Измени себя — изменится Мир вокруг

Phenomenon of reincarnation

It seems that the phenomenon of reincarnation exists both in Eastern and Western culture since ancient times. One example of ancient China was the Emperor Wu Yang Xiao during Nan-Bei Chao. He reigned for 48 years and died at the age of 86 years since the first Emperor of Qin Shi Huang - Yang Xiao was one of the long life of the emperors of China. Only Jianlong lived even longer. Fr om the historical record shows that the Emperor Wu in his previous life he was a monk.

In Eastern religions believe that if a person with a good-natured intention to do good deeds, he be rewarded. They also believe that reincarnation embodies the fairness of the heavenly principles. On this basis, good deeds will be rewarded with blessings, and people who do evil, will suffer later.

Monk in the process of improving constantly removes bad thoughts and all my heart turns to good. Thus, we can understand that the Emperor Wu in his former life of the monk could not achieve perfection, but deserves a happy next life.

Maybe we'll find out about it for that would take responsibility for our actions. If we, as taught by Eastern religions, always in the cycle of rebirth, a lot of good and bad experiences of our present life can be caused by our actions in past lives. Thus, we must be aware of our thoughts, words and deeds.

Site Division of Perceptual Studies - an organization founded by Ian Stevenson in 1967, it is one of few such structures in the universities, where there is a short article about children who remember their past lives . Children to say, "You're not my mother / Dad, "" I've other parents, "" When I was an adult, I had a wife ... "In addition, children speak about their unusual memories through the game. They may call toys names of relatives and friends fr om past lives. Girl fr om Sri Lanka, remembers she was a boy. The child, which associates itself with the girl drowned at the age of seven years. She plays games for boys, such as kite flying and cricket, loves to climb trees. Another girl, who lived in Thailand, remembers his past life in the body of the boy, she wondered sport and is engaged in boxing. We do not give the names of the children because Stevenson indicates only initials.

The researcher describes many interesting cases of children through the game talked about past life. The doctor said that in the course of the game, they solve the conflicts that are not able to solve otherwise. Stevenson learns of other psychologists, including Lazarus, Freud. According to Freud, the game helps to solve a conflict situation and reduce the negative emotional effects of trauma. And such an injury can be a violent death in a previous life.

PS, the son of professors fr om Bizauli, a small town in northern India, at the age of two and a half years, began playing in the shopkeeper and sell cookies and soda. Stevenson notes that while carbonated water is almost never to selled. In Bisauli were separate shops that sold cookies, but there was no where to sell soda. The boy remembered that in a past life was a successful businessman, who owns a shop, which produces soda. Perhaps this explains game.

The son of worker fr om the Turkish city of Adana remembered that he was the owner of a night club. A boy made a bar, then he filled it with bottles and assigned neighbor children to different of roles in his "club" He also put two chairs for their wives. In Turkey, polygamy was forbidden, so it is difficult to check the was two wives at the club's owner, with which compares himself child.

Interestingly following observation mostly children aged fr om two to seven or eight years remembered past lives. Stevenson said that after five years in a child's life are too many other matter ,therefore they no remember what was until . Indian named Mishra took three year old daughter Svornlata in trip. When the group stopped in the town of Katni drink tea, Svornlata said that it would be better if they were drinking tea, in "my house" who "is near." These words are then very surprised by his father, because his family never lived in this city. His surprise increased even more when his daughter began to tell the children about the other details of her "past life" in Katni. Two years later she began to perform unusual songs and dances, which she could not learn, and then began to recognize people who have seen the first time, and talk in detail about his life. Professor Banerjee, parapsychologist from the University of Rajasthan in Jaipur, became interested in this case, for a long time, watching the girl he found that Svornlata "remembers" the life of the deceased Biya Pathak.

Johnson was known and respected physician from Philadelphia. He has hypnotized to help their patients in the treatment of disease. His wife Lydia Johnson agreed to help her husband in his experiments on hypnosis. As it turned out, she was an excellent subject for hypnosis, she it is easy to fall into a trance. The first experiments with his wife went well, and the doctor decided to apply the method of hypnotic regression, and go back in time. Once upon in a state of deep sleep, Lydia began to mix English and foreign words to describe his past life. During subsequent sessions, she continued to speak low male voice about her farming life in a small village ..

Researcher Ian Stevenson give other interesting cases. Fraud and catch excluded as described all case has been studied and recorded competent independent investigators. Is there a plausible explanation of all these phenomena without resorting to the belief in reincarnation? One explanation that is accessed by the skeptics, this clairvoyance - possession of supernatural knowledge about the various events and people of the past. Nevertheless, a person's ability to speak the language or dialect that he never knew, is not clairvoyance.

In March 1983, Australian television organized programs on the theme of reincarnation, wh ere 4 housewives under hypnosis traveled in his past . all the inhabitants of the green continent with interest looked.

One of them, Cynthia Henderson, remembered that she was a French aristocrat, while it uses expressions that are not used in France for the past several centuries. She said that the castle wh ere she lived, was located near the small village of Fleur. Although the woman was never in Europe, is easy to describe the place wh ere she lived, wh ere there are still ruins of the castle.

Another woman, Helen Pickering remembered under hypnosis that was James Boris, who was born in the Scottish town of Dunbar in 1801, there is evidence that such a person existed. As proof, she drew a plan College of Marshall in Aberdeen, wh ere studied Berne; Although the building is now different, draws Mrs. Pickering similar to the plans that have been discovered in the archives of the Scottish College. As stated in the transmission, it ruled that Mrs. Pickering not was familiar with historical data, and it is unlikely that she studied lifestyle Scot, who lived in the nineteenth century.

