Измени себя — изменится Мир вокруг

Save Your Future Life. Content

Save Your Future Life. Content

Human birth is extremely difficult to obtain –

The means to achieve the ultimate goal of a man.

If I do not take advantage of this boon now

When will it come about again?


Please take a look into the mirror. What can you see? You can see reflected light of your physical shell. You could get the human body not only due to your own efforts in previous lives, but thanks to your parents, thanks to your mom.

Long time ago, having learned about her pregnancy, she was immensely happy, and maybe it was excitement or fear — what now is awaiting ahead, how to cope with all the changes that are coming during pregnancy and after childbirth? Perhaps she had the support of parents and husband, and maybe it was a difficult period, when she was all alone, and this decision depended only on her — decision whether to give you birth or not. To get this chance to live a life in a human body, or to stay in those spheres where it is much more difficult to realize the possibility of accumulation of experience, joy, happiness, and life wisdom.

Human birth is so hard to obtain and so easy to lose. We may lose it at any moment, and sometimes it depends on factors we cannot control: natural disasters, accidents, and arbitrariness of egoists… However, there are situations when people know that they can help some soul to obtain a human body, but take away this possibility.

Our aim is, having left aside all theoretical debates and not enduring the value judgments, to support a woman who found out about her unexpected pregnancy and who, embarrassed by the difficulties that may occur because of this situation, thought about abortion. We want to show what will happen during an abortion, and how a woman's life will change after it. That is why on these pages not only medical and scientific approach to the problem is given, but also there is experience of those who have already experienced abortion and can talk about this event on the basis of personal experience.

Chapter 1: What is Abortion