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This is an interview with well-known experts in the fields of study of the afterlife and practical spirituali-ty. They provide evidence of life after death.

This is an interview with well-known experts in the fields of study of the afterlife and practical spirituali-ty. They provide evidence of life after death.
Together they are responsible for important and thought-provoking questions:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What will happen to me after death?
Is there a God?
What about heaven and hell?

Together, they will respond to important and makes us think about the issues and the most important question at the moment, "here and now": "If we really are immortal souls, how it affects our lives and relationships with other people?".

Bernie Siegel, a surgeon oncologist. Stories that convinced him of the existence of the spiritual world and the afterlife.

When I was four, I was nearly suffocated, choked with a piece of toy. I tried to simulate what do men carpenters, the work of which I have observed. I put part of the toy in my mouth, breath and... left my body .... At that point, when I left my body, I saw myself on the part of gasping and dying condition, I thought, "How nice!". For the four year old child to be outside the body it was much more interesting than in the body.

Of course, I did not regret that I die. I was sorry, like many children who are going through a similar ex-perience that parents will find me dead. I thought, "Oh well! I prefer to die than to live in the body. " In fact, as you've said, sometimes we meet children born blind. When they pass through a similar experience and out of the body, they are beginning to "see". At such moments often stop and ask yourself: "What is the life? What's going on here? ". These children are often unhappy that they have to go back to their bodies and be blind again.

Sometimes I talk to parents whose children have died. They tell me how their children come to them. In one case, a woman was driving in her car on the highway. Suddenly he appeared in front of her, her son and said, "Mom, slow down the speed!". She listened to him. By the way, her son for five years as being dead. She reached to turn and saw ten cars badly beaten - was a big accident. Due to the fact that her son warned her in time, she had an accident.

Ken Ring. Blind people and their ability to "see" during the dying experience or OBE (out of body experience).

We interviewed about thirty blind people, many of whom were blind from birth. We wondered if they had a near-death experience, and if they could "see" during these experiences. We learned that blind people we interviewed had a classic near-death experience, characteristic of ordinary people. About 80 percent of blind people with whom I spoke had a different visual images during their near-death experi-ences and out of body experience. In several cases we were able to obtain independent confirmation of what they "see" what they could not know, and that is really present in their physical environment. Surely it was a lack of oxygen in their brains, right? Haha.

Yes, that simple! I think the scientists, from the standpoint of ordinary neuroscience, will not be easy to explain how blind people, which by definition can not see get these visual images, and quite reliably in-formed them. Often the blind say that when I first realized that they could "see" the physical world around us, they were shocked, frightened and shocked by what they saw. But when they started tran-scendental experience in which they were sent into the world of light and have seen their loved ones, or other such things that are peculiar to such experiences, this "vision" seemed to them quite naturally.

"It was as it should be," - they said.

Brian Weiss. Cases from practice, which prove that we have lived before and will live again.

Credible, convincing in its depth of history, it is not necessarily established in the scientific sense, which show us that life - it's much more than meets the eye. An interesting case in my practice ... This woman was a modern surgeon and worked with the "tip" of the Chinese government. It was her first visit to the US, she did not know a single word in English. She came along with her translator in Miami, where I worked. I regressed her past life. She was in Northern California. It was a very vivid memory, happened about 120 years ago. My client was a woman who scolded her husband. She suddenly began to speak freely on full epithets and adjectives in English, which is not surprising, because she argued with her husband ... Her professional interpreter turned to me and began to translate her words into Chinese - he did not understand what was happening. I told him: "It's okay, I understand the English language." He was stunned - he opened his mouth in surprise, he had just realized that she spoke English, although this did not even know the word "hello". This is an example xenoglossy.

Xenoglossy - is the ability to speak or understand foreign languages, with which you absolutely do not know and have never been studied. This is one of the most compelling aspects of working with past lives, when we hear, as the client speaks the ancient language or in a language with which he is unfamiliar. No other way to explain it is not ... Oh, and I have a lot of stories. There was one case in New York, two three-year twin boys communicating with each other in a language that bears no resemblance to the fictional language of children, for example, when they come up with words for phone or TV. Their fa-ther, who was a doctor, I decided to show them to the scientists-linguists (linguists) from New York, Co-lumbia University. It turned out that the boys were talking with each other in ancient Aramaic. This story has been documented by experts. We need to understand how this could happen. I think that this is proof of past lives. How else can you explain the knowledge of Aramaic three-year child? After all, their par-ents did not know the language, and the children could not hear Aramaic late at night on television or from their neighbors. These are just a few compelling cases from my practice, proving that we have lived before and will live again.

Wayne Dyer. Why is the life of "no accidents", and why, what we encounter in life, corresponds to the divine plan.

- What about the notion that there is "no chance" in our lives? In your books and speeches, you say that in life there are no accidents, and everything is perfect divine plan. I can generally believe it, but then to be in the event of a tragedy with the children, or when a passenger plane crashes ... how to believe that this was not an accident?

- It seems to be a tragedy, if you believe that death - it is a tragedy. You have to realize that everyone comes into this world when they should, and goes off when their time is up. This, incidentally, is con-firmed. There is nothing that we do not choose in advance, including the time of our arrival in this world and the point of passing away.

Our personal egos and our ideology dictate to us, that children should not die, and that everyone has to live up to the age of 106 years and is sweet to die in their sleep. The universe operates quite differently - we spend here as much time as planned.

... To begin, we have to look at everything from that hand. Secondly, we are all part of a very wise sys-tem. Imagine for a moment something ...

