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Save Your Future Life. Chapter 1. What is Abortion

дети, ребёнок
Why anyone who knew about the development of the fetus 
in the womb more than I do, did not spend his time and effort 
on telling me about it before I took the irrevocable decision?
Rianel (one  of those women who had abortion)

Our challenge now is to understand what is an abortion? How can we classify this fact?
Modern people are used to calling the terrible, awful things in their essence, smooth, streamlined words. Imagine the expression: “artificial interruption of cardiac activity”. What it could mean? The thug stuck a knife in the heart of the passer-by in the street, and sitting on the bench of the accused is justifying, saying: “No, I did not kill. I just artificially interrupted the activity of his heart”. “But he is dead”. — The judges are surprised — “Well, so what? I did not see any other way: if he remained alive - it would bother me ...”

Many women commit abortion, not knowing what they are doing, not realizing that they are committing murder… They are just not allowed to see the truth, hidden and disguised by false words: “artificial termination of pregnancy” instead of “murder”. 
Around the concept of abortion everything is shrouded in lies, decorated with different arguments, invented in modern society. Let us try to figure out the main ones:

1. “Until a child is not born, he is still not a human in the true sense of the word, but only part of the mother's body and every person may dispose of his body, as he wants”. 

It is not so for many reasons. At the moment of conception, one single cell is formed, which has a unique genome, different fr om genome of mother and father. Developing out of it body does not come into direct contact with the mother's body, and is separated fr om it such a manner that there is no tearing away as a foreign body. Blood and tissues of mother and child are not mixed; the immune system of each organism is a completely stand-alone.

A child before birth, even in the early stages, has its metabolism. His body functions as a fully independent body in physiological meaning, which first lives at the expense of its own nutrients, and then - at the expense of mother, who through the umbilical cord provides her child with nutrients and oxygen. In the womb a child stays in warmth and under reliable protection.

Then, when a child is born, its organs can be mutually incompatible with organs of his mother and blood may belong to incompatible groups.
Professor Avramidis underlines: “Fetus is not a part of the body of a pregnant. Therefore, a woman cannot decide herself fate of fetus, as she could solve problems of removing appendix or tonsils in her body”. 

Typically, to determine the status of the child that is inside her, women in our society use strange logic. If a child is desired, then, almost immediately after conception, for parents he is a full-fledged human being. Although the baby is not yet born, parents talk to him, he has already a name, new clothes and toys are waiting for him. If not — then it is a piece of flesh similar to appendix, a part of mother's body, that she has the right to wrest. 

Desired baby, born on the 21st week, will be saved, the entire maternity home will be “put on the ears”. Undesired and aborted one at the same term will be just thrown in the trash. This is the result of popular lie, generated by ignorance and hypocrisy, but refuted by science. 

2. "“Fetus” is not a person, and therefore abortion is not a murder". 
Prenatal baby still is not a person. And this is true; of course, the "fetus" has not yet become a social being. We should, however, ask the question, and when is the personality formed? At the age of six months? At the age of a year? Five years? Someone does not become a full-fledged personality even at 25 years. Following this logic, it is quite possible kill all those who for some reason was unable to successfully become socialized. Fr om a few cells that represent the embryo in the first moments of development, a complete person is formed with his personal characteristics, preferences and even problems.

It is well understood by mothers, who watch how unique their children are: 
“I was 19. Fall, there was a sort of exacerbation of influenza illness, and I, being at a tenth week of pregnancy, was hospitalized with “complications” after illness. 
— Pregnant? — frowned young lady-doctor, — Tomorrow we will give you the direction; you will go to the neighboring building for abortion. You had influenza, so may give birth to a freak. 

My husband came in the evening. He did not say a firm “No!” He said: “If it is needed, then...” The whole night I was crying, fearing the onset of the morning. And in the morning another doctor came for the ward round, she was head there: 
— Why on earth are you crying? What moms we are having now! Someone said something, so what? And you will be cured, and your child will be given birth! 
From there I did not just was leaving, I was almost running away. I wanted to hide my treasure - my belly that someone may want to take away. Now, looking at my son, I think of those days. After all, it was his life hanging by a thread. His, of my dear son, namely my ten year old boy, naughty, getting satisfactory marks in mathematics, arguing with his grandmother, begging for money on sweets. Who does not know who to become - a musician or Special Forces agent? It was about his life! And not about meaningless existence of the embryo. If this embryo was killed — who now would retell me a movie and complain about the unfairness of teacher of English? Yes, perhaps it would have been someone. Just younger, with different character. Different appearance. Different soul. Different child. And this one would have died. He would have been killed”.

