Change yourself and the world around will change

Reincarnation: we are always back

реинкарнация души, Будда, переселение души
If you want to know the past, look at your present. If you want to know the future, look at your present.
Buddha Shakyamuni

Some events that happen in our life cannot be logically explained. Just as a life does not reveal its meaning for each and every being, leaving a man captured by darkness.
Have you ever had a situation when the problem solution pops up as if somebody gives you a cue of the right path or some knowledge you never obtained in this life comes to your mind out of nowhere? 
Did you pay attention at the expression “in this life”? These three words point at the conviction that you never faced with some particular information that suddenly comes to your mind. Here is another example, the phenomenon of déjà vu. Indeed, a lot of us experience the feeling that the current moment seems to be a repetition of a previously bygone. What if it is not just a feeling? Perhaps, the same event happened with us not just in this incarnation but also in a previous one. 
Do you believe that we always come back as some researchers of the reincarnation state? However, whatever your response is, the article is not aimed at convincing you in a great number of lives a human being lives through to learn the lessons. Living a sound life and realizing its meaning is possible even without a belief that the process of rebirth occurs after a death. What does matter is person’s attitude to the being rather than to the reincarnation. What is a purpose of live whether it is a simply growing-up, getting education and a job, starting a family, bringing-up children and pampering great-kids and then dying or perhaps it is finding more exalted goals and try to implement them during the lifetime?

Even an intelligent man gets stupid unless he is into self-development. 
Buddha Shakyamuni

To understand that the law of karma exists some need to live an infinite chain of lives repeating the same mistakes over and over again. For others it is sufficient to throw banana peels on the ground, and to slip on another banana peel thrown by someone else in couple of minutes. At the same time, we all have the same mission: living a life in a constant self-knowledge and self-development, finding out the essence of life, reconsideration, correction and changing it for better. 

It can be taken quite offensive by somebody that according the law of karma we have to pay off for something that we cannot remember. Yet, would we willingly undergo all predestinated difficulties in order to learn something new being aware of disagreeable in advance? For sure, known burdens and hardship are likely to be avoided by a human being without realizing their beneficial nature. 

Who we are is what we thought of yesterday, tomorrow is created by today’s thoughts. What you think you become.
Buddha Shakyamuni

We come back not only to “clear off” our debts but also not to make new mistakes and ideally, to accumulate positive karma, which will do a service for spiritual growth in this or coming lives. 
We are always back, still a life on earth is not a goal, but a tool for a soul to grow up and develop itself turning into a strong hardened spirit. The sooner a man realizes this, the more sensible and confident his steps towards his true goals are, and the faster he reaches them to set new ones. That is how it works as that’s the calling of the soul.

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles
Buddha Shakyamuni

If a man is gifted an opportunity to live over his life again, he is surely to change it for good. He might get courage to do something he did not dare to before or to stay away from certain doings he is ashamed of. However, to live twice the same life is not physically possible for anyone. Reconsidering one’s actions and life in general is never too late within one incarnation, even in the end of the way. Actually, a soul being born in given circumstances is not able to change its destiny, still capable of changing the attitude towards current state of affairs. In other words, getting through life’s lessons, we happen to find ourselves in situations that can be prevented only by changing ourselves.

A Serious man now, but Careless in the past, lights up the world just as the Moon released from the clouds.
Buddha Shakyamuni

One should not forget that the best teacher is our own experience. The point is not to be late with reconsideration of a life on earth and with making conclusions on our being. Nothing but simple attention to the present, and deep and full experiencing of each and every moment in life helps out on the way.