Change yourself and the world around will change

Chapter 2 Karma of Abortion

женщина, беременность
Who does not appreciate life, is not worthy of it. 
Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci

Modern society lives in the illusion of irresponsibility, there is a widely distributed slogan in it “take everything fr om life”, implying the continuation “and you will get nothing for that”. But you cannot live in the illusion forever, when it collapses, people who believed in it will remain alone with their conscience and without the opportunity to correct the situation. 

The truth is that every living being is responsible for his every deed. The law of karma is the law of cause and effect communications. There is no fate for those, who know about this law; there are only the consequences of past actions. Now we are creating what we will have tomorrow, now we have what we created yesterday. The following expressions are based on this wisdom as “Everything is in our hands”, “What goes around, comes around”, “We have to pay for everything we do”, and so on. Doing a certain choice now, we shape our own future.

The law of karma states: “Whatever you do will come back on you, so accept whatever justice and retribution that befalls you” (The Karma Sutra). Each person will have to experience on himself everything that he did to others. 

A woman making an abortion, that is, in fact, the killing - creates karma of killing - which will return to her, in this life or future. 

The concept of karma is closely linked with the concept of reincarnation - rebirth. According to it, soul does not disappear in the moment of death: “Soul does not die, having separated fr om the body; ignoramuses say in vain, that it dies. The soul enters into another corporeal shell” (Mahabharata). Together with the soul you get and the accumulated karma. In order to make sure that the reincarnation of souls is not fiction, you can learn the relevant materials and research (at the moment they are numerous, the most famous works are of Raymond Moody). 

People often are horrified by the cruelty of this world, in which sickness and death of "innocent" children are possible, as well as birth of the disabled. The law of karma explains such phenomena - it's just a legitimate retribution for the acts of past lives. 
Woman, who killed her child in her own womb, will be in the child's place. When at the beginning of one of her following incarnations, she will be in the womb; the potential mother will have an abortion. Babe in the womb, powerless and unable even to call for help, will be cruelly killed, cut up into pieces, and will be deprived of the right to live: “Everyone should try what he committed” (Padmasambhava).
Accumulated karma, depending on the surrounding energy of the person is returned to him at different speeds, “Karma [may have] a direct result and result of, moved away in time” (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali). It is realized in this incarnation, in the following or it may take several incarnations: “Do not think that karma is wrong. You will live to suffer consequences of your deeds either in this life or in the following” (The Karma Sutra). Some people will have retribution in their following incarnation, some - after few lives, and some - after many-many kalpas. That is why it is difficult to prove the existence of karma for most people, in any case, within a given life. 
It is obvious that for people in this world, who also does not remember their past births, moreover who has no information about reincarnation of their relatives and friends, it is difficult to see the chain of events: the commission of an abortion - reincarnation - murder in the womb already of that person who performed the abortion. 

However, we can often see how the consequences of actions are returned already in this life. The killers, according to the scriptures “are infected with a serious disease in this life and will receive retribution of short life with a very short happiness” (Dharani Sutra). 

The one, who has committed such negative deed as murder, will have a short life and a lot of diseases, “If we killed in past lives, our life will be short and prone to many diseases. Some babies die, barely born, which is a manifestation similar to the cause, that is, with committing murder in previous lives. They will also die, barely born, in many future lives. Other people though live to old age, but since childhood until death they suffer fr om a continuous series of diseases, one after another. This is due to the fact that in the past they killed and beaten other creatures” (My all-good teacher’s words). 

Karma of disease and short life comes to some women almost immediately after the abortion. You do not even need to have a very large power of observation to notice - women, who commit abortion, mutilate their health, shorten their lives by themselves, and become frequent patients of the respective hospitals (details on this topic will be discussed in the chapter on “Physiological consequences of abortion”). Unfortunately, many people do not have enough attention to see the causal link between abortion made by a woman in 17 years, and her early death from cancer of the uterus at the age of 45. 