3. “"Fetus" is not a living being”.
It is difficult to answer the question when exactly human life begins. From the perspective of modern biology (genetics and embryology), a person's life as a biological individual begins with the fusion of the nuclei of male and female sex cells and the formation of a single nucleus containing a unique genetic material.
With this understanding, abortion at any stage of pregnancy is the intentional termination of human life. 

Doctors, who perform abortions or accompany pregnancy, know full well that from the very conception little one is already a living creature.
There is a very interesting description of the operation made by the physician Paul Rockwell (New York, USA):

“I performed surgery for a patient with an ectopic pregnancy for health reasons. Embryo was two months. I picked up the placenta and saw the human being of male. It was 1.5 inches long. This human was fully formed. His skin was almost transparent, but thin arteries and veins were easily distinguished at the fingertips. The baby showed activity. He was floating with a speed of one circle per second, like a real swimmer. When the placenta was torn, the kid lost his life. It seemed to me that I saw in front of myself dead mature man”. 

Doctors of abortion clinics see every day these children, less than an inch in length, with hands, feet, and eyes closed, like a newborn puppies, every day they see little human lacerated bodies: 

“They (fetuses) were next to trash cans in cardboard boxes, like chickens. I looked into the box in front of me. There was a small naked manikin floating in a puddle of blood” (Clinic worker Susan Lindstrom, M.S.W.).

“We all would prefer that the fetus was formless, but it is not so. And it hurts. It causes a lot of emotional pain” (one of the abortionists).

At a modern level of technological development, even women themselves can have a look at their baby and often after this their decision (to give birth or not) changes:
“Do not even think about having an abortion. This is the worst thing that a person can do. I was 17 when I got pregnant. My boyfriend vanished immediately when found out this. I had problems with my parents, I worked, studied, lived in a rented apartment. Friends, acquaintances, relatives unanimously repeated - abortion. I was crying for a long time, protesting, and then surrendered. Went to clinic. I had an ultrasound - I saw a child... and burst into tears. I escaped from there immediately. I went to the doctor and registered for a follow-up examination. My son is 6 months now. He is the greatest happiness for me. But sometimes I look at him and begin to cry when I think what I was about to do”.

“Now I am thinking that my baby could be not born. This beautiful sweet smile, clever blue eyes. He loves me so much, no matter what I am. About 2.5 years ago my mother took me to an abortion. I did not even refuse from an abortion because I did not know what it was, but when on ultrasound my pregnancy term was set, and I saw my baby, I just broke down and roared. I saw him sucking his finger, how he scratched himself behind the ear, and what is most important I was told that it was too late for an abortion, 18 weeks of pregnancy”.

The fourth child was not planned, and I got to know about pregnancy in 13-14 week term. When the doctor did ultrasound, she said, that the child was already breathing and felt everything. And my heart jumped. If we had opportunity to meet such doctors more often, I think abortion would be rarer among women!” 

Much depends on the doctor's words, on what information will be provided, on those who own this information. But instead of allowing a woman to get acquainted with her child before an abortion, to show what he is, doctors prefer to lie. And already after the operation to the question that asks almost every woman: “Is it a baby?” — To assure — “No, it is a product of an embryo development (or blood clot, or a piece of fabric)”. They know it perfectly well themselves that it is not so. 

“How many women would not decide to have an abortion if they were told the truth?” (Carroll Everett, former owner of two abortion clinics and director of four). 
Until recently, the question of whether the embryo is a human being, one of a kind personality, was a matter of faith. Attitude to unborn child has changed in the 70s. At this time, the emergence of new technologies such as ultrasound, radiation immunochemistry contributed to a number of studies devoted to the development of the fetus. Ultrasonic device works so accurately that allows to distinguish even the tiny heart valves, opening and closing during the heart contractions. The study of different stages of fetal development allows drawing a conclusion that the unborn child does not differ from us. In order not to be unfounded, we describe how life is formed, how it manifests itself at different stages of fetal development. 

According to modern medical standards, abortion is carried out usually at the term of up to 20 weeks of pregnancy or if gestational age is unknown, when fetal weight is up to 400 g. 

In the first trimester of pregnancy (up to 12 weeks), the main indication for abortion is a woman's desire. In the second trimester (up to 22 weeks) abortion can be carried out, if the pregnancy is the result of rape or for medical reasons (on this term abortion on the woman's request are already extremely rare). Let us consider the child's development beginning from the 1st to the 20th week, it is good that sites for happy mothers provide this information in abundance. 

1st week. 
The first day of pregnancy is the day of egg fertilization by spermatozoon (In obstetrics they start counting pregnancy term from the first day of the last menstrual period, and not from conception. Accordingly, under such counting, the first week approximately corresponds to the third). 

