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Fluorine — a deadly POISON

 Millions and millions of people in recent years has exposed massive psychological attack, organized by the representatives of the aluminum companies. They try to convince everyone that the addition of the sodium fluoride to the water and tooth-paste reduces the speed of tooth decay of our children.  That’s why, currently, about 80 million Americans get daily dose of "useful" substances with drinking water.

The fluorine is the gangster of chemical industry, which allowed the nuclear weapons to be born. In my time is almost the only way to retrieve the isotope uranium-235, which is able under certain conditions to share - from the huge masses of the isotope uranium-238 people drove the gaseous uranium hexafluoride through the thickness of semi-permeable membranes in which the desired isotope gradually accumulate.

Chemists named the original sinister product Geks, and Geke showed nasty temper, it always destroy the water supply system and pump systems, create a great danger of the radioactive contamination of the vast territories.

Millions of Americans use for drinking water with the sodium fluoride and clean their teeth by fluoridated toothpaste. In combination with the natrium the fluorine is not so destroying as Geke. However, can we talk about his safety if in higher concentrations, it is used as a fighter rats, as the most powerful pesticide in agriculture.

However, this is terrible substance, which should be taken by Americans everyday with drinking water, was put into practice by executive order under which drinking water must contain it in an amount of 1.2 parts per million units of liquid. The saddest that this rule is still protected by the Ministry of Health, the United States as "absolutely safe" for humans.

But every skilled chemist knows about the artificiality of "absolute safety" fluorine compounds. They are a well-informed, that fluorine is very dangerous if it gets into our body. Moreover, have you ever seen in nature that living beings need this element? And the man lived thousands of years without consuming any fluorine or its compounds.

The sad story of water fluoridation.

In 1939, the famous scientific research institute, located in the eastern part of the United States, sent a specialist in biochemistry on a business trip, to found opportunities to use sodium fluoride wastes, resulting during the manufacture of aluminum utensils. In that time, the waste’s problem of this kind were still in the 45 industries, especially the production of bricks, ceramic tiles, steel, fertilizers, petroleum refinery products, also the most businesses Atomic Energy Commission, are just starting out.   Many of them regularly bore heavy expenses of the legal actions, which are brought against them by the owners of cattle farmers or agricultural holdings, affected by the poisonings’ waste the listed facilities.  The waste disposal’s cost from the storage areas was the fantastically high. And here, some smart men had an idea to turn this expensive by-product in high business. The sent man, to solve a difficult problem, was clever and smart. After studying the situation, he proposed the idea, promising huge profits: do not dissolve wastes from such plants in drinking water? It must say, that this "scientist" didn’t have even the basics of medical education and neither he, and no one else at that time did a single clinical trial to determine the action of sodium fluoride to the chemical processes in the human body. However, the companies, which had the problem of recycling waste products in the form of sodium fluoride, and it was their ongoing headache, happily jumped at the offer.

The next step for them was much easier to make. Treated the idea as they needed, the companies transferred it to the advertising agencies, who have begun a massive adaptation of millions of people to form their belief that was made the greatest discovery in recent years in the field of medicine. The American public is very credulous, and it is easy to "feed" these stories for it. If to give these stories in the pseudoscientific view, it swallows "scientific" facts with pleasure. Then other specialists, according to the advertising business, spent a lot of time and money, talking about benefit of sodium fluoride in drinking water, which as if prevents tooth decay in children. However, every educated and thinking person knows that the cause of this disease is poor nutrition, especially the use of large amounts of refined white sugar.

If beings knew about all the negative consequences of their actions, they are frightened, of course, refused to commit them.

Shun Tsan Kush

The poor nutrition, and refined sugar-based products, soft drinks, candy and other such "food" - these are the main causes of the epidemic of dental caries, damaging many Americans today.

The problem is complicated by the fact that in this case big business and big labor organizations quickly found a common language. Also, do not forget that these structures control through their economic leverage (through resources allocated to advertising) the main mass media resources. And big business with the unions, by help of newspapers, magazines, radio and television had a deep brainwashing most of the American population, convincing him in the use of sodium fluoride. In addition, any opponent, who trying to suggest to the contrary, or to ask questions about the negative effects of such treatment of water or toothpaste, was immediately accused by obstruction and charged with stupidity, facts’ distortion, ignorance, bad awareness and obscurantism.  Most of doctors and dentists surrendered under the pressure of powerful forces because of the fear of discredit their professional equipment. Although, you can always find the honest and incorruptible professionals, which fight for their rights to the end, even they are sometimes looked comical in the eyes of most. I must say that the governments of states and cities, which ordered water fluoridation, also are put under huge pressure. Big business and large trade unions, which if necessary can act like the mafia, did not take any objection from the authorities of these levels. They knew, how to, in case anything, “persuade” the fathers of the city or state *.

 * Documentary evidence of all the above we can found in Peter Gray "The sad truth about fluoridation." - Note. author.

Do not drink water polluted with sodium fluoride.

Fluoride is one of the most poisonous substances known to man. However, the sale of this poison is the big business that allow bank accounts of companies to grow very fast having such products, which in turn permits them to pay higher dividends to shareholders. At the same time the payees of the money do not want to think that they - the result of the hazardous wastes’ sale of the main production. The main in this process for all concerned to organize the psychological treatment of the population, to make him believe that the addition of fluoride to drinking water to prevent children tooth decay. For propaganda of such "scientific" knowledge, companies have used newspapers to build a strong lobbying * at all levels: national, regional and city.

And the situation has changed. The drinking water for mass consumption under the influence of powerful  organization allocating more funds to the mass poisoning of the population, are increasingly subjected to fluorination.  I am convinced that the increased now the number of people deaths  at a relatively young age in the first place caused dysfunction of the arteries, which are due to the effects of sodium fluoride premature aging and broken. The negative impact of this toxic substance are subject to not only the arteries and the heart, lungs, liver, and many other important organs of our body.

* Lobby – the specific institution of the political system, which is the mechanism of action of various organizations (political parties, trade unions, monopolies, unions, employers and others.) on the decision process in parliament.

But only 100 years ago, no one person in the world, no animal is in danger of meeting with fluoride or sodium fluoride, because nobody at that time used for their "protection".

Follow the road of duty, do good and avoid making evil deeds.

Hao Hung Kung.

from the book "The shocking truth about the water and salt" Paul Bragg, Patricia Bragg