Making an abortion, a woman destroys her life. It is not surprising that after the termination of pregnancy the family may break up, serious illness may begin or other misfortune may happen. That's all - a consequence of infanticide. But, unfortunately, for people it never occurs to bind their life's troubles and failures, and sometimes the “catastrophes” with interrupted unwanted pregnancy. 

The story of one woman, told in the Internet: 
“She had two small children: a girl and a boy of three and five years. Having become pregnant with a third kid, she went to have an abortion, and the children were left with their grandmother. Grandma missed the moment, when children had drunk some of her pills of bright color, went to sleep and... did not wake up. The woman came back from the hospital, getting rid of the unborn child; she buried the dead children, and thereafter never again became pregnant. Now she often travels to the Lavra, prays a lot of and weeps what she had done, but she does not have children, and, apparently, will never have. “Take care of your children”  she told me at parting”. 

Heavy karma extends not only to the woman herself, but also to doctors who perform this operation. Here is an example of the Tyumen city hospital: 

“One doctor N. for half a year did 70 abortions to earn more money; she still felt that she is poor. And a year ago her son of twenty years died. Just an accident, “the strange case”. In that car, in which he had an accident, no one was hurt; no one even had a single scratch. Only he died — from the fracture of base of the skull. Herewith he was seemingly completely unharmed”. 

By making the action even once, man forms a habit to do so - and it is also one of the karmic consequences, called in Buddhism “a consequence, corresponding to a reason”. For murder, it is the following: “Consequence, corresponding to a reason is that under the influence of former habitual tendencies, you will be experiencing the pleasure of committing murder” (“My all-good teacher’s words”).

Woman, who decided to have an abortion, lays the foundation of the vicious circle: to get pleasure from sex, to get rid of unwanted consequences, killing others and breaking the universal law of life. She gets used to live only for the sake of satisfying her vile passions, and eventually becomes victim to them, ceases to accept any kinds of relations, built above the level of lust. Such a woman, which sets her own desire for comfort and pleasure higher than the value of the life of another being, behaves like an egoist and as a result, will receive the same treatment to herself too, for example, from a man, who cruelly broke off relations with her: 

“After abortion, after all that we went through, he broke up with me, like with a used thing. And he said that he wanted a sweet little girl, which he will be able to take care of, but not stinker like me. I was terribly sorry to hear all that.”

After killing once, human creates a tendency to continue to kill. After reading the forums or after talking with patients of abortion clinics, you will notice - the first abortion usually costs a lot of mental anguish for a woman, it is a decision, achieved through suffering, to which her soul opposes as much as it can. And then - the second, third, fourth ... immune to murder has already been lost, and everything is going as on well-trodden road… 

“When my daughter was 1 year, I got pregnant and had an abortion (earlier I did not even want to think about it and did not expect that I would have an abortion). Situation became even worse after that, one and a half year later I had 2 more abortion (both at the small term - up to three weeks). I love my husband and child, but for some reasons I cannot agree with the birth of the following children.” 
The bad tendency carries over into the next life: “If before we killed, we are drawn to kill. If before we stole, stealing someone's things brings us pleasure, and so on. This explains, for example, why some people since early childhood kill all insects and other animals that appear in front of their eyes. Such propensity to murder comes from similar actions committed in past lives. From the very cradle we all act differently, depending on the actions that we committed in past lives. Some like to kill, others like to steal; and there are people who do not have the inclination to such actions and feel pleasure, doing good deeds. All these tendencies are a legacy of past actions, in other words, the result similar to the action; for example, falcon or wolf has the instinct to kill, the mouse has the instinct to steal, such instinct is, in each case due to the fact that these acts were committed by them in the past” (“My all-good teacher’s words”). After killing, the person will repeat the action again and again, and experience the punishment for this, both in this and in other worlds. 
According to Buddhism, at reincarnation the soul can get birth in one of the six worlds, according to karma: world of Gods, world of Asuras, the human world, world of hungry ghosts, world of animals, or hellish world. 

If the creature lives worse and worse from life to life, gradually losing the ability to distinguish between moral and immoral, then eventually it falls into the hells, wh ere they help him to get rid of the consequences of negative actions committed, and then it may return again to the higher worlds. 