The development of the fetus on the first week of pregnancy passes literally by the hour. New, formed single-celled organism is called “zygote”. On the fourth day the embryo, gradually moving in the fallopian tube, reaches the uterus. Every day division of cells of the embryo passes more and more quickly and by the seventh day the embryo consists already of several hundred cells. 

2nd week. 
Formation of such anatomical structures and systems like umbilical cord, placenta, and neural tube begins. From the latter soon formation of the nervous system of the fetus will begin.

3rd week.
At this time major organs and systems of the fetus begin to be formed: the beginnings of respiratory, digestive, circulatory, nervous and excretory systems appear. At the place wh ere the fetal head will be soon, wide plate is being formed, which will give rise to cerebrum. On the 21st day the child heart starts beating.

4th week.
During this week formation of fetal organs goes on. Already there are the beginnings of the intestine, liver, kidneys and lungs. Heart begins to work more intensively and pumps more and more blood through the circulatory system.

From the beginning of the fourth week the embryo has folds of its body, and rudiment of spine (chord) appears. By the end of the week (about 27-28th days) the muscular system is formed, as well as spine that divides the embryo into two symmetrical halves. Rudiments of limbs are incepted. During this period, pits on the head begin to form that would later become the eyes of the fetus.

5th week.
Formation of the following organs and systems begins:
Digestive system: liver and pancreas;
Respiratory system: larynx, trachea, lungs;
Circulatory system;
Reproductive system: precursors of sex cells are formed;
Sense organs: the formation of eyes and inner ear is continuing;
Nervous system: formation of the brain begins. Limbs, beginnings of fingers continue to form; the first rudiments of nails appear. On the face the upper lip and nasal cavities have been formed.

6th week.
Brain and its parts continue to form. On the sixth week when performing encephalogram you can already capture signals from the fetal brain. Facial muscles begin to form. Fetal eyes are more pronounced, but not yet covered by eyelids that are just beginning to be indicated. During this period, the upper limbs are changed: they are lengthened. The lower limbs are still in their infancy. Lungs, nose, jaw are forming. The length of the embryo at this term is about 1 cm.

7th week.
Fetal development is characterized by the formation of all the vital organs. Intestines, liver, lungs, kidneys are almost completely formed. Kid already has sense organ - vestibular apparatus. The head of the embryo is large and its length at this week already corresponds with the length of the body. At this stage of development, the fetal body is almost completely formed. Embryo length is up to 12 mm. Body is growing, elbows and fingers acquire more clear contours. Upper limbs continue to develop. Fingers can be seen quite clearly, but their separation from each other has not happened yet. The child begins to perform spontaneous movements with his hands on the impact of stimuli. Eyes are well shaped, already covered with eyelids that protect them from drying out. Nasal folds and nose are forming, two pairs of elevations are formed on the sides of the head, from which the ears begin to develop. On the face, you can already distinguish mouth and nose. 

8th week. 
Major organs and systems continue to form: digestive system, heart, lungs, brain, urinary system, reproductive system (if boy, testicles develop). Auditory organs develop. 

By the end of the eighth week of the face of the child becomes accustomed to human: well defined eyes, covered with eyelids, nose, ears, and formation of the lips ends. Kid moves a lot. 
Then let us proceed to the counting by months. 

The third month. 
Brain and spinal cord, heart, sense organs develop; taste buds are formed. Sexual organs develop, but it is still difficult to define if it is male or female. The fetus acquires human traits. 

Skin of a baby is transparent; hands are growing faster than legs. Fetal head and neck are straightened, face is already formed. Muscles and bones are looked through under the skin, which has no fat layer. The kid has a cartilaginous skeleton formed; the fetus begins to move actively. Frequent heartbeat is heard. By the end of 12th week the length of a kid is 8-9cm, and weight is about 30 gr. 

The forth month. 
The kid looks like a miniature copy of the human. All vital organs are already formed, but do not yet function at full volume. In the thirteenth week of pregnancy, the first milk teeth hidden in the tissues of the jaws appear. First hair appears on the head and the body of the fetus. At week 14, there is an active growth of the baby’s brain, thus slowing down the growth of the body. On the 15th week in the body of the unborn child hormone testosterone are produced, female hormones begun to be produced later. During this period, the skin color of the fetus changes. On the 16 week, the proportions of body are changing; the head becomes smaller with respect to the body. Kidneys, sweat and sebaceous glands begin to work. The liver is actively developing and is already able to store bile and produce glycogen. The length of the four-month fetus is 16 cm; the hand size is 1.4 cm and weighs about 120 grams. 