Imagine a huge dump, and the dump ten million different things: toilet lid, glass, wire, various pipes, screws, bolts, nuts - well, tens of millions of items. And out of nowhere appears the wind - a powerful cyclone that sweeps away everything in one pile. Then you look at a place where there was just a dump, and there is a new Boeing 747, ready to fly from the US to London. What are the chances that it will ever happen?


That's it! Equally insignificant consciousness in which there is no understanding that we are part of this wise system. It simply can not be a huge coincidence. We're not talking about ten million parts as a Boe-ing 747, and trillions of interconnected parts, both on this planet and in the billions of other galaxies. To suggest that all of this accident, and after all this is not worth a certain driving force, so it would be fool-ish and arrogant as to believe that the wind can create a Boeing 747 of the tens of millions of units.

Every event in life is superior spiritual wisdom, because it can not be accidental.

Michael Newton, author of the book "Journey of the soul." Words of comfort to parents who have lost children.

- What are the words you comfort and calm there for those who have lost their loved ones, especially lit-tle children?

- I can imagine the pain of those who lose their children. I have children, and I was lucky that they are healthy.

These people are so obsessed with grief, they can not believe that they have lost a loved one and do not understand how God could let it happen. I found that the children of the soul to know in advance how short will be their life. Many of them came to comfort their parents. I also found an interesting thing. It often happens that a young woman loses her child, and then in the body of her next child embodies the soul of the one she lost. It certainly is comforting for many people. It seems to me, the most important thing that I would like to say to all the listeners - that is what the soul knows in advance how short will be their life. They know that once again see their parents and will be next to them, and with them will be embodied in other lives. With a point of view of the infinite love of anything can not be lost.

Raymond Moody. Situations where people see their deceased spouses or relatives.

- In your book "The Reunion," you wrote that according to statistics, 66 per cent see the widows of their deceased husbands for a year after his death.

75 percent of parents see their dead child within a year after his death. Up to 1/3 of Americans and Euro-peans, if I am not mistaken, I have seen a ghost at least once in their lifetime. This is a rather high figure. I did not even know that these things are so common.

- Yes, I understand. I think, we believe these figures are surprising, because we live in a society where for a long time to some extent, it was forbidden to talk about such things.

So when people are faced with similar situations, rather than to inform others about it, they are silent and do not say anything to anyone. This further creates the impression that such cases are rare among people. But studies convincingly show that the experience of seeing their dead relatives at the time of mourning is normal. These things are so common that it would be wrong to hang up on them the label of "abnor-mality". I think this is a very normal human experience.

Jeffrey Mishlav. Unity, consciousness, time, space, spirit, and other things.

- Dr. Mishlav involved in the work with different major academic groups.

At a conference last year, every speaker, whether he is a physicist or a mathematician, said that the mind or even the spirit, so to speak, is the basis of our reality. Could you tell us more about this?

- It is connected with the ancient myths about the origin of our universe. In the beginning was Spirit. In the beginning God was. At first it was just a unity which was aware of himself. For various reasons, de-scribed in mythology, this Unity has decided to create a universe.

In general, matter, energy, space and time - all originated from a single consciousness. Today philoso-phers and those who adhere to traditional views of science, being in a physical body, it is believed that consciousness - is a product of the mind. In this approach, which is essentially a epiphenomenalism, there are many serious scientific flaws. Epiphenomenalism theory is that there is awareness of the unconscious essentially physical process. In a philosophical sense, this theory can not satisfy anyone. Despite the fact that this approach is quite popular in modern scientific community, it is basically full of errors.

Many leading experts in the field of biology, neurophysiology and physicists believe that, quite possibly, the consciousness - it is something original and is equally fundamental concept of how space and time. Perhaps it is even more fundamental ...

Neil Douglas-Klotz. The real meaning of the words "paradise" and "hell", as well as what happens to us and where we go after death.

"Paradise" is not a physical place in Aramaic-Jewish sense.

"Paradise" - this perception of life. When Jesus or any of the Hebrew prophets used the word "paradise" they had in mind, in our understanding, "vibrational reality." The root of the "tion" - the word vibration means "sound" or "name".

Shimaya [shimaya] or Shemaiah [Shemaah] in Hebrew means "limitless and boundless vibrational reality."

Therefore, when the Book of Genesis of the Old Testament says that God created our reality, it is under-stood that he created it in two ways: he (she / it) created the vibrational reality, in which we are all one and the individual (fragmented) reality in which there are the names faces and destination. This does not mean that the "paradise" is located somewhere else, or "paradise" - is something that must be earned. "Heaven" and "Earth" co-exist at the same time, when viewed from this perspective. The concept of "heaven" as a "reward" or something that is above us, or where we go after death - it was unknown to Jesus and his disciples. You will not find such in Judaism. These concepts were later European interpre-tation of Christianity.

There is currently a popular metaphysical concept that "paradise" and "hell" are states of human con-sciousness, the level of self-awareness in the unity or away from God and understanding the true nature of your soul and oneness with the universe. It is so or not? It's close to the truth. The opposite of "para-dise" is not "hell" and "Earth", so that "Heaven" and "Earth" are opposable realities.

There is no so-called "hell" in the Christian sense of the word. Such concept does not exist in Aramaic or Hebrew. Did this evidence of life after death to break the ice of mistrust?

We hope that you now have much more information, which will help to take a fresh look at the concept of reincarnation, and may even save you from the very strong fear - fear of death.

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