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Mantra impact on a person

"Mantra - is the Lord himself, a mantra -is a great medicine. There is nothing above mantra-giving success in everything "

Everyone knows that music can affect the mood. Scientists have proved that the music impact on a human being is much more than we could imagine. Science has been established certain regularities of the influence of different kind of music on physical and mental condition of a person.

Music helps people to cope with difficult situations, and it is hardly comparable to any other external factors. Music is able to create and maintain the right mood. It helps to relax, escape from everyday worries, and can energize. With music we go away from silence. Surely everyone has favorite songs to listen to for the different periods of life, for a different mood. As for styles of music, it is not so simple. On the one hand, one must listen to the music that he likes, on the other hand, scientific researches show that different styles of music can influence the physical and emotional state of a person in different ways.

Also of a great importance it is not only a style of music but musical instruments used in a composition. Today music therapy is practiced successfully in the world. A widely-known classical music therapy which provides its comprehensive impact on a person. 

Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Schubert, Debussy - the creation of these geniuses are confessed as a remedy for stress, heart disease, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, and even cancer. The thing is that everything in the universe is a state of vibration. Every organ, every bone, tissue and cell has a resonant frequency. If the frequency is changed, the body begins to stand out from the general harmonious chord that entails illness. The disease can be cured if determining the correct rate of the body and directing a wave of this frequency to it. Restoring the natural frequency in the body is healing.
We can find the same influence mantras. Words, consisting of the vibration, have a huge effect. But what is a mantra itself? Mantra - is a combination of sounds or words in Sanskrit. Thus every word, syllable or even a single sound of mantras can have a profound religious sense. Mantra is often compared with prayers and spells. However, these are not identical concepts.

The difference is that in a prayer the sequence of words spoken and purity of sounds is not of importance but the openness of soul, sincerity, and faith in God. In the mantra the great importance is to accurate sound reproduction, as well as spelling. Inaccurate or incorrect reproduction of the words in the best case just will not give any result. That is why the mantra originally transmitted only through a guru and was kept in a deep secret. Thus, a student receiving a mantra from the mouth of a teacher, received it by chain from the highest deity, indistinguishable from the Absolute. Self practice can bring results, but not as effective as through dedication. Another fundamental difference between prayer and mantra is that the mantra does not contain a request for the performance of the material desires. 

This is a selfless repetition of the names of God. But when mind is constantly focused on the repetition of the divine vibrations, it is filled with divine qualities.
Many people imagine singing mantras as something esoteric and what they should avoid. But one must realize that the mantra is to work with consciousness. When constantly repeating the mantra its energy penetrates the human mind and reveals its power, turning into pure energy of consciousness. According to the Vedic teachings, the mantra to produce energy, protect and help achieve divine harmony. It should be noted that the practice of mantra is not necessarily to become a yogi. It is a tool that is needed for every modern man as the most effective way to meditate.

The sound emerging during the mantra singing is only 15-20% which goes into outer space, the rest of the sound wave is absorbed by the internal organs, causing them to vibrate. This contributes to the harmonious functioning of all cells of the body and has beneficial effects on the nervous system.

It is believed that mantras affect human not only on the physical level. With no less success they eliminate psychological problems. Psycho-emotional sphere of a human life is directly connected with his material body. It is believed that the mantra burns man’s karma.

There are many mantras, but the most famous and original is the mantra "Om" yet to be found as a combination of the three sounds ("A", "U" and "M"), each of which has a variety of interpretations. The sound of "Om" is the sacred sound of Hinduism. It is interpreted as a symbol of the divine trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and of itself, it is the highest mantra, symbolizing the universe itself.
Mantras are based on combinations of vowels and sung in a special way, to cause an oscillating effect in the whole body. Mantras are uttered aloud, or whisper or to yourself - the result will be different in every way. To start practicing chanting is better aloud for more clearly feel of the vibration in the body. 

Then you can practice in a whisper - it is a fine work and a more profound impact. When and this practice will be successful, you can start singing to yourself, in this case the organism itself is likely to set the tone, and we are only slightly adjusting. This is a very high level of harmonization, when the mantra sounds inside constantly, and unfortunately, almost unreachable for people living in cities where destructive vibrations emanate from the majority of subjects, not to mention the people. Regarding the number of repetition of mantras - here opinions differ. 3, 9, 27, 54, 108, 1008 and more times ... Everyone takes into account the fact that it seems most appropriate. For convenience, a rosary can be used for the repetition of mantras, in which 108 beads. This especially helps beginners in spiritual practice - the rosary will help to better concentration on the mantra.

In most cases, the mantra is perceived as one of the additional tools of yoga. Along with the performance of asanas, pranayamas and meditation mantras are means to spiritual goals. But also on its own mantra yoga –is quite a strong technique to achieve inner peace and spiritual perfection.

Many do not even know what they can do. Do not get lost in doubt, have a break from everyday worries and let the amazing power of mantra grab you. Check how the above will affect your life and change it for the better!

“With the help of the sound contemplation the essence of the sound is reached and speech is filled.”

Svachchhanda Tantra, Chapter 4, 275

By Aleksandra Sheykina