The fifth month. 
Respiratory organs, digestive, nervous and circulatory systems are fully formed. At 17-20th week baby's entire body except for the face forms a layer of subcutaneous fat. Face is much wrinkled, hairs grow on his head. Nails start to grow on the fingers, sucking reflex appears. The growth of the head slows down, and it already makes one-third of the body length. The growth of the baby at the end of the fifth month is about 25 cm and weighs 300-400 grams. Here is the development of the child. 
Kid already in the womb is a living being, not only “physiologically” but also “psychologically”. From the very beginning it is a loving creature with acute senses. The child interacts with the world, and even more so with his own mother. He can say what only she is able to hear: 

“Mom, mummy! You can’t see me now, but I am already here, I am here, inside you. Though I am so small now, but already look so much like you. I have the same snub nose and blue eyes. I hear the sound of your heart. I rejoice when you rejoice and feel sad when you're sad. And though you do not know yet if I am a boy or a girl, I love you very much. And I will always love you. When you are lonely, abandoned by all, and unhappy, I'll find you, take care of you, and hold close to my heart. I know you did not plan me. But it is precisely you who was given to me, I have loved you at once, because every person has only one single mum. Let me live… and you will never regret about it! Do not kill me, Mom! Your baby”. 

It is proved that after birth, babies recognize the voice of the people who interacted with their mothers during pregnancy. If the father regularly talks to the baby during pregnancy of his wife, almost immediately after the birth a child will recognize his voice. Often parents report that children recognize the music or song, heard in the perinatal period. Moreover they act on the kids as an excellent sedative and can be successfully used in the treatment of severe emotional stress. 

Psychologists and pediatricians conducted experiments investigating the perception of the voices of mothers by young children. The impact of this voice is so great, that helps doctors to relieve tension of children and adults and return them to a state of peace of mind by listening to the recording made through the liquid medium. In this case, patients perceive the voice as perceived it, being in the womb, and floating in the amniotic fluid.

Kid can hear everything, feels and perceives information that comes to him from outside. Dr. Urbech conducted numerous regressions that allowed her patients to remember their state in the womb. Eighty-six percent of surveyed by her people claimed that “before birth they knew about feelings, emotions and even thoughts of their mother”. They were also aware of her relationship with child's father, perceived the variety of her emotions - from fear and anger to a sense of peace and well-being. When their mother was angry or upset, it upset the child too. Such evidences, got from the first-hand, without a doubt, say that a child in the womb knows his mother well, hears her words and can be frightened or to calmed down, depending on what he hears or feels.

Many events in the perinatal period impact on the psyche of the child, health and life in general. The kid feels the thoughts and feelings of mother. If she wants to have an abortion, he realizes that for some reason he must not live in this world:
“I should not have been born. I should have been a secretly aborted fetus. Before me, my unborn brother had such fate. He could live now, could love, create, experience his own personal path, but he is not here... he was not given a chance. There was a war at home for my existence. My parents allowed me to “stay” and they love me very much and appreciate, in the result. But all my years I stubbornly prove that I am worthy to live, and I am not unnecessary the world”.

Much of the forces of the baby born, despite the desire of his parents to have an abortion, will go to try prove to himself and to others that he has a right to live, to overcome the feeling of his own uselessness in this world. This becomes the main feature of the symptom: the person feels unworthy of living.

Thinking about a possible abortion, mother hurts her child and dooms to live in constant fear, after he is born:
“On a deeper level, I make every step through fear. Since childhood, I have a phobia, pursuing me - that I am alone in an empty vast space, and a great darkness is coming from afar to cover me. Without any proof, but I'm sure that this phobia is an echo of pre-abortion mood of my mom. And even now, after 30 years of life, realizing these "nuances" within my psyche, I cannot get rid of the fear, constantly I keep fighting with something and finding my place in the world ... and I cannot find”.

Even before the actual abortion the baby in the womb understands what is happening. He realizes that they want to kill him, and tries to avoid it. American doctor Bernard Nathanson made a film that includes an ultrasound image of what is happening in the womb of a woman with a 12-week-old child during an abortion by the “vacuum aspiration”. On the screen it is clearly visible how the child over and over again is trying to dodge the vacuum suction, moving fast and anxiously. The frequency of his heartbeat at the same time is doubled. Finally, when the body of caught baby is dismembered, his mouth is wide open in a silent scream - from here the name of the movie “The Silent Scream”.

Some cases were fixed, in which children, survived after “unsuccessful” abortion, told or transmitted using drawings, memories of how their mothers tried to kill them in the womb: 

“Michelle is a clever four-year girl, from whom her mother refused after the birth. She was adopted at the age of two years. 

Once she handed her foster mother drawing with the words: “It's Mommy. There is a little baby in her tummy. Baby has bleeding. Mom is bad. She beats a child, kicks him and spits on him. But the little baby is nice”. After that, she began to beat the image of mother and shout: “She is bad, bad”. Her mother asked: “Are you beating the baby, too?” Michelle replied: “No, little baby is good”. She began to protect the child, covering him by her palm. The mother said that she liked her drawings and she would like to see more of them. 

