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Mantra and Dharani Ushnisha Vijaya

Ушниша Виджая
Ushnisha Vijaya or Vijaya (Sanscrit - Vijaya, Tibetan –  nam rgyal ma, literally means "Victory") – "Victorious" goddess bodhisattva of long life, the embodiment of the enlightened mind of all the buddhas, manifested ushnisha (Sanscrit  –  uṣṇīṣa: bulge on the top of a head).  A young graceful goddess Ushnisha Vijaya is of white color, has three faces and eight hands. Her central image is peaceful, the right face is yellow –  angry, left one is  blue –  very angry, fury. On each face there are three eyes. The head of the beautiful bodhisattva is adorned with the crown of Buddha Vairochana image (translated as "Shining", "Beaming", "Sunny", symbolizing the primordial wisdom of the absolute space).

The enlightened Ushnishavidzhaya holds various attributes of the practice in her eight hands: in her right hand at her breast is a crosswise Vajra (Visva-vajra, "an indestructible condition," "that destroys ignorance"), a small image of Amitabha Buddha – "Infinite Light," which represents the discriminating mind and grants yogic power of knowledge to each thing separately, as well as all things in unity; An arrow (the symbol of awareness and focusing the attention), the lower hand is in mudra granting the benefit. In her left hand at her breast –  Lasso ("restraining the ignorance by developing vigilance"), the upper hand shows the protection mudra, the central is holding a bow (a protective symbol  complementing wisdom and method), and the lower hand supporting the nectar of immortality (the symbol of long life).
Seated on a lotus throne, Vijaya wears jewelries of Bodhisattva.

The practice of the Victory Goddess are on a par with the practices of Buddha of the long life of Amitayus and White Tara. Her sadhanas are particularly effectively used to overcome fear, obstacles to a long life and birth in the lower realms because of rough affection.

Mantra Ushnisha Vijaya:
Om Om Amrita Drum Soha Soha Ayurdade

The repetition with a sincere and good intention of mantra Ushnisha Vijaya has a very large impact, since it cleans the body, speech, mind and protects both in this and in the next lives, brings the inspiration of becoming onto the way of the bodhisattva.

The images of bodhisattvas are often placed in the center of mortars as well as can be found in Tibetan monasteries and sacred places.
Ushnisha Vijaya Dharani also personifies the same name  Ushnisha Vijaya Dharani:

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