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The Conscious Pregnacy and Natural Parenting. Chapter 3

The Conscious Pregnacy and Natural Parenting. Chapter 3

Chapter 3. The third rule – abstinence.

What are the Rita laws? Harm of hormonal contraception

We live in a very specific time. According to Yoga the world exists cyclically - from dawn to decay. Each such cycle is divided into four non-uniform intervals of time (yugas). Satya-yuga (“the golden age”) lasts the longest, has a great concentration of goodness and altruism. Treta-yuga (“the silver age”) lasts less, goodness and morality decrease. Dwapara-yuga (“the bronze age”) is even shorter, good qualities of people appear even less. Kali-yuga (“the iron age”) is the shortest period, lasts 432,000 years, by the end of the Kali Yuga society is completely degraded morally and spiritually.

It is believed that we live in the period of the beginning of Kali Yuga. Gradual decrease of good-heartedness among people with the change of these yugas is not accidental. The fact is that naturally people can also be divided into four categories according to their predispositions. These are the brahmins (wise men, witch doctors; spiritual teachers with high moral qualities), kshatriyas (warriors, those who rule the state or the processes of society life, protect interests of society), vaisyas (merchants, artisans, people, who have their own household, house, who are trading and consider their family and the development of its welfare the main value), Sudras (slaves of their own passions, which they cannot control, weak-willed, descended people, direct all their life forces to receive pleasures, absolutely do not think about others). So, in the time of the golden age, the brahmins form the consciousness of people and the reality around. They translate into society high ideals of service, various spiritual practices and self-knowledge. The silver age passes under the energy management of kshatriyas, the bronze age – of vaisyas, and iron age, or “age of pleasures”, is often governed by the low energy of the sudras, since it prevails in the surroundings.

Thus, it becomes clear why almost all the means of the economy, social policy, mass media, and education today lead only to the fact that a person is steadily degrading. We are imposed a cult of pleasure, the image of a "happy consumer" is created, who, relaxing on a soft sofa, pronounces the phrase: “And let the whole world wait”. Sudras usually descend to the lowest level of animal pleasures and instincts, the main ones being food and sexual intercourse. Today physical relationships are put at the head of relations of family. They convince us that, for the sake of a strong union, such relations should not be less than 5-6 times a week, or even more often. And due to the fact that there are fewer men on the planet now than women, and there is a serious competition between women for a male partner, it is the woman who is responsible for maintaining a passion in relations. She is taught all sorts of unhealthy sexual tricks, which over time because of such frequent sexual contacts even cease to interest her partner. Then we have to learn even more perverted techniques and so on. All modern glossy magazines have a permanent rubric “Sex”, which occupies one of the most impressive places on the pages of the publication and each time describes a variety of ways to “refresh” the relationship. For the most part, even educated, intelligent, interesting girls believe that they will have to apply all this in practice, for fear that the partner can leave them. Their own dignity and quality of the soul seem to them completely useless, invaluable and unimportant compared to the ability to “behave in bed”. And a logical question arises: how, at such a frequency of relationships and such corruption of morals, can we get quality children with pure souls, whom we all so want?

Our body is arranged very wisely by the nature itself. The goal of a physical relationship between a man and a woman is always the appearance of children. With every sexual contact, the body understands that this will result in a fusion of masculine and feminine beginnings for the formation of a new life. Therefore, it activates all resources and tries to direct all the best that it has for this task. It turns out that we ourselves are just programmed to receive the highest quality child. However, if this process does not end with such a merger, but at the same time it repeats and repeats all the time, can you imagine what the person will end up with if he constantly directs all his best qualities to nowhere? And what child will you get, if he was conceived on the 20th or 50th day of such pleasures? This is despite the fact that we have already said that for the accumulation of quality and healthy spermatozoa, men need a minimum of about three months.