Michelle did not know that her conception was the result of rape, and that her real mother tried to abort her (with the help of knitting needles). Her parents found out about it when Michelle was adopted, but never told the child. Michelle knew only that she was adopted. 

Some days later, Michelle showed a similar drawing to her mother. This time, however, next to the head of the child there was depicted a black curved object. The child explained that it was a hook. 

Eight days later, she again drew a picture of the same type for the third time. Her foster mother asked: “How do you think, can the baby forgive his mother for the fact that she did hurt him?”, — the child responded immediately: “No, because she killed ME.” Then Michelle started talking about the child in the first person for the first time”.

This “diary” shows the attitude of the child, already sentenced to abortion.
“Diary of the unborn child:

October 5. Today my life began, although my parents do not yet know about it. I am a girl; I would have blond hair and blue eyes. Everything has already been defined, even the fact that I shall love flowers.

October 19. Some people think that I'm still not a human being. But I am a real person, just as a small crumb of bread is all the same real bread. My mom exists, and I exist too.

October 23. I am already able to open my mouth. Just think about it, in a year I will learn to laugh, and then speak. I know what my first word will be “mom”.

October 25. My heart started beating today.

November 2. Every day I grow a little. My arms and legs are beginning to take shape.

November 12. My fingers are formed - funny, how small they are. I will be able to caress my mother's hair by my fingers.

November 20. Only today the doctor told my mom that I am living here under her heart. How she must be happy!

November 23. My dad and mom must be thinking how to name me.

December 10. My hair is growing, smooth, bright and shiny.

December 13. I can already see a little. When mom brings me into the world, it will be full of sunshine and flowers.

December 24. I wonder if mom hears quiet sound of my heart. It beats so evenly. You'll have a healthy little daughter, mom!

December 28. Today my mother killed me”.
How does the process itself? We will describe the most common types of abortion. 
In the early stages of pregnancy, usually the so-called "vacuum suction" is used - a syringe with a flexible plastic tube (cannula) on the end inserted into the uterus. Through this tube a fertilized egg with a fetus inside it is sucked out. When the electric vacuum aspiration is used, a fertilized egg is sucked by an electric vacuum aspiration. What in understandable for us way, not in medical terms, means that as well as vacuum cleaner sucks debris out of the carpet - baby is suck out from the mother's womb. Plastic tube with sharp edges is entered in the woman's uterus. It tears off part of the body of the developing fetus and its placenta, sucking out "products of pregnancy" into the jar. Small parts of the body at this term are very well recognized. 

Susan Stanford about vacuum abortion: 
“The doctor greeted me as a good friend. “First I'll tell you, from what surgical intervention consists, - he said. - All this will last approximately 20 minutes”.  I nodded. I could not speak because of fear, even cry like a quarter of an hour before. He explained to me that he will put a thin hose into the vagina and through the cervix into the uterus. The hose is connected to the machine by means of which the accumulation of cells will be completely sucked out of the uterus. “You will at the same time feel pain - he added - tell me when they will be unbearable”. After abortion, the doctor said: “All is behind already". But it was not so for me. Immediately after the operation, I felt that something irremediably awful happened. In my presence nurse asked the doctor about the duration of my pregnancy. The doctor replied: “About 6-7 weeks”. These words brought me to my senses completely. I eventually realized that not the accumulation of cells was removed from me, not a blood clot, but a child. My child. I caught myself: "6-7 weeks..?! Why was I thinking so long about my baby like about accumulation of cells? And now, after this brief conversation, I immediately saw the light? Why have I heard this conversation? Why am I so late to hear it? My consultant warned me that after the abortion, I would feel the loss, but it was something more. I felt emptiness, hopelessness. And something worse more, that had no names at all. Before this, I was individuality, I had life, had soul. And now I'm just a body, and in addition the wounded body. It was a feeling of frustration; I could not get rid of it’””.

If pregnancy is more recent, dilatation and curettage is used. Curette is inserted into the uterus - a sharp knife in the shape of a loop. The uterus is scraped with a knife; it also at the same time cuts the baby. Gynecologist cuts little body into pieces and detaches placenta from the uterine wall. After 12 weeks of pregnancy, one more tool becomes necessary, it looks like tongs, because the child already has arms and legs, and it bones became calcine. With this tool, doctor captures small hand, leg or other body part of the child, and by twisting motion tears it. This is repeated over and over again until all the child will not be dismembered into pieces in such a way. The spine should be broken, and the skull crushed, so that they can be removed. This dismemberment of a living fetus lasts as long as all of the body will not be deleted.
One woman recalls such abortion:

“When I went into the operating room, I saw a woman. She was still under anesthesia. Her mouth was open; pupils of her eyes were rolled up to the top. And bloody mess between her legs. Blood was everywhere around her. I remember those smeared steps leading to a chair…

When I came to myself, there was a feeling that part of my soul was torn out. And yet, I could no longer eat meat. A few days later I learned that within me there was not a drop of blood, but already formed little baby”.

