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What is reincarnation?

The belief in soul transmigration is supported with mysterious cases when some people, especially children, unexpectedly stated information about long- past events or completely unfamiliar people who no longer live.

There is a plenty of publications referring the reincarnation theme. Many efforts are made to understand this process. However, this phenomenon is beyond explanation as well as other topics concerning soul. Though, we cannot deny this phenomenon, since a lot of amazing facts have been accumulated. There are cases recorded by specialists who study this fact and it’s quite hard to ignore them.

You can find a solid research base in which involves dozens of scientists that study of reincarnation in a number of European, US and Indian countries. In the US an American Society for Psychical Research was formed which includes more than a hundred psychiatrists from different countries.

One of the major authorities in the field of reincarnation research is Ian Stevenson - Professor of Psychiatry at University of Virginia School of Medicine in United States. Since the early sixties he gathered and described more than two thousand cases of past-life memories from different countries, most of which were documented on the spot. The main cases are stated in his books “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation” and “Children Who Remember Previous Lives”. Stories of 2-5 year-old children are especially interesting as they couldn't encounter the "last" life in any way.

In one of the cases investigated by Stevenson , happened in the Lebanese village of Kornail , five-year-old Imad Elavar insisted that he remembers his previous life in the village close to Kornail. Professor Stevenson said that he personally witnessed when Imad visiting the settlement for the first time recognized people he remembered from a previous life.

Another case. In 1951 a three-year Indian girl Svarnlata suddenly began to call herself Biya and talk about her family in the town of Katni, located hundreds of miles from her home. In 1959 the whole Biya’s family paid an unexpected visit. And though Biya died in 1939, Svarnlata recognized all of them at once - husband, son and brother of the real Biya. Attempts to confuse her by pretending to be others failed. She didn’t give in. Svarnlata reminded her "ex-husband" that right before her death she gave him two thousand rupees in a box – that circumstance actually took place.

Thus, Virginia Thai from Colorado (USA) during a session of hypnosis in 1954 stated that three hundred years ago she was a farmer in Sweden and began to speak Swedish, although she never knew this language before.

The other testee from Philadelphia described the Ireland of the 19th century , telling the unique details of the life of this country at that time. From time to time similar stories appear in the contemporary press.

Even with all the references to the documentary evidence many of the given reincarnation examples remind fantasies. At the same time it is difficult to declare all of them being a fiction. For hundreds of years there were too many authoritative sages, philosophers and scientists who believed in reincarnation. And you can hardly doubt the integrity of the most testimonies.

This phenomenon has no scientific basis, but also it isn't disproved. If even a small part of the declarations is true, then the phenomenon of reincarnation has to have an explanation. Let’s try to find out.

In fact, reincarnation or "soul transmigration" is a material process - the transfer of information from one person to another. Exchange of information between people is a usual and necessary for a human life process. Perceived information contributes to individual development and formation of a personality. Identity of a person, his education and behavior are formed on the basis of the information developed during the historical path of the humanity: genetic information of the ancestors and information heritage that has been accumulated for thousands of years, enclosed in books and other items. Besides the conscious perception of information a person is prone to suggestion, as a result, the perceived information (both from the past and from the present ) is able to change his ideology , the attitude, lead to certain actions against his/her will. We cannot help to remember overheard information and one day suddenly remember about it . In other words, the perceived information can control your actions or lead to empathy.

Something similar happens to people in mentioned cases of reincarnation. However in this case, unlike usual process of perceiving information, the person receives information unwittingly and involuntarily, for a certain time period, embodies in other form.

There is nothing special in ability of a person transformation. Actors transform many times and they do it so skillfully that during the play we are influenced by the magic of this process. Art of transformation is achieved also by politicians, magicians, crooks and others.

But all these examples are types of conscious transformation, while during reincarnation the transformation into another occurs unexpectedly for a person, against his/her will.

The information obtained while reincarnation consists of firsthand thoughts, fragments of another person’s life which do not correlate with activities or mentality of a materialized personality. Mostly those thoughts belong to tragically deceased people. And often this information is passed on to children, whose brains are not stressed by flusters and painful worries of life.