The only logical and sensible conclusion suggests itself: Abstention is necessary for a harmonious relationship, a healthy family and what is the most important is to remain healthy and wholesome man, and raise the same children. In Yoga, this principle is called “brahmacharya” and implies in the narrow sense the rejection of close relationships for a certain period of time. The duration of such periods for everyone is, of course, a relative term. Everything depends on the previous image of sexual life, on the quality of the relationship with the partner, on the habits and dependencies of the person, which are produced at the level of the svadhisthana chakra (the second, the sex chakra, located in the projection of the spine at the level of the genital organs). For someone, a long period of abstinence will be a week, for someone - a month, for someone - a year. The main thing here, as in any case, is to begin to make efforts.

Of course, if a person is accustomed to regularly “drain” energy through such relationships and feed some low-lying passion with it, the process of weaning will be difficult. However, people are more conscious than animals for that. An important component of this consciousness is the ability to control one’s own actions, that is, the will. There are many techniques for training willpower: someone is helped by sports, someone - distraction to other things. The practice of asanas or, for example, reading spiritual developmental literature will be more effective. Gradually, your energy from the sexual level will rise higher, and consciousness will begin to treat this issue in a completely different way. It is very important to note here that we are not talking about the need to develop frigidity, but about the need for chastity, both by women and men. And most importantly, many people who begin to observe the brahmacharya, even for some time, note how much the relationship with the partner changes. Artificially cultivated low-lying desires are replaced by cordiality, warmth, sensitivity, caring for each other. Should not these qualities be developed in pairs before the child comes to the family?

Rita’s Laws. Few people are familiar with such concepts as “Rita’s laws” and “telegony”. Meanwhile, these concepts are extremely important for a person to remain a man, and not to fall to the level of animals. What is it? In ancient times Slavic arias called certain laws of purity of blood and genus the laws of Rita. In biology and medicine this phenomenon is called the phenomenon of the “first male”. Its essence boils down to the following: when a man enters a woman, this process is accompanied not only by physiological contact. There is an extremely powerful exchange of energy, which leaves an imprint in the fine structure of the body of a woman. If the woman is untouched up to this point, that is, a virgin, the imprint of the first man is the strongest and brightest manifestation. Such a man, in a sense, puts the stigma of his own health and world outlook on the reproductive system of a woman. As a result, very many parameters from the appearance and genetic diseases (venereal, mental, blood diseases, etc.) up to certain character traits and predispositions to some habits (especially bad ones: smoking, drinking alcohol, drug addiction, etc.) shall be inherited to offspring of the woman. And the most surprising thing is that the father of her children may already be a completely different man, and she can give birth to these children a few years after the first sexual contact. However, children will still be a definite reflection of her first man.

All those who breed dogs today, horses, and pigeons are well aware of the phenomenon of the “first male”. But, unfortunately, even these people do not draw parallels between the action of the laws of nature in the animal world and the world of people. After all, not only the ancient traditions of different continents and civilizations tell us about the need for the purity of the girl before the wedding. But even in the history of a relatively recent past (200-100 years ago), the dishonor of a girl was considered irreparable for her future marriage and reputation. And for this, too, there were the grounded reasons. The fact is that in Britain in the XIX century, a friend of Charles Darwin, Lord Morton rediscovered for the science of the Western world the laws of Rita. Observing the various experiments of Darwin and his genetic-evolutionary formulas, Lord Morton decided to make his own experiment. He planned to interbreed the mare and the male zebra, which ended in failure, since from such a union they could not get any posterity. In the end, Morton stopped trying to bring out a new animal. Probably, he would not have remembered this experiment more if, after a rather long period of time, when he interbred the same mare already with a stallion, this mare did not give birth to a black and white striped foal. This phenomenon was called “telegony” (from the ancient Greek τῆλε — “far” and γόνος — “birth, origin, generation”, that is, “born far away”).

Until the middle of the twentieth century, scientists from different countries conducted many experiments that confirmed the extension of this law of nature on people too. However, as soon as it was scientifically established, the data of these studies became secret. Telegony was declared nothing but an archaic representation of the uneducated people of the past. And today, numerous sources call it an obsolete concept, which was allegedly officially denied by “real science”. It is curious, however, that “real scientists” refer to “uneducated” people, who believe in the phenomenon of telegony, for example, such an outstanding figure as Aristotle. He claimed that the signs of a child are inherited not only from specific parents, but also from previous males with whom the mother had sexual intercourse. Not to mention the fact that the writings of numerous spiritual traditions speak of the extreme importance of observing the law of purity of blood. Even today, some nations are especially careful about the law of non-mixing with other nationalities or religions.

It is very important to understand that a man, entering into physical contact with a woman, puts his energy force into her. This force changes the subtle structure of the body and psyche of a woman. That is why the effect of the “first male” is so great, because the initial impact is usually the most powerful. However, this rule applies not only to the first man in the sexual life of a woman, but also to all subsequent, albeit in a reduced proportion. Thus, having only a few partners for life, a woman becomes a receptacle of many energies of different men, that does not contribute either to the health of her children or her own. The adequate existence and well-being of such a woman have always been placed under very great doubt, at all times. In a society these women were condemned, called fallen. In the environment of our ancestors, if a young man took as his wife a “spoiled” girl, such an act was called marriage (also synonym in Russian “reject”), and not a family union. Unfortunately, in the age of Kali Yuga, “reject” is the official name for marriage and family. The very “Easy Virtue” is not only legalized in the consciousness of society, but is also widely promoted and exalted. Nevertheless, try to answer yourself to the question: do you seek such relations? Do you want to leave this to your children?

Today, certain forces that benefit from a low level of people's consciousness, try not only to promote the cult of sex and promote the degradation of future generations. They seek to completely rid the potential consumer of such propaganda from the appearance of children. In their desire to impose on the public the consciousness of the sudras, they propagate the idea about children as a by-product of pleasure. And to fix the result of mental impact, they insure themselves by what is now called contraceptives. These contraceptives are created mainly on the basis of hormones, and those who promote them, deliberately contribute to structural and functional changes in the body of women for the impossibility of conceiving children in the future.

Hormonal Contraception. Probably, consideration of this issue should not begin with the harm caused to the health of women and children for generations to come. We should start it with problems much more subtle and profound - our world view. Surprisingly (of course, with our tacit consent) certain structures succeeded for some 100-150 years to ensure that people, especially women, perceive the coming to them of the child’s soul not as something given from above but as their own willful decision. This decision about when and under what circumstances we should become parents, is a direct consequence of the selfishness of people, which have grown enormously over the last century. For some reason, some distant corporations and obscure scientists suddenly told us at one moment: “Now you can live without fear that a child will suddenly interfere with your pleasures and entertainments. You can choose when to have children (involuntarily there is an association with domestic dogs and cats). Children are a burden. Do not allow yourself to spoil your young and merry years. Now you can engage in sexual pleasures without fear of side effects.” Why did people consider this to be normal? Why did they believe and accept this model as a normal way of life?

Undoubtedly, all inventions of contraception are aimed, first, to reduce the population on Earth, and, secondly, to the complete destruction of morality and goodwill of the remaining people. Nevertheless, in their desire to achieve these goals faster and more efficiently, these structures went even further and proposed to modern women a “wand-rescue stick” - hormonal contraceptives. “Maximum of pleasure and minimum of unpleasant consequences”, as they call it. Unpleasant consequences are of course the kids and the responsibility that comes with parenthood. However, before considering the harm from taking such drugs on an elementary physical level, let’s consider what hormonal contraception is in principle?

First of all, the adoption of contraceptive hormonal means is actually the act of committing an abortion, that is, the etching of the fetus. Do you know how these “safe sex” tools work? All contraceptive pills, intrauterine devices, birth control pills and so-called “tablets for the next day” never completely prevent ovulation in women, no matter what manufacturers of such products “guarantee” on their packages. Statistics show that pregnancy with regular use hormonal contraceptives by the couples is observed in 7% of cases. This means that every woman who applies such drugs on a daily basis for 365 days (1 year) kills 25 children. Even those companies that promote hormonal contraception, have a document (the content of which is rarely delivered to consumers), which is called the Desktop Directory of the Doctor. It confirms that in 3% of cases the proposed drugs may not work. It is very cynical concerning the souls of those children who are not allowed to come into this world, this is called the “failure ratio”. Note that corporations,

leading businesses in this area, as a rule, significantly understate the final figure of the results, because it is almost impossible to verify this information. Nevertheless, they recognize such probability. Even if we talk about 3% of cases of "undesirable" pregnancy, here we are talking not about 25 killed children, but about 10. Does the karma become easier for females, who consume these drugs?

Here we will not elaborate on the moral side of the issue of abortion. We recommend that you read the book “Save Your Future Life” on the website The book is also available in print for free distribution of wholesome information. Unfortunately, the cult of egoism dominates in the issue of abortion today, and even the laws of our country do not consider such an act as a murder. But from the very first days the birth of the most important systems of a new life within a woman occurs, the heart is formed one of the first. The heart immediately starts to beat. And this very heart is forced to stop with impunity. Remember that in any case, desperate situations do not happen. Even the most difficult situations at first glance are only a consequence of our actions, and this karma needs to be worked off. Is it sensible to think that after going to an abortion or taking a “magic pill” every day the problem will be solved and your life will be the same?

Next, we give only some of the effects that hormonal contraceptives have on the woman’s body:

· a significant probability of atrophy of the woman’s genital function, premature menopause and infertility (that is, if once you want to have a child, most likely he will not come to you);

· a sharp increase in the risk of cervical cancer (usually manufacturers proudly point to a decrease in the risk of cancer of the uterus itself, but they are silent about the incredible increase in the risk of cervical cancer), breast cancer;

· irreversible changes in the cardiovascular system;

· the introduction into the body of completely synthetic hormones (the statement of the producers that this is an analog of the hormones that the body produces itself is a lie).

In addition, by buying and using these pills, people are likened to the driven herd. We do not realize that in our age of Kali Yuga certain structures have a great benefit if as many women as possible could not have children. And if the women themselves also pay the entire plan out of their own pocket, it will even turn into profit. However, how to make them? Just to instill that this is quite normal, and millions of women do it every day. And most importantly, society does not condemn these women. The concept substitution institute is a very old instrument of consciousness manipulation. By the way, how do you think, is it casually that similar pills have other structure so to say neutralized, in the countries of the so-called “golden billion”?

One of the signs of awareness has always been that a person began to think with his head, without a tinsel of pleasures, entertainment, and fashion for new gadgets. We urge you to awaken this awareness in yourself and not allow yourself and your children to be killed.

Thus, abstinence is necessary for wholesome and adequate development, for the restoration of a person in the event that he had previously been excessively indulged in certain unhealthy things imposed on him. Of course, abstinence does not imply a rejection of the family and the birth of children. This principle only calls for a reasonable limitation of such a draining of energy. In today’s reality, this is objectively necessary.

If for some time you anyway were a consumer of imposed information on the need to eat meat, smoke, drink alcohol, change your sexual partners, take hormonal contraceptives, take this fact and try to do your best to eliminate the consequences. Не нужно тратить энергию на посыпание головы пеплом. Use information sensibly. The key to preventing negative consequences at the physical level will be of course a healthy adequate diet and reasonable physical exertion for the body. Namely the practice of spiritual development and self-perfection will help you cope with the results of your actions on more subtle levels - energetic and spiritual. The spiritual level of parents at the moment when they invite a child into their family is the most important, determining factor of the quality of that soul that will be embodied in the end.