The horror, of what was happening, is exacerbated by the fact that the unborn child feels pain as well as the born one. Today it is also generally accepted and scientifically established. Already 7-week baby twitches or turns his head away from the painful stimulus as well as at all the other stages of life. At 11 weeks, not only the face but also all parts of baby's hands and feet become sensitive to touch. No anesthesia for the fetus is stipulated during abortion.

Painful sensations culminate when the “saline amniocentesis” is selected as a method of abortion, in other words this process is called “artificial birth”.
The following thing is hidden behind this smooth expression: through the abdominal wall of the mother, a large needle is inserted into the amniotic fluid of the child. Through it, a concentrated salt solution is fed. The baby swallows this solution, breathes with it, is burned by it and begins to convulse, experiencing unbearable pain. For delicate baby skin it is the same, that immersion in a bath of a solution of hydrochloric acid, which slowly will burn the skin during an hour.

If no complications, the next day the mother gives birth to a dead child. “Often the child is born with face closed by hands. Once, one hand was covering the face, while the other clutched the heart area. These kinds of photographs are equivalent to those of Auschwitz or of Chechnya” - gynecologist Tatiana Trofanova comments.
Children that were aborted using this method sometimes are called “candy children”. The fact is that salt, as is known, has a corroding action. Delicate baby skin peels off, as a result of such action of salt on it, and beneath it shining red friable subcutaneous tissue, similar to a glaze, is found - hence the name.

Nancy Zhou Meng about saline abortion:
“My tragedy began on October 30, 1974, on that unfortunate day when I killed my baby, my little girl, making the so-called late abortion. I was pregnant for five and a half months. I addressed to the doctor, because my family insisted on an abortion. I constantly heard from them: “Nancy, maybe you will change your mind?” Abortion was from the very beginning only their idea. My husband left me. He couldn't decide to take responsibility for three children. Then I went to the doctor and asked, “What should I do?” He looked at my belly and said, “I will remove a little bit of liquid and inject some. You will feel strong contractions, which will push the embryo”. I asked, “Is that all?” What I heard sounded good. At the hospital, a little of amniotic fluid was pumped out and hypertonic saline solution was injected. Once the needle had penetrated into the lower part of my abdomen, I hated myself. I wanted to scream as loud as I could, “Stop, please, do not do that!” But I did not utter a word. It was too late to change anything. The next hour and a half my child was violently and abruptly twisting and turning inside me, slacking off and panting. But then I had no idea about these things. I remember, how I spoke to him, saying that I did not want that, wanted him to live. But he was dying. I remember his last sharp push in my left sidepiece. After that, strength left him. Then I was made an intravenous injection to stimulate contractions. For twelve hours I was tormented by severe pains. On October 31 at 5.30 am I gave birth to a dead child. He already had hair on his head, his eyes were flattened. I gave birth to a girl myself and held her in my arms. It's my fault that she was thrown into the vessel. After that, the nurse came with a pregnant woman into the ward. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy. It was a knife in my heart. Only now, after the abortion, I feel shame, remorse and guilt”. 

Sometimes after saline abortion, living children are born, then the doctors give them to their “mothers” to “to finish off”... it is difficult to pick another word for this process: 
“… a kid, with such a great desire to live, to see the world, to love — even saline solution is powerless, was born, — is screaming in pain, as all his tiny body in burns, in some places skin is blackened, burned. Doctors give these kids to “mothers “, because they themselves do not want to kill. And “mothers” - all in their own way: some just leave to freeze on the window, some try to drown in the toilet, some use pillow, because they cannot defend themselves, they are helpless, the closest and dearest person, who must protect and preserve, deprives them of the right to life!
That is why some are afraid to go to the toilet - you come, and there is a child in the window, crying, crying for a long time, and freezing; and all are indifferent… And when they die, "mothers" give them to doctors, doctors register them as stillborn (although it is a murder of a newborn by his mother, and it is punishable)” (Maria Dvortsova).

There are striking instances wh ere babies - abortion victims - survived, because they were saved by a passing by compassionate nurse, who acted contrary to the doctor's instructions, or other woman in labor. Abandoned to freeze or die of starvation, were fed and warmed. They have grown up, and, looking at them, you cannot say that they might not be among us. Their rescued lives are eloquent answer to hardened souls, which cannot see a unique human being in a fetus:

“Artificial birth is more terrible between 4 and 7 months of pregnancy. The child was often born viable, was screaming and twitching legs… So that death occurred more quickly, they put baby on the floor, in the box, and opened the windows and doors to make a draft. I will not describe, what I felt, seeing all this. Coming on the morning shift, I ran into abortion clinics, knowing that there must lie a child after artificial birth, baby that was left to die.