Karma of murder implies rebirth in hell. Here is a confirmation of this statement from Buddhist sutra, the heroine of which repents of an abortion: “... my family situation does not allow me to give birth to any children. Because of this, I used preparations to kill my unborn child, who [already] was eight months. Child, whom I plucked out, was fully formed, with four healthy limbs and had a boy's body. Later, I met a wise man who told me: "People who purposely plucked out the fetus [...] after their death, [...] will go to Avichi hell for experiencing terribly intense suffering"” (The Dharani Sutra of the Buddha on Longevity, the Extinction of Offences, and the Protection of Young Children).

In the same sutra it is said: “Woman, who plucked out the fetus, creates the same karma as the other killers: "... you purposely took poison, leading to miscarriage. You created such a heavy karma, as its nature will lead you to the Avichi Hell. Criminals in the hell of Incessant [Suffering] acted exactly the same way"”. Descriptions of stay in hell we can find in various Buddhist sutras, the Vedic texts, the Christian scriptures. Let us give, what Tathagata  Penetrating Light Everywhere gives in the same Dharani Sutra: “In the cold hell criminals are blown by a strong cold wind and suffer from severe cold. In the hot hells it is hot; criminals are in hot waves brought by the hot wind. In the hell of Incessant [Suffering] there are no alternating sufferings - extreme cold and extreme heat. But there is a great fire that descends from the top down, then rises again from the bottom up. The four walls are made of iron, covered with an iron grid. Four gates in the East, West, North and South, are also filled with great burning the flame of karma. The length of the hell of Incessant [Suffering] is eight million yojanas. Criminal’s body covers a whole hell completely. If there are a lot of people, each of their body also extends everywhere, filling all hell. The bodies of the criminals are covered with iron snakes. Suffering from this is stronger than the great burning fire. Some of the iron snakes may enter his mouth and exit from his eyes and ears. Some iron snakes wrap around their bodies. Great fire tears limbs and joints of criminals. There are also the iron crows, which pull out and eat his meat. There are also copper dogs which bite and tear his body. The guards of hell with bull heads are holding the weapons and are roaring like thunder. With coarse voices, full of hatred, they shout: "You deliberately killed your fetus, so you are subjected to so much suffering Kalpa by Kalpa, without a break!"”
Islam also tells about hellish punishment for abortion:

From the book “Zhavharatu Luluiya fee sharhy arbainu Navaviya” 
“ It was narrated that, indeed, on the Judgment Day the miscarriage (from abortion) will appear screaming, like lightning, praying and crying out for help, saying: “I am oppressed!” Then, he will stick to his mother and say: “O my Lord, ask her why she killed me?” Allah Almighty will ask: “Why did you kill him, while I forbidden to take away life except by law? Oh my angels, pass her to the angel Malik, who looks for Hell, to lock her in the pit for the saddened”. Then they will tie her hands to her neck, she will be put on the collar and chains, and dragged to Hell. Angel Malik will throw her into the pit of Sorrows, wh ere there is hot fire and animals: wasps, snakes and scorpions - they will torment sinners. Also in that pit there will be Zabaniyat angels with spears from fire in their hands, with which they will prick murderers”. 

Who killed the child in the womb according to Christianity at the great court will be put into outer darkness: “The harlot, who killed her fetus in the womb, so that he did not see this world, will not be allowed to see the new century by Him (Judge), — Ephrem the Syrian writes — how she did not allow him (her child) to enjoy life and light in this century, and so He (God) will deprive her life and light in the next century. Since she decided to put out her fetus of the womb prematurely to hide it in the darkness of the land, then she like dead fetus of the womb will be put into total darkness. This is retribution for fornicators and harlot that impinge on the lives of their children”. 

