Change yourself and the world around will change

So what is "OM"?

According to the Yoga Teachings it's the essence of mantra.

Mantras are the sounds of the Universe's language.

There's a great number of mantras, and each of them possesses it's own qualities, rhythm and impact upon the reality. When make a certain sound, our physical and energy body resonates with the sound's frequency.

Our energy attunes to and synchronizes with the energy and frequency of the sounds made. The combination of sounds, resonance and rhythm of mantra is leading to a different state of mind, which establishes the way your thoughts flow. Lots of what we create is generated by our automatic subconscious programming through saying or making sounds/words. Mantra - is a powerful instrument of "reprogramming" and also creating new programs in our mind. It's like a code to different mind channels.

Djapa - it's a repetition of any mantra or God's name.

Djapa can be done with counting how many times you chanted the mantra or without it. According to Djapa-Yoga, when you do Djapa God's qualities are pouring in your mind, just like oil pours from one vessel to another. Because of the constant repetition of the mantra, one who does Djapa finds virtues and strengths of the God, who guards the mantra. Word mantra comes from the two first syllables belonging to the words Man (mind) and Trayate (deliverance). Mantra gives four types of fruits: Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. It sets you free from every pollution and every sin, it gives pleasure in this world as well as in all the others and grants final deliverance. Mantra cleanse you from all sins: deliberate and not. It burns all Karmas. At first it burns down the bad ones, then the good ones.

To make mantra work you have to awake it's shakti (energy). Mantra awakes after certain amount of repetitions, for every person it's individual. It can be chanted loudly (aloud), very quietly (so the person who's sitting beside you wouldn't be able to discern it), to oneself. Chanting mantra aloud is very powerful. Chanting it very quietly is 10 times more powerful. Chanting it to oneself is 100 times more powerful. But you should neglect saying the mantra aloud.

Mantra works whether we're concentrated on it or not, whether we know it's meaning or not, whether we think about something else or not. But mantra works a lot better, if we're concentrated on it, know it's meaning and do not digress to irrelevant thoughts.

Mantra - it's the way, that helps to cleanse one's mind. When concentrated on the word, that doesn't have any materialistic meaning or emotional context, the nature of your brain's activity starts to change. Mind goes in a calmer state, more refined state of your consciousness.

Mantra «ОМ»

The universal, original mantra from which the Universe took start is the syllable "Om". It's often interpreted as the symbol of the Divine Trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. According to Veda the sound "Om" was the first manifestation of the unarrived Brahman. This sound gave start to the perceptible Universe, which originated from the vibration of it.

The sound "Om" is the most sacred sound in Hinduism. Apart from the embodiment the Hindu Divine Trinity, it's also the highest mantra, which symbolizes the Brahman (the highest reality) and the Universe. Three of it's constituents (A, U, M) traditionally symbolize the Creation, the Maintenance and the Destruction - categories of Veda and Hindu cosmogony. It's also thought, that these three sounds symbolize three levels of existence - heaven (cvarga), earth(martya) and underworld (patala). They also symbolize three states of consciousness - dream, slumber and reality; three 8-intervals of day; three capabilities of man - desire, knowledge and action. In Veda, the sound "Om" is the sound of the Sun. It symbolizes going up, the soul's approaching to highest realms.

Mantra "Om" clarifies the mind, opens energy channels and strengthens the life energy, broadens and cleanses aura. If one have nervous irritation, this mantra can calm him down. It endows everything at what it's aimed with power. Moreover, "Om" strengthens all other mantras. That is why it's recommended to combine other bidja-mantras with "Om".

This mantra gives a clarifying effect and helps consciousness to go up on a more higher level. Mantra "Om" wards our attention off everything rational, emotional and materialistic, off everything that can distract our consciousness from the pretersensual level of perception. The concentration when pronouncing this mantra eliminates all the obstacles on the spiritual path. One's mind becomes calm and peaceful.

In Hinduism the sacred significance of the mantra "Om" is hard to overestimate. Almost all of the Veda and Hindu sacred writings started and ended with this sound. Inheriting Hindu traditions, Buddhism borrowed the sound "Om" as the mystical mantra. Most frequently this mantra is used in Vadjrayna. The interpretation of the mantra's constituents have changed a bit: in Buddhism they embody the Three Bodies of Buddha (Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, Nirmanakaya).

Chanting the "Ом" mantra

Chanting the "Om" mantra drives mundane thoughts away, helps to concentrate on the most important, and gives fresh strength to the organism. When you're feeling depressed, chant the "Om" mantra fifty times, and you will fill with fresh strength and energy. Chanting the "Om" mantra is a power tonic. Repeating this mantra, you will feel how you're filling up with purity and penetrating light. The ones, who chant "Om" have power and beautiful voice. When rhythmically pronounced, the "Om" mantra makes one's mind calm and concentrated, contributes to the development of spiritual qualities, leading to self-realisation. Those, who practice the "Om" mantra daily, have great strength. Their eyes shine, their faces are bright.

Also, it's good to chant the "Om" mantra among your spiritual friends. During the chanting, it's necessary to resonate with their voices. Attention concentrates on the sound of the "Om" mantra. If concentrated well, you can feel the effect of space (room), because the sound itself is the manifestation of the space energy.

The "Om" mantra can be used to purify objects, premises and space. If a person suffers from a psychological trauma, the regular repetition of the "Om" mantra for prolonged time can help him in curing it.

Mantra is chanted while exhaling; your breath should be straight and measured. Mantra is usually vibrated. So "Aum" turns into Aaaaaa-uuuuuu-mmmmmm. Because mantra is per se a sound vibration, and it can be effective just from one pronunciation. These sounds should be pronounced in a sing-song voice and in one key.

Meditation on the "Om"

The "Om" mantra on its own, as well as with the other mantras and dharanis, is often used in the meditation practice.

Seclude yourself in a quiet spot, sit down, close your eyes and try to completely relax your body and mind. Concentrate on the spot between your eyebrows and try to make your consciousness keep silent. Start repeating "Om" to yourself, associating it with ideas of infinity, eternity, immortality and etc.. You should repeat "Om", feeling like you're eternal and penetrating. Feel "Om" deeply. Just repeating "Om" won't bring you the desirable result. Feel, that you're pure, perfect, all knowing, eternal and free Absolute. Feel that, you're an absolute consciousness and eternal, permanent existence. Every part of your body should mightily vibrate with these ideas. This feeling should stay with you during the entire day. Practice regularly and persistently with sincerety, faith, persistence and enthusiasm.

Traditionally, during the meditation on the "Om" rosary beads are used. After each pronunciation you count one bead. It helps to enter the meditative state.