Измени себя — изменится Мир вокруг

The physics proves immortality of soul

Роджер Пенроуз
In the UK, distinguished fellow usually given the title of sir and knight. One of the lucky owners of this title is the greatest physicist and mathematician Roger Penrose.
For more than ten years, he fearlessly, openly and honestly, as a true Knight, proves one of the greatest mysteries of nature-the mystery of the mind. Its latest developments in the field of quantum theory of consciousness presuppose the existence of life after death.

Many compare Roger Penrose to great Einstein: that it does in physics and mathematics, also incredibly and inventively. And a question not so in theories or opening. Penrose offers something as a new way of knowledge – not from private to whole as the science in a row works some centuries and vice versa – from whole to private. Perhaps, such approach also allowed Penrose to do huge revolution in science.

However Roger Penrose - a symbol not only for scientists. For the real fans of telepathy, teleportation, clairvoyance, life after death and another. Penrose - the truth, the guru. No, he doesn't work in these areas, but its opening allowed other scientists to see the horizon – where earlier the thought of the person didn't reach yet. 

Now scientists are inclined to think that consciousness - result of many calculations which are made a brain. And they naturally compare our brain to the computer – that, however, considerably recognizing as within its powers.

Penrose has a point of view in this regard. It appears that there are certain spheres, tasks, questions with which any most powerful supercomputer will never be able to cope. And here to a brain any tasks of a shoulder. Our brain, much stronger, than any computer. Penrose calls this surprising quality not computing activity of a brain.

ou remember how in known Soviet cinema of "Adolescents in the Universe" (1975) children, having faced representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization – robots, set them a joke riddle: "A and B sat on a pipe, A fell, B ended, what remained on a pipe?" The simple question in which usual human accuracy is necessary is immersed robots in confusion.

They don't maintain tension, smoke and as a result burn down. This example, of course, is a little improbable, but it reflects that a situation on which Roger Penrose insists: the human brain can cope with any task, even such which will throw the most powerful supercomputer into confusion.

What there is a soul?

Before to come to such conclusion, the scientist had to lean the elbows on something. The quantum theory of consciousness became the column. As this thought perhaps, to only very narrow experts in the field of theoretical physics.

The main contradictions between the theory of relativity of Einstein and some conditions of quantum physics became the main point. As a result of the difficult conclusions this conflict of two greatest success in the history of science brought to the scientist... on the principles of work of a brain, more precisely, on its quantum character.

No, Penrose never spoke about telepathy, that such soul, neither about the world reason, nor about life after death. For it it was made others, including his colleague Stewart Hemeroff – the teacher of anesthesiology and psychology of university of Arizona, and also the director of the Center of studying of consciousness.

Hemeroff developed in own way Penrose's ideas. In his opinion a human brain - the natural quantum computer, consciousness - the software and soul – information which is saved up at the quantum level.

And now – on pleasure to fans paranormal – remarkable news: quantum information isn't destroyed. If so, after death of a body information is leaked from the Universe where can infinitely exist. According to the theory of the American anesthesiologist, the human soul is immortal, and afterlife exists. He calls people by "quantum computers" which main program is the consciousness.

After death quantum particles of which the soul consists, leave a body and go to
space, forever becoming part of the Universe, Stewart Hameroff considers. "I think that the consciousness or that preceded it, always existed in the Universe. Perhaps, since the Big Bang", – Hameroff speaks.

The vital phenomenon after death, agrees Hemeroff, we will quite explain from the point of view of science. If the patient revives, the soul comes back from space with the corresponding memoirs. Therefore the person who took out clinical death, speaks about a tunnel, bright light and as left a body.

Roger Penrose didn't comment on Hemeroff's conclusion. But that one scientist continued thoughts of other, isn't called in question.

In Penrose's theory there was no main detail: carrier of quantum consciousness. This which has to be the basis of the quantum computer. Hemeroff filled a missing link, having taken as the basis the microtubules located in neurons – proteinaceous intracellular structures. 

In 1987 in one of books he assumed that microtubules, obviously, are underestimated by science. That microtubules in a cage are used not only as "rails" for transportation of particles – they, but not neurons, accumulate and process information.