It so happened that in 1983 the theory of reincarnation received another strong evidence it is came this time from England. Hypnotist from Liverpool Joe Keaton has already spent hundreds of experiments on the return of past life, when he was met in London journalist Ray Bryant. The newspaper, in which he worked, "Evening Post", commissioned him to write a series of articles about paranormal phenomena, one of them, he decided to devote reincarnation. To make it look more authentic, he asked of hypnotist to return himself in a past life that he was able to describe their own experiences. Although Bryant had never before been subjected to hypnosis, Keaton decided to grant his request. This case was the most surprising of practice Keaton.

Under hypnosis, Bryant recalled some of his past lives, including one wh ere he fought as a soldier Robin Stafford in the Crimean War, and then returned to England and became a boatman on the Thames. As recalled Bryant, Stafford was born in 1822 in Braydhelmstone (Brighton) and drowned in 1879 in the East End of London. During this experiment, a London journalist, began to speak with accent Lancaster, indicating that Stafford spent most of his life in the north of England. While all this was stunning, I wanted find the real evidence, so present during the experiment team members Andrew Keaton and Margaret Selby decided to find documentary evidence of the existence of this man.

And they were lucky: in the Guildhall Library, London, they found a list of killed and wounded in the Crimean War. Among the other was listed Sergeant Robin Stafford, he served in the 47th Infantry Regiment Lancaster, he was wounded in the arm at the Battle of Carris, a minor skirmish that took place during the siege of Sevastopol. Also, there is contained information about future career Sergeant Stafford, he was awarded medals for bravery and went on leave for health reasons. At the next session, Ray Bryant himself told all these details. Date, place and name of the battle at Carris marked "Stafford", as well as other facts of his life, were absolutely correct . Thus, searches Selbisov approached to end. After spending a few days in the General Bureau of registration of births, deaths and marriages, they finally found a death certificate Rube Stafford, stating that he really drowned (was it an accident or was all a trick - not installed), and was buried on the cemetery about poor in East Ham. Date of death and burial was also aptly named Ray Bryant during the session.

Cases of reincarnation now know quite a lot. But not everyone is able to recall his "past life." Meanwhile, according to Pythagoras, all the living people in the world are already in its 10th or 11th circle karmic incarnation.

Therapist from USA Lowell Cunningham conducted sessions regression with master of fantastic art by Boris Valedzho. Under hypnosis, he suddenly began to speak in French. When the doctor asked him to translate spoken English, the artist repeated his words in English, but with a French accent. When asked to describe himself, he replied that he was formerly a mediocre musician in Paris and wrote songs on outside . Subsequently, the doctor found in the library of a biography of French composer with the specified name. The description of his life coincided with the story of the artist . Once upon toward psychiatrist Richard Satfengu came a woman that have a pathological overeating. Satfeng decided to try regression. Under hypnosis patient saying that she - the girl ten years, is among the people under the mountains avalanche. They ate up all the food, and began to eat the flesh of each other, so as not to starve to death. "Girl" recalled how her family had eaten his grandfather - who had asked them to do it. But The most striking thing ,it is was really in 1846 , settlers stop in snow drifts in the Rocky Mountains. Of the 77 people survived 47 - the others died or were eaten by his comrades. Satfenga patient came to America from Germany in 1953 and had never heard about this tragedy. According to the doctor, that "memory" of the famine, "experiences" over 100 years ago, and could be the cause of her illness. 

Came to me a young woman, she was charming, in spite of a full figure - says the author of the book "Past lives - future lives," Dr. Bruce Goldberg, brought together a collection of cases from previous lives of people who in some way influenced the living nowadays. - Incredible, but true: this woman was very afraid lose weight. Her haunted the thought , if she becomes a slender, her waits imminent death. Under hypnosis, I brought her back to the past: in France, in 1700. She was the youngest of seven sisters, orphans and the most beautiful. The sisters were thick and unattractive, they beat her and she died . The patient unconsciously linked beauty with pain, but after a few sessions of therapy she got rid of her
complex and thin. Another amazing event, told Goldberg, was with a small trader. He complained that everyone, including his family members, appeals to his poorly. Hypnosis has helped to find out that in a past life ... he was an apprentice artist from Bavaria. It was 1132. The owner was known as a cruel man, and to address with his student as a slave: beaten, starved and used every opportunity to humiliate of a young man. Dr. Goldberg explained to the man that you should not afraid of the past, he has held several special sessions of therapy - and man gained confidence in himself and his life returned to normal.
Another case from practice Bruce Goldberg shows how fears from the past pestering people in the present. One of his patient complained that afraid of heights she could not think without a shudder about elevator. Under the influence of hypnosis, she learned that in a past life was ... three year old boy who lived in Switzerland. One day he looked out of the window on the second floor of his older brother and fell down. The woman remembered details such as the eerie sound of the dissected body of in air .
And the evidences much. Already established with high confidence that those who in a past life was hanged or strangled, often tormented by asthma, those who have been subjected to physical torture or injury - diseases of bones and muscles. Claustrophobia - fear of enclosed space - people can suffer, in his former life imprisoned. Rabies occurs in those who are drowning in the river. And in general - people usually feel an inexplicable fear of objects that once served as the cause of their death. In many cases, patients manage to help psychotherapeutic methods. At least that's what experts say, the practice of "trip to the past", and their patients. And yet, despite the long-standing practice past life therapy (so-called this area), scientists can not reliably say whether their patients during the sessions back in the past life. Many believe that there is no travel, and all are wandering in the unknown country called "unconscious." It such an unusual way it decides to mental and physical problems, which are not able to solve our consciousness.