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Milk protein. Use or harm for a human organism?

Milk protein. Use or harm for a human organism?

Do you think that it is possible to get necessary for us and especially for children protein from milk and milk products? What kind of protein do you want to get and what for? Do you want to build cells of your body using milk protein? And do you know that any protein, entering our body from outside, even vegetable one, first of all, should be taken apart to amino acids (it is not always easy), and then our own protein will be built. Is it always possible? What kind of milk protein do we need? Perhaps, it is casein? Or serum protein: albumin and globulin? It’s possible to write 5-6 pages about them, but not in this article. Are you good in biology? So, is it possible to get and to DIGEST protein from milk and milk products? It’s possible to get, if you eat or drink it – it’s obvious, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to digest it in the right meaning of this word. Why? Let’s figure it out.

The process of getting protein from cow milk by milk calves is following. In breast-feeding period enzyme rennin is produced in calf’s stomach. Rennin takes apart protein casein to amino acids which are used to produce new protein, necessary for growth of calf’s organism (for one or another tissue, organ) in this certain time.

When biological clock of the cow and her calf switches to a new period, rennin isn’t produced in calf’s stomach any longer and calf stops to drink its mother’s milk. This process occurs simultaneously on hormonal, enzymatic, and energy-informational levels of both cow and calf. A cow stops to produce milk. And a calf goes to natural diet inherent in its species: the green grass – and will eat this food all its life. That is the nature. If such a calf which is going to or has gone to natural diet is artificially fed on cow milk further, it will be difficult for a calf to digest casein (by the way, every animal species has its own specific casein).The calf will be ill and could even die, because casein won′t digest completely. It will poison the body with the purulent toxins and will stay in calf’s body as a product of organics decay. But this process we will study later on example of human.

It’s important to understand that any milk protein obtained from food (by any baby animal from its mother) doesn’t digest by itself (as it is). It is always taken to amino acids, structural elements of protein molecules, which are used to build different necessary for organism this time its own specific proteins, used to grow new and change old and seek cells. This process takes energy, specific enzymes and other biological substances. In biology this process is called protein biosynthesis. Almost in every cell there are more than 2000 different in its structure and properties specific proteins. So, no protein consumed by our body can be digested by itself.

Another very important question is following. What proteins obtained by our body are able to digest (to be taken to amino acids which will build new proteins, necessary for us) easily, and what proteins aren’t able to digest at all, or are able, but with such a loss of ATP energy and lithium, enzymes (which are proteins as well) and other elements that it’s better not to consume it at all? More than that, this process is possible only if eaten food hasn’t been thermally treated at a temperature over 70⁰C, and even, technically, over 43⁰C. Because full and irreversible protein denaturation (destruction of protein original structure and DNA melting, which means death of the cell) takes place at a temperature of 70⁰C. And all the enzymes are destroyed at a temperature over 43⁰C. So why shouldn’t human drink milk of a cow, a goat and any other animal? Is there any difference in principles and mechanism of milk protein digestion between cow and human? There is a huge and fundamental difference. Nature of consumption and digestion of milk protein by infants is totally different in comparison with this by calves. Even sucklings have no enzymes which are able to take to amino acids milk protein casein. No rennin.

There is a wrong opinion that children have enzymes and adults haven’t. Children haven’t either. But their mothers (all women) have specific bacilli in mammal glands, symbiotic bacteria, which get to child’s stomach naturally by sucking together with mother’s milk and acts as like as enzyme rennin in calf’s stomach - takes casein to amino acids. And then protein biosynthesis takes place. So suckling gets protein from mother’s milk while drinking it. And only while drinking. At least, milk of any woman, of a foster mother.

Growing up children and adults should never drink milk, because nature has switched their biological clock to another diet since the moment of weaning. This stage of ontogeny (individual development of an organism) is finished. Do you understand what it means? Only that there is no biological process that let human, even suckling, take apart and digest protein casein from any animal milk, because human, even suckling, doesn’t have enzyme rennin. All the more so cow milk protein can’t be digested by a teenager or an adult. And all this refers to the “alive” milk, even not pasteurized. Remember that while thermal treatment at the temperature over 70⁰C, DNA is melting and protein original structure is breaking down. Such a denaturation in biology is called full and irreversible. Such product is “dead”. In stomach it dissolves partially, and is eaten by pathogenic micro-organisms - decomposers (bacteria and fungi) in digestive system of a human, and then is taken away from the body through liver, kidney and skin only partially. Organism gets toxins – illnesses.
Viruses settle down easily in an enabling environment: in weakened cells and in places of purulent toxins concentration. Inside of such body parasites develop, but they do not touch healthy cells.

Children which drink cow milk will look well-fed (fat, pus and parasites create such an outlook) and will grow faster, but they will be ill, will have chronic diseases, damaged liver and kidney, etc. Because our organism is not designed for digestion of foreign protein in such amount, but only for occasionally eaten protein (for example, a caterpillar eaten with an apple).

