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Chapter 6. Industry of Abortion

женщина, беременность

Why does the law encourage abortions? Why do they give referrals to an abortion in antenatal clinics so not justified often, and a lot of money are invested in the expansion of the system of abortion? Let us look at the problem from one more side, think about it, who is interested in the fact that women had abortions, who benefits to run an abortifacient conveyor?

In this case, we will not even talk about the problems of overpopulation of the planet or how to manipulate society... The word “benefit” in this case is used in its direct meaning. Field of abortions has long been an area of successful and highly remunerative business, in which both doctors who pushed women to abortion, get money, and also those, who carry out these operations, and those who doing research and developments, and those who sell then magical means of rejuvenation. Only ruined lives do not go into the calculation.

Abortion, as a surgical intervention, has long transferred to the sphere of paid services, from the provision of which the premium of employees of medical institution directly depends. In addition, increasing of number of abortions allows increasing the flow of funds, called off-budget. For abortion, as a surgical operation, doctor gets additional payment. Doctor receives nothing for consulting women in order to refuse from abortion. We are not talking now about private gynecological clinics, for which abortions are a significant source of revenue.

That is why the pregnancy is often described by doctors as an undesirable disease that need to be prevented by medicamentous and cured by operational methods of modern “medicine”. Invitation to the cabinet in the antenatal clinic often sounds like: “Sick (patient), come in!” – “I’m not sick, I’m pregnant” – sane woman would answer. But we are accustomed to the opposite. Doctors are interested to submit information about pregnancy and childbirth so that the patient would decide to have an abortion. For them, it is more profitable than support of pregnancy and childbirth.

But revenues from abortion, per se, fade away against the backdrop of a new phenomenon in medicine - fetal therapy.

Fetal therapy belongs to the category manipulations of transplantology. However, it is fundamentally different from methods of conventional transplantation, in which the organs are transplanted or dead people, who during their lives were not protesting against taking their organs, or voluntary donors, who give their consent to it. The difference is that the treatment with the parts of the body of human embryos is preceded by a preliminary murder.

Removal and use of fetal tissue lies at the heart of fetal therapy, the fetus that is already formed in the womb of the mother of the child, whose life is artificially interrupted in late pregnancy. New “therapeutic” products are produced from embryonic fetal tissues (brain, gonads, pancreas, liver, and so on).

Stem cells, which are removed from the womb of babies, are the main value for fetal therapy. These cells are capable of unlimited proliferation and transformation in any other specialized cells of the human body. Differently, they are called “parent” cells. An adult man has such cells in his bone marrow, where they are constantly changing in the blood cells. An embryo has, of course, bigger number of them, because there is increased growth of the small body. Accordingly, they can be obtained in different ways: by taking from an adult (bone marrow transplantation for leukemia and other diseases), from a newly born baby (taking cord blood after cutting the umbilical cord, which also contains stem cells) and, finally, from healthy unborn children after an abortion. Cells that were obtained by the latter method cost incomparably more expensive, as they have much more vital energy compared to the cells of already adult person and have more opportunities to use. Although now, some scientists doubt therapeutic (especially, anti-aging) effect of these cells; as the effect is very temporary in nature, and does not result in a complete cure.

How do they get material for the production of fetal products?

Firstly, it should all be obtained from healthy individuals (human or animal). Therefore, if it is a product of animal origin, then from the herd they select healthy pregnant animals and kill them. You cannot do that with the person, yet. Natural suppliers of such products are abortion clinics (which are in each antenatal clinic). Moreover, the child should be completely healthy, that is, abortion is not performed for medical reasons.

Method of preparing therapeutic suspensions from aborted children is described in detail in the patent G. Sukhih (patent [RU (11)2160112(13)C1, “Method for preparing a cell transplant of fetal tissues”]:

“For the preparation of the graft abortive fetuses on 17-21 weeks of intrauterine development are required weighing 150-450 g <…> Only fetus without genetic abnormalities, and no disturbances of integrity of the skin are accepted in the work… Fetus is thoroughly treated with a solution of detergent and washed with distilled water... Then they take away the following organs: thymus, heart, lungs, liver, spleen, mesentery, spinal cord, thyroid, eyes. In addition, the skin from the head and the back is removed, organs are crushed”.

Fetal medicine promises to its clients such wonders as:

· weight optimization,

· rejuvenation of aging organism (fetal tissues are used, including, for cosmetic purposes),

· slowing down aging,

· restoration of mental abilities.

If we consider the effects of the treatment of specific diseases, the reworked “biomass” from the tissue of human bodies, in terms of G. Sukhih, is a unique means of wide spectrum of action: from treating Down's syndrome and Parkinson’s disease – to infertility and impotence, diseases of the nervous system, brain damage, kidney.

What specific products are manufactured on the basis of fetal tissues? (By the way, not only medical):

Anti-aging injections.

They inject in the patient’s stomach preparations, made of babies’ bodies that were aborted alive in the last months of pregnancy.

Vaccinations of aborted babies.

Some of the components, used in the production of vaccines, contain cells from the tissues of the aborted human embryo (rubella, chicken pox, smallpox, hepatitis A). And, for those of embryonic cells, only absolutely healthy babies are required, that is killed by “mother's” request.

Fetal cosmetics.

Fortunately, most of the fetal cosmetics available in our stores are of animal origin. The marking can be such: extracts of Ovar, Placenta, Cutis, Hepar, Amnion, Liquor amnii (amniotic fluid), placental proteins, proteins of fetal skin, and so on. The products of human origin are marked Human or Fetal. However, it is important to understand that manufacturers often do not indicate that in addition to products of animal origin (the use of which is also clearly contradicts ethical standards), also human embryos can enter in composition (such cosmetics is much more expensive). Basically, it is cosmetic lines of Swiss, French, German and Russian manufacturers. It can be cleansing lotions, and antipruritic creams, eye creams, anti-cellulite creams and even dental cream-paste.

Some packages have inscription “Placenta”. One method of obtaining such material is the use of naturally exfoliated placenta (afterbirth) after childbirth – a material that seems to be unnecessary for everyone. But do not be deceived. If at the enterprise, products namely of fetal origin are produced, then placenta will also be obtained from abortion, and not in a natural way.

Additives taste.

A significant number of consumers do not know that a lot of food additives are produced from the cell tissue of unborn babies, because on the label it is not specified, it is written: “natural flavors”, “artificial flavors”. For example, the biotech company Senomyx specializes in experiments with cell lines of abortive material. It produces artificial flavor enhancers, based on a cell line NEK 293 (aborted baby cells, US Patent 5681932, the price of 1 vial is 534 euros) and delivers them to the largest food manufacturers:: Campbell Soup, Kraft Foods, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Solae, Cadbury Adams LLC. These