“Girls! My advice for everyone: never have an abortion!!! This is the worst decision you can take. I took such decision, when I was 17 years old. I am very sorry, I did not allow some soul to experience earthly journey, I caused atrocious pain to this soul, but in addition to all, it crippled my life at the beginning of my way, resulted in such terrible consequences! If I only knew… Not all are punished so quickly, but if the women in your family had abortions, and in large quantities, then, no doubt, problems and sufferings will be present in your life for sure. I say this, that at least the fear of severe punishment stops you, if nothing else is able to pull you away from abortion clinics. Ignorance of the law does not remove the responsibility for the crime. Life is fleeting, and when the spirits of wickedness will drag you to hell, it will be difficult for angels of light to help your soul (especially unrepentant soul), as the laws in the "post-mortem" world do work, in contrast to the "earthly"”.

Speaking of karma, they often have in mind the individual karma, which is expressed for each individual. But there is also the nation's karma, the karma of the people. Each of us, doing and thinking in a certain way, partly forms the world not only for ourselves but also for our children, for close relatives, for the genus, and wider, for the nation as a whole and, ultimately, for our planet Earth. 

Now millions of “invisible” killings take place daily in Russia  innocently millions of the unborn children die. 

Translating the conversation into the energy plan, we can create the following picture. Namely murder, like any other manifestation of aggression, violates the work of muladhara (root chakra, the first of the seven energy centers of the human). The killer cannot already receive the benefits associated with the adequate work of this chakra. First of all, muladhara is responsible for the material plane of our being: for safe conditions around us, for the availability of the necessary food, funds for life. In this plan, the fertile land of Rus that always gives bread in abundance is not “geographical” advantage - it is the result of proper operation of muladhara, chakra that connects man to his native land, of the representatives of nation as a whole. People, who do not allow violence, will never be in poverty in material terms. And conversely, killing our children, we condemn ourselves to poverty. 

There is a second aspect of the work of the same chakra. On the lands of the people, who are not aggressive at all, there will always be peace. You cannot, for example, hit a man with a completely clean muladhara, you cannot show aggression in his presence. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali testifies to this: “In the presence ofone firmly established in non-violence, all hostilities cease” (The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali). Russian people have always been peace-loving, we never were first to unleash war conflicts, we were not trying to “engage in a fight”. And for that, we received blessings - there were always less wars in our territories than, for example, in the prosperous “west” (for comparison, in the Middle Ages in Western Europe, they could hardly live for twenty or thirty years without war). 

But gradually, our consciousness, not without influence of “filmmaking” paid by west, is becoming more and more aggressive, the ground begins to grow scanty, and military conflicts are approaching our doorstep. And, looking at the truth, we must say  we create such a fate by ourselves, and legalized abortion is one of the steps to this. 

Why does abortion, as well as any murder, involve such heavy punishment both for individual personality, and for people, who legalized murder? 

Incarnation in the human world is a precious gift, which is not so often given to souls. Billions of kalpas pass, until the soul, wandering at the infernal or animal worlds, gets a chance to incarnate in the people's world. Shanti deva said that the chance to gain human life is equal to the probability that a blind turtle that lives on the ocean floor and rises to the surface only once in a hundred years, will stick its head into a golden yoke, blown here and there on the ocean surface by the wind. 
Incarnation in the world of people is so valuable, because only in it is possible to get self-improvement. In the lower worlds there are only sufferings, it is impossible to have self-improving practices there. In the higher worlds there is too much pleasure, and there is not enough time and desire to devote time to spiritual development. 
Helen Wambach, practicing psychologist and expert in hypnotic regression, innovator in the study of past lives and prenatal development, conducted studies, which allowed looking at the spiritual life of the unborn child in a new way. She spent regressive hypnosis, as a result of which patients remembered their condition in the womb. During the experiments, she asked 750 people, who were under hypnosis, questions about their life before birth. Many of the respondents knew that incarnated in the twentieth century for the execution of certain tasks, and most of them said that they had chosen for the birth this time, since it provides a huge potential for spiritual growth. 

But only those who remained alive were able to say this. Those who were murdered also had their own plans for development, but their own “mothers” prevented them from that. 

Anyone who interferes in the plans of the gods, making a decision about the murder violates the proposed development of not only one person (of the one who was killed). So, thirty percent of patients surveyed by Helen Wambach recognized the need to come into the physical world just now, to meet with certain people. If one member of this karmic group is killed, the rest of the souls connected with him, it becomes more difficult to perform their vital task. 