Child′s intestines are not adapted to acid environment, but protein obtained with the food (there are twice as much protein in cow milk as in mother’s milk, more than that, cow milk protein is foreign, is an antigen) will acidify stomach. It’s not rare that some acid gets with the food through other parts (organs) of digestive system. Intestinal wall may be damaged and may start to bleed. In blood there is a lot of iron. Organism removes blood through intestine and child suffers lack of iron. Doctors prescribe him to eat meat and liver. And again child obtains protein, in denaturated, “dead” form. Of course they don’t understand the reason of lack of iron, that’s why they use common treatment, which leads to even bigger complications.

And by the way, if you want iron, eat fresh beet and drink fresh beet juice, eat sprouted green buckwheat, apples and walnuts… You can find all this information in publicly available and classified medical journals, but it isn’t widely spread, because there is industry and control, which is total nowadays. Doctors themselves are just cogs in that system, people just as like as the others, they learnt their teachers′ mistakes, false and misperception of the nature and biochemistry. And now they go on teaching other people, generation after generation.
One of the reasons of osteoporosis (lack of calcium) is high level of animal protein in food. Bones become dry, especially in old age. There are other diseases caused by animal protein. Last years all the diseases become “younger”. Those who eat animal protein suffer high acidity in organism and wear out their osteoblasts which place calcium in bones. Osteoblasts′ workload becomes hard, calcium assimilation system is violated. And then organism gets milk – new calcium with dangerous protein – casein, which acidifies organism. The last works too hard. And everything starts from the beginning. But reserves of the organism are limited. Please, think of it.

Type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM) is autoimmune disease caused by consumption of casein.

A direct correlation between milk and milk products consumption and consequence of it - Type 1 DM, is a huge problem, which is understood not by every doctor. Have you thought that DM is caused only by excessive protein consumption? No. Sugar, groats, pasta, jam, cookies cause Type 2 DM, which is easily treated by change of the diet. Type 1 DM is caused by other reason.

To understand the whole process of appearance of Type 1 DM (caused almost only by consumption of milk products), it’s necessary to understand principle of our organism reaction to antigens (foreign agents) obtained from outside.

Be attentive, please. Only animal protein (any animal protein, its 2d course of biochemistry) is antigen for human organism. To neutralize the enemy our immune system produces great (necessary) amount of antibodies (for example, white blood cells, phagocytes, lymphocytes), which search for an agent, eat it (phagocytosis) and die with it.

Remember that after consumption of meat, cheese, eggs or fish (to a lesser degree) most foreign protein is nevertheless destroyed, but the result of such a meal is toxins and ptomaine, which is produced by microorganisms decomposers while eating denaturated protein. 

Some of these toxins don’t leave organism, but stay inside as a dehydrated fecal bolus on the walls of large intestine, partly in intercellular space, and in any empty spaces of organism (purulent toxins – snot, abscesses – myomas, polyps and cysts). Liver and kidney suffer very much (because they should neutralize protein in blood), as well as lymph and the whole immune system. But casein makes it all even more complicated…
Milk protein casein, as like as any other protein, consists of amino acids which are arranged in certain order. But there is a coincidence: amino acids of our beta cells (they produce hormone insulin which breaks down glucose) in pancreatic islets have almost the same order. So when (if) our immune system recognizes casein as antigen – it starts to destroy the protein and sometimes its own cells, identical by its structure of amino acid links to protein casein.

So antibodies of our immune system which should struggle with antigens begin to damage the cells of our own organism – that is terrible autoimmune disease - Type 1 DM. It won’t happen at once and to everyone, but it will, in condition of regular and abundant consumption of milk and milk products since childhood.

It’s obvious that consumption of milk in childhood, can cause DM even in old age, or in any other moment when immunity is weakened. And risk of DM in adulthood is as high as much milk was consumed in childhood. This type of DM is not curable (is treated only by transition to mono-raw-food diet), because it’s almost impossible to restore the whole group of specific cells responsible for synthesis of hormone insulin, especially when chain reaction has started. Mother, consuming milk while pregnancy, risks to pass all these problems to her child before its birth, through blood. And she certainly will pass pus with her milk while breastfeeding, if she has consumed milk, cheese and curds before and while pregnancy. Curds are concentrated casein. Cheese, especially hard cheese – is pure casein glue, but not a food at all. In countries where level of milk consumption is higher – level of Type 1 DM is proportionately higher. 

So where should we get protein from? 

Please, come down about protein. There is no necessity to consume it. It is synthesized in our organism out of “alive” (only alive) plant food by our native unique bacteria. You can read works of academician A.M.Ugolev. And you can just think about how multiton herbivores provide themselves with protein. 

This article is based on works of Y.A.Frolov.

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