If the baby was alive, I wrapped him in a terry towel, switched on drying cabinet and put the child on it to warm him, then made glucose solution and fed the baby from a pipette. Often the children survived, I got reprimanded for this, but for the baby came, but “Ambulance” took baby to the children's hospital. After some time, I called to the hospital to find out how child felt, sometimes the children were alive and even healthy”. 

Abortion by caesarean section (hysterectomy). This method is fairly standard until the umbilical cord cut. During cesarean section, a child's mucus is sucked off, and intensive therapy is applied in an incubator for newborns, wh ere everything is done for his survival. During abortion using this method, cut off from the umbilical cord, the child is put into a bucket and left to die, and then he is simply thrown into the furnace. 

Nowadays, medical abortion is becoming increasingly common. There is a misconception that the medical or drug interruption of pregnancy is an alternative to abortion. But it is not true. Medical interruption is a real abortion, which resulted in a mortification of a human life. Drug abortion (which begins with the reception of conventional tablets) is designed so that to reduce the feeling of guilt that inevitably and naturally occurs in every woman after an abortion. Medical centers, practicing drug abortion, are misleading women, talking about false simplicity of this type of abortion. In fact, it is no less catastrophic. Receiving one of the tablets, which is prescribed to a pregnant woman by doctor, closes blood access to her baby, and with it the oxygen, and the reception of the second causes an artificial miscarriage. 
Usually it is taken at home ... The woman, who will decide to use this method, will be able to hold in her hands a very tiny body of her kid, that is likely to leave an unforgettable impression.

Here are memories of one such abortion, it is written in the third person:
“A woman spent most of the morning in the bathroom. Fearing to use lining for bleeding, she had spent on the toilet seat almost all the time. The contractions became stronger with each time, but then they stopped abruptly. She waited until the pain would begin again, but it did not appear. Alyona decided to go to the kitchen for a glass of water, but suddenly something caught her attention. It was a transparent bag, inside of which it was a very small baby. She reached for the handle of the toilet to let water quickly go down. The girl stood in complete silence, while the water was carrying her child to his grave. Alyona immediately regretted what she had done, but it was too late. Could she hold him in her hands? Alyona leaned against the wall and slowly sank to the floor. Her little fairy dream turned into a nightmare of a lifetime”.
We add that very often abortion does not end as quickly as they would like. It is likely that during the process there will be incomplete extraction of fetal egg. To prevent this complication ultrasound examination is carried out, and in case of detection of residues of fetal eggs - repeated scraping. That is, the entire procedure, maybe in its more complicated variant, will be needed for a second time:

“I was brought to the hospital by ambulance after medical abortion on the 4th day, with bleeding and temperature 38°С. Because of fear and excitement blood pressure rose, anesthesia was not allowed, so the doctor said. Scraping was “alive”. Even no anesthetizing injection. How I endured that, I cannot even imagine”.

Types of abortion, which we have described above, are officially recognized by modern medicine. But, actually, this list needs to expand, because the use of certain means of contraception, as well, in fact, is abortion.

Primarily this includes the use of methods of emergency contraception – postcoital pills (i.e., pharmaceutical preparations, taken after “unprotected” sex).
“I got pregnant when I was 15 years old. I did not know what to do, and was in a panic. I called my girlfriend, and she advised to take “Postinor”. She told me that it was not an abortion, that there was no child yet, it was just a clump of cells, and that there would be no consequences after those pills. I went out and bought them. First I had to take one pill, and after 12 hours the second. After drinking the first pill, I felt as if something broke off inside me, but not in the literal sense. Morally I was scared, it was hurt and empty. After the second pill, it got worse. Bleeding, nausea, unbearable pain in lower abdomen, feeling sick, dizzy. Later, I learned that “Postinor” provokes mini miscarriage, but I did not know it then, and did not know the next two times of "bang-up"”.

“I knew since high school that I would never do abortion! But at the same school, we were told that there were pills, in case if the condom broke. I never thought that such pill was the same murder. I did not know that. I knew that such a pill would delay having children, "if suddenly something happened". But why, why was I already at school calmly advised to use it?!… 

In general, one and a half year of relations with my beloved passed, and condom was after all torn, and, moreover, it happened on the most “inappropriate” days. I did not hesitate to go to buy a pill… All of the following symptoms I had were similar those that a woman, having an abortion, experiences; with only one amendment that I did not understand, for what sins I experience such horrors. I honestly thought that I had some tests, and that soon everything would fall into place. I did not know that I had an abortion - what could be worse? You killed a human and try to build your live further with a clear conscience - will you manage to do that?” 