Moreover, abortion is an act that prevents the soul from coming into this world and to work out its karma. Killer takes all the karma that the soul had to work out. If the victim stole in his past lives, the killer will be responsible for stealing, if committed adultery - for adultery, if lied - for lying, as if all these actions he committed himself. It is important to clarify. The law of karma is so severe not because of someone's cruelty, and the issue here is not in the absence of compassion. Chain of consequences is automatically set behind each reckless act of man. And it can be daunting. Performing an abortion, you can kill the man who was supposed to bring spiritual teaching into the world, and thus depriving millions of people the opportunity to develop. The consequences of the act may increase as well as an avalanche increases during its movement, and the one who served as the first cause, is responsible for the entire chain that emerged. That's why retribution, for example, of stay in hell may be such prolonged. Understanding the Law of Karma gives other reasons for decisions.

For example, frequent cause of abortion is the fear to give birth to a child with disabilities in physical or mental development. It is, indeed, extremely difficult, especially in Russia, to bring up a disabled child. But the woman, having karma to raise such a child, anyway will not escape it; the same soul with the same imperfect body will come to her again and again in the next lives, until she will have enough wisdom to accept it. Trying to push back the hour of retribution, the day of reckoning, which, alas, is inevitable, can only aggravate her position. Many people refer to the limited material resources and the inability to provide the baby with all necessary things. But the child comes into the world with his karma and with his energy. If he should grow up in poverty and even starving, it is impossible to change it, he will still have to go through such a childhood. For the mother it is also an opportunity to give her duty to the soul, which came, by ensuring it as she now can. The more she is able to give and to sacrifice, the greater will return to her in the next life. On the other hand, every child who comes into this world brings with it all the energy necessary for him for the development. Often, with the birth of baby new prospects and opportunities to earn more become open in the family, simply because the soul that has come to you has karma to grow in prosperity. In India, there is the concept of “golden children”  children, with the appearance of which wealth comes in the family. 

Women resort to abortion for various reasons. One can feel the lack of readiness to be responsible of motherhood, thinking that a child would violate her life plans; she still needs to graduate from university or get a promotion at work. Other may be afraid for their reputation and fears reaction of family and friends that they will talk or think about her in a bad way, if she gives birth, not being married. Someone thinks that it will be difficult to feed one more child; she will have to lim it herself in everything, to refuse from new shoes, from entertainment. Some are forced to have an abortion by relatives, family members, or even the political system. 
“I gave birth to my son in 17. I wanted to have an abortion, but now I'm happy. Believe me, children are our everything! Do not become a killer for the sake of freedom, career, money, public opinion – it's not worth that”. 

For many, the decision on abortion is heavy and made through suffering. But to be honest, it is worth to admit that almost all such decisions are based to some extent on selfishness and self-love. 

No matter how difficult it may be, let's face it: in the end, it is a choice in favor of human convenience and personal reputation, short-term benefits, but in fact, in favor of those details, about which we would not even remember on our deathbed. 
The law of karma allows us to take a look at the decision on abortion from the more global position. To compare these values, such as “reincarnation in hell” and “the ability to develop for the soul”, “human life” and “repair in the new apartment”/“incomplete education”/“old clothes”. Are our dubious ideas of happiness worth human life?? 

Reflections on the law of karma encourage us to pay more attention to our actions, words and decisions, analyzing them, not only in terms of, for example, simultaneous benefit, but also in terms of the momentary consequences, of karmic results. Yes, it will probably become easier and better, there will remain the chance to enjoy the freedom and material benefits for some time, but what will happen when all the caused sufferings go back?

All our torments arise from only one false conception of life. We think that we live one time and are ready “to walk over people” to become happy. However, true happiness lies not in consumerism, not in selfishness, not in search of a more comfortable and peaceful option for ourselves, but in harmony with the world and people around them, in compliance with the laws of nature: “You cannot build happiness on someone else's misery (and we will add, especially on someone else's death). Sin and happiness cannot dwell together”, — popular wisdom says.