the termination of pregnancy by curettage, deep layer of the uterine mucosa in those places wh ere it is connected with the tubes is removed. Subsequently, the scar and obstruction of pipes are formed. When there is complete obstruction woman loses the ability to become a mother forever. If the obstruction is partial, the sperm can penetrate into the tube and fertilize the ovum. But at the same time, because of the scar-adhesion process, fertilized cell does not get to the uterus in time, and the fetus begins to develop in the tube (ectopic pregnancy). In those cases when this process was not noticed in time, there is a tube rupture, often with fatal outcome. 

Here are destinies, personally mutilated: 
“After two abortions I was left with no children, no family, in complete solitude and desperate. And no education, love or career cannot make up for this loss. Depression, severe illnesses, hopelessness, pangs of conscience and self-loathing, envy and pain at the sight of mothers with children and total meaninglessness of life”. 
“In the youth I had two abortions one after another (from my husband). Then eight years of trying to have a baby naturally came to nothing”. 

“Today some of my blood was taken for the test. Hospital nurse asks: “Well, have you managed to do ECO?” I said, “No.” She: “You had abortions, or what?” Yes, I say. And she says: “And what do you want then?” The last hope vanished. I was roaring all the way”. 

3.2. Impact of abortion on subsequent pregnancies. Injuries of neck of a uterus from abortion, mentioned above, lead to the development of cervical incompetence (insuficiencia istmicocervical). Because of this, subsequent pregnancies often end in miscarriages and premature birth. Perforation of the uterus by tool during abortion may be the cause of uterine rupture during next pregnancy. 

Woman can get pregnant after the abortion, but the flow of this pregnancy, very likely, will be associated with the certain problems. 

“I had an abortion at the age of 20. A few years later I got married and soon became pregnant. However, the body threw out the fetus. And so it happened 8 times. The whole ninth pregnancy, to save the child, I was lying in the hospital under the droppers. Now, my only one son is 10 years old”. 

“In my youth I had several vacuum abortions, and then, when I got married, I faced the problem of getting pregnant. Only artificial fertilization gave a long-awaited result: my child went to the first grade this year. Those who have faced this problem know the true value of the happiness of being a mother”.

“Abortion is a monstrous violence against the entire reproductive system of the female body. Nature does not forgive this. And it answers with a mass of complications that occur during the following pregnancy and childbirth. They are bleedings, toxemia, miscarriages or premature birth, leading to the birth of a premature child”, - says the chairman of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of the republic of Tatarstan, professor Ildar Fatkullin.

Abortion causes the greatest damage to health of nulliparous women, that is of women, who interrupted the first pregnancy: recovery of the body of women, who gave birth, after violating the restructuring that has already begun, of the body for pregnancy takes no more than 4 months, while it takes 1 year or longer for nulliparous women. At the same time 25 of 100 women, who had an abortion in the first pregnancy, become infertile. Abortions at a young age lead to serious complications. If a young woman (aged 15-17) will have one abortion, it is likely that in her life there will be no more pregnancies. Never. One abortion and that is all… Young age is the most serious period when there is a hormonal maturation.

The probability of occurrence of complications is the highest also for women:
— who had two or more abortions;
— who suffer from inflammatory diseases of genital organs, menstrual disorders, blood diseases;
— who earlier had surgery on the uterus and ovaries.

“Three hours later after taking the pills, I began to have the most real childbirth, with contractions and pushing. Within 6 hours of throes, I gave birth to my poor child. Only I know, through what pain and despair I had to go during those few hours, how many tears I shed… The pain was not only physical; sobbing erupted right out my heart. It is one thing to give birth to a child in the throes and feel very happy from the consciousness that you give birth to a new little man, and the other thing is to experience all the same, knowing that you are killing your own child, unable to return anything back, and that these torments are violent retribution for what you did”.

Retribution for what you did… This material is only occasion to reflect that cancer, infertility, women's diseases are not even punishment, it is simply a direct result of our own actions, karma, as it is, not in the future lives, but here and now, and this is our direct selection.

Perhaps someone because of her own cruelty will lose the opportunity to become a mother forever, and will acquire a bunch of diseases of the reproductive system, or maybe will part with life at all, right on the operating table in the gynecological clinic. On the one hand, no one wants to experience anything of the mentioned above. But on the other hand, a woman, who paid severe consequences for the health for her act, gets a chance to reflect on what she is doing. Diseases and suffering that come after the abortion are the opportunity to track the operation of the law of karma in the illustrative examples, to understand how and for what you are punished by life, even if cause and effect are separated in time.