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What is sugar? (everybody should know)


Do you know how the sugar is extracted?

Sugar is not a food product, it is a chemical substance in its pure form, that is added to food to improve the taste. This substance can be extracted in different ways: from oil, gas, wood, etc. The processing of the beet and the special type of cane, that is called the sugar-cane remains the most cost-effective way to extract sugar.

Do you know how the sugar is produced in reality?

To obtain white, clean and refined sugar, it is necessary to pass it through the filter of cow bones. The beef bone char is used for the production of sugar.

The beef bone char acts as a coarse filter and is often used during the first stage of sugar purification. Furthermore, this filter eliminates colorants; the most commonly used coloring agents are amino acids, organic acids, phenols (carbolic acids) and ash.

The only type of bones used in the bone filter are beef bones. Bone char filters are the most effective and economical whitening filters, so they are used in the sugar cane production industry more often. Companies spend their bone char resources rather quickly.

Sugar does not provide the body with energy. The thing is that the sugar "burning" in the body - is a complex process which besides sugar and oxygen involves dozens of other substances: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. (It still remains indefinite if all of these substances are known to science ) Without these substances, the energy in the body can't be produced.

If we consume the sugar in pure form, our organism takes the missing substances out of our organs (such as teeth, bones, nerves, skin, liver, etc.). It is clear that these organs begin to experience a lack of these nutrients (e.g. fasting) and after a while begin to falter.

According to the conventional techniques in the production of sugar disinfectants such as formaldehyde, bleach, poisons of amine group (wazzin, ambizol, as well as combinations of the above mentioned materials), hydrogen peroxide and others are used.

"In the conventional technology juice is being produced in the process of an hour and a half langour, and to prevent the fungal mass collapsing the centrifuge, sliced beets are flavored with formalin at this stage of the process."

Sucrose product in Russia is colored, lives on its own, is not stored without preservatives. In Europe, it is not even considered to be a food product, because our sugar factories besides coloration still leave anthropogenic contaminants, including formaldehyde, so it can cause dysbacteriosis and other consequences. But there is no other kind of sugar in Russia,so it remains unknown to the public. Although the Japanese spectrograph shows the remains of formalin in the Russian sugar.

Other chemical substances are used in the production of sugar : lime milk, sulfur dioxide, etc. During the final stage of sugar bleaching (to remove impurities, giving it a yellow color, taste and odor) other chemical substances, for example, ion-exchange resin, are applied.

If you still can't give up sweetened drinks, you can always use the most natural ingredients: honey and stevia. Learn more about honey here

A few words about stevia. Stevia - is the only sweetener having zero glycemic index and zero calories - which makes it very beneficial for children. Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar, and if you find a brand with a taste that is suitable for you - you won't be able to leave your house without it. A few drops of liquid stevia and your drink turns golden. Some factories produce stevia powder, which can replace sugar in recipes. There is also a mixture of sugar and stevia, which seeks to replace sugar, but it is not able to do it.

If you are already on the path of conscious and healthy eating - be careful and try not to let small desires to "help" you accumulate bad and heavy karma. Om!..