Preparations of "following morning" have a dual mechanism of action. They delay or stop ovulation (i.e. an exit of ovule from the ovary into the fallopian tube), which prevents conception. However, if conception has occurred all the same, preparation causes an abortion by changing the normal structure of the inner lining of the uterus (endometrium) and the impossibility of implantation of a fertilized egg. 

In principle, the manufacturers of these drugs admit that they “...prevent implantation of a fertilized egg in the inner lining (shell) of the uterus”. In fact, it is the same abortion made on preimplantation stage of embryo development, when it is not being introduced into the uterus. This pill likewise destroys human life which was already originated.

By the same principle, and intrauterine devices (IUDs) affect. Spiral does negligibly little or nothing to prevent the movement of sperm or fertilization (conception). The effect of avoiding pregnancy is achieved mainly due to the fact that the spiral prevents to infiltrate the newly originated human life (be implanted) in the uterine lining (endometrium) and therefore acts as an abortifacient. 

Dr. Robert Edwards said: “Most scientists agree that the action of intrauterine devices is shown at implantation”. In the comprehensive review of more than 400 articles on this subject, Dr. Thomas W. Hilgers concluded: “In light of the current generally accepted medical definitions of contraception, abortifacients, pregnancy, conception and abortion, we came to the conclusion that the main action of IUDs should be regarded as an abortifacient”. 

Dr. Hilgers gave several possible explanations for the mechanisms to achieve the effect of preventing pregnancy using intrauterine devices. Among these mechanisms there are uterine contraction, chronic infection and development of antibodies that can literally destroy the new life when it enters the uterus. 

“From 12 to 44% of cycles women with intrauterine device may have undiagnosed pregnancy”, it is the result of a study conducted by Dr. Mark Seppala of Helsinki University inpatient hospital. As a result of 18 studies of patients with IUDs, it was found that in 28.6% of pregnancies, female patients with IUDs had spontaneous miscarriage, and another 8.4% of pregnancies were extrauterine, or tubal, requiring surgical intervention. Thus, in polite correct medical language, IUDs have brought thirty-six percent contribution to the total number of “loss of embryos” (miscarriages). 

“I do not know how it happened - but it happened! “A small interference - and everything will be fine” - this perspective encouraged me. “A small intervention and all have passed. Pay for it, and you’re back on top!” Everyone said this way: friends, doctors, advisors, colleagues, and no one objected to it! I did not know what happened!” recalls one of the women. 

“A small intervention”, “removal of clumps of cells”, “solution to your problem ...” - doctors give abortion different names while talking to patients. They do so in order to conceal the truth. Women who come to doctor with the idea of abortion, are unlikely to agree to the proposal to drown a puppy or a kitten, they will be sorry. But they agree to kill their child, because it is accepted to look at abortion through the veil of streamlined words, completely distorting the essence of what is happening. But in fact, to agree to a polite offer “to restore the menstrual cycle”, to delete “a piece of organic fabric”, sounding at the antenatal clinic, means to kill your native son or daughter, to kill almost by own hands. 

To understand, what is actually going to happen, just imagine the following scene. Woman leads already born child, even not her own, to strangers, who will do with him what gynecologists do with babies in the womb. How adequate does this story seem?

Doctors, be honest, tell your patients about all, what is awaiting them during and after the abortion. Do you think there will be many women who agree to this procedure?

Just call things by their names: a child is a child, but not a “product of pregnancy”; murder is murder, but not “restoration of the menstrual cycle”.

Polls, conducted in abortion clinics, show that at least 70% of women, who are going to abortion, consider it immoral or, at least, an abnormal phenomenon. That is, instead of making a choice in accordance with their moral foundations, women act against their value systems. All social polls show that most women, who are going to have an abortion, in fact, want to leave the child, but feel that they are forced to have an abortion by relatives, social circumstances. Even being on the threshold of abortion clinics, many of them mentally continue to look for an alternative.
We can say that pregnant women more “obeyed” than “chose” abortion, because no mother may want to kill her child.

Philosophical arguments about when a person becomes a “personality” turn into nothingness, against the backdrop of crippled destinies, nightmares and endless remorse. Because behind the lyrics of excuses, every woman knows that life begins at conception. This is human life.

The only question remains: how happily would she be able to live with such truth, having killed her child... or how long would she be able to hide from it? 
At best, abortion is an ugly experience, at worst - a nightmare, tearing your heart. When the consequences of an abortion are explored critically and personally, we always get a disappointing picture. There is always more grief than joy in what is revealed, and more guilt than relief.