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The Conscious Pregnancy and Natural Parenting. Chapter 1

The Conscious Pregnancy and Natural Parenting. Chapter 1

Chapter 1. The first rule – rejection of bad habits

When I had not yet thought about motherhood, one article caught my eye, it was about devastating consequences that alcohol use can do to the body, especially the female body. Then I thought about that harm that we are causing ourselves with this fashionable, “harmless” habit. The author wrote:

“The body of a young man restores alcohol-damaged sex cells during 100 days of complete abstinence from alcohol. Girls and women have no such opportunity at all, since they are born with a full set of germ cells. And if at least one bottle of beer or a jar of alcohol-containing beverage is drunk, it affects one or more of these cells. This affected cell can grow and turn out to be a sick child”1. Indeed, as science confirms, spermatozoa of high quality for conception in man are formed every time “from scratch” for three months. Thus, if a man shows awareness and refuses to drink alcohol and other intoxicants, after a while his body (including the reproductive system) can be cleared and restored.

However, in the case of women, we see a very different picture. The woman is already born with reproductive organs, and she cannot change them anymore. That is, our entire life since birth is reflected in our body, including the reproductive system. And if the cells are damaged or completely die, it is no longer possible to restore them. That is why for the mothers of girls, and later for the young girls themselves and adult women, it is extremely important to refrain from using such poisonous substances. At whatever age we change our mind, certain irreparable damage will already be done to the body. The earlier we think about this and start practicing a healthy and conscious way of life, the better and more qualitatively our children and children of our children will live.

No matter how paradoxically it may seem, female reproductive organs begin to form not in the womb of the mother, but in the womb of the girl’s grandmother! That is, when a woman bears her daughter in her belly, in her daughter’s little body the rudiments of certain organs are forming. In case if this daughter also becomes pregnant with a girl in the future, the reproductive organs of her granddaughter will develop from those rudiments. The wisdom of nature is so inconceivable; the process of human formation on Earth is so thin! This is a real miracle, which stands above simple scientific and medical understanding. And often a person destroys and abuses this miracle, so easily and thoughtlessly. Is it to be expected that henceforth such a soul will again receive a fine and healthy body for life on this planet?

Thus, awareness, of course, manifests itself primarily in the total rejection of bad habits. These are the so-called “legal drugs” – tobacco and alcohol. After all, no one doubts that heavy, banned drugs cause irreparable, and often fatal, blow to our health. But we obediently go on about the modern media, equating a glass of wine and a thin cigarette in a gracefully curved woman's hand to the symbol of elegance and “beautiful” life. And if, fortunately, not yet all the women smoke or had smoked, then for sure almost everyone drank alcohol for her life. Chronic alcoholism cannot be considered a bad habit, because it is not a bad habit, but already a disease and a mental abnormality. But the periodic use of any alcohol is a habit that does not cause anxiety. And slowly but surely leads the body to the fact that, even with all desire, not every couple can have children.

So, we conclude: by the time of conception of the child, the body must be cleared of any intoxicants. This requires a minimum of a year, and better - two, three or more. During this time it is very desirable to try to mitigate the negative consequences of such lifestyle. Proper nutrition, the regime of the day, energy and spiritual practices will help in this, and most importantly – the correct attitude to the world. It is also important to note that it must be cleaned the body not only of the future mother, but also of her partner. This is the expression of consciousness, mutual respect and respect for the future child.

In addition, remember that a family for a small child is the whole world until a certain moment. In early childhood, the deepest habits of man and the basis of his relationship to the surrounding space are formed. The example of the behavior and lifestyle of parents and other close relatives is firmly imprinted in the mind of the baby every day. The “positive” precedent of behavior is created this way. After all, a child at the beginning of his life can hardly distinguish between good and bad deeds.

Everything that comes from the parents seems to him to be true and is accepted as a model of life. And we all dream that our children will live as better, healthier, happier as possible. So do we really want them to inhale the poisoned smoke or pour liquid into themselves, which ultimately leads to a change in consciousness and the erasure of personal orientations? The great philosopher Seneca said: “The drunkard does things which make him blush when he is sober”. Despite the active promotion of alcohol and tobacco in today's society, the desire of “cancer magnates” to present these addictions as something natural, permissible in “moderate doses” and even attractive, do not let yourself and your children fall into this trap.

So, you abandoned bad habits, and for several years your body has become cleaner. Fortunately, thanks to a healthy lifestyle, you can increase the number of these years by several times on a subtle plan. Wholesome lifestyle is an adequate attitude to yourself and to the world around you. And what are the tools to restore the energy that most people are constantly losing in the course of their “normal” social life?