Измени себя — изменится Мир вокруг

Food: the Story of Human Enslavement

“Look closely at the way we live, look at what the majority of people is driven by; and then ask yourself what is the main interest of this majority? It may seem strange to us, to people who are used to hide their real interests and, instead, show the false and artificial ones. I am talking about self-indulgence, the simple pleasures of food, engorgement.”

Leo Tolstoy

In spite of the fact that these lines were written about a century ago, today they are still very urgent. Our society is obsessed with food. A refrigerator of a typical family is packed with a mass of products bought to be laid in. The vast majority of people consume much more food than our body really needs for proper functioning. We have come to the point when fruits, vegetables and animals are raised artificially with the help of various chemical substances. These days it is nearly impossible to find natural milk, cottage cheese, butter and cheese. At the same time, the impact of these chemicals on a human body is either not yet known or is just thoroughly concealed fr om us. Are we really starving and need this to survive? How did it happen that we are all participating in an experiment as creatures used to find out its results?

Our diet has a great impact on our thinking processes, behavior and interaction with the world. The purity of intentions is directly connected with the cleanness of the body. Look around and think how often you can see a smiling face with serene eyes. There are more and more gloomy faces with a cigarette in the mouth and a bottle in the hands –this is all the consequences of a time-bomb, with a timer that may have already been set.

In the ancient times food served as the indicator of prosperity and wealth, thus, the highest strata of society were suffering from overeating. But nowadays this disease is also widely spread among people with average and low income, owing to the so-called fast-food (hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.) and junk-food (chips, chocolate, etc.). Moreover, food has been turned into an entertainment – no film-watching can go without popcorn and soda or beer and chips.

What is it done for? First of all, it is a huge source of money! Second, a dependent person with affections is actually a sick one as he is quite vulnerable and, consequently, easy to manipulate. Finally, this is a way of reducing the number of healthy people, in other words, a sparing way to solve the problem of overpopulation on our planet.

It is not a secret that to get control over a person one needs first to make him keen and dependent on something. To do it one can use the catching word “freedom” and add it to another no less intriguing one - “choice”. A perfect lure is ready: “The freedom of choice”. Sometimes it is enough to implant in people’s mind that this “freedom” is fashionable and stylish. Those who prefer to think more need “scientific proof”. Hence, certain funds from the state budget are allocated for the so-called science, research and scientific developments.

At the first stage a human is made to consume a limitless number of dead creatures, rubbish and dirt that because of his system’s inability to get rid of, simply begins to go rotten. Then, they introduce all sorts of medical drugs and biologically active supplements so that a person can consume more and preferably more at a time. They set up Obesity Treatment Clinics and fitness clubs, develop new systems of dieting. Moreover, the so-called eco-products are sold at exorbitant prices in fashionable stores and shopping centers.

A thought-out plan of systematic money laundering is evident with money being made not on people’s health but on their sickliness. Don’t you find it suspicious that the largest rate of obesity cases happens to be in countries with developed market economy? Isn’t it strange that with such an abundance of foodstuffs they still need to take supplements so as to get the necessary quantity of vitamins and minerals?

Unfortunately, an average consumer will say that he prefers this or that way of eating because it is his own choice, as it is he who decide if he is hungry as well as how much food and what sort of it he needs. You know, it would be strange if after so many years of bestial lifestyle propaganda they would not have managed to cultivate ill-thinking in people: as if one cannot live without meat, that it is necessary to eat six times a day, that a glass of wine during the supper improves digestion and blood formation. The list of this imposed nonsense is endless. How can we discuss it all if when being aware of the fact that Coca-Cola is the best anticrustator, people go on drinking it and even include it in the menu of children’s parties? In addition, if to examine the products’ ingredients, not every chemist will be able to understand the used terminology. All these additives are not that much directed at the product preservation but at the stimulation of addiction to them. A person cannot eat more than a couple of cucumbers or tomatoes at a time, but the situation changes if to spice them with mayonnaise, salt and add some white bread, for example.

The benefits of food for health are no longer relevant. Now they pay attention to its taste, form and packing (the more it is glossy and bright the better). However, it is important to remember that food is not only the source of crude energy but also that of the subtle one. That is, the quality of products is closely connected both with physical and psychological health of a person. It should be noted that the order of food intake is also a serious process which is as important and crucial as the quality of food. They say that during the meal our subconsciousness opens up, that is, at this time some ideas can be easily impressed on a person. At once the golden rule comes to mind: “Do not talk with your mouth full”. But what is really going on? We eat while walking, in front of the computer, when discussing the news or some business matters, while talking on the phone…anyhow but very seldom do we eat at the table in the company of dear people or in silence. When a person is not concentrated on the meal, he eats unconsciously and forgets to chew the food properly. He swallows food in large bites, automatically stuffs himself with it and as a result there is a lack of satisfaction and due saturation. This has become the standard of modern life.

It seems that people have forgotten that we eat to live but not live to eat. In the first place food is the source of nutrients but not of entertainment. However, if to go on reasoning like this it will turn out that 99 per cent of all foodstuffs are poisonous and should not be produced! It is true! If to put an end to this disgrace there will be the collapse of not only the market but also of the world economy on the whole!

To tell the truth, nobody wants to believe that we are regarded as stupid cattle that can eat anything, from dead bodies to plastic. But, unfortunately, this is what happens in the majority of cases. We are converted into addicts with food as a drug. Every day we consume millions of parasites and toxins and after this get surprised that the number of people ill with cancer goes up, that a vast number of people are suffering from depression and other mental disorders; that we are worse at grasping information and find it difficult to concentrate.

Is there a way out of this situation? First of all, to solve the problem we have to admit its existence! Second, we have to learn again how to listen to our body since it is it that knows what is needed, not a “doctor” on the TV screen. We urge you to live consciously, avoid putying in your mouth anything that is nicely packed or was deprived of life, read the list of ingredients, practice fastening and regular cleansing techniques; instead of packaged juices drink freshly-made ones, do not be lazy to prepare food; see to wh ere, when and how much you eat. And remember, the more simple food is, the easier it is for the body to digest and the more beneficial it will be for your health.

Stay healthy and sensible. All the best!


The author of the article is yoga teacher Barbara Stepochkina

Translated by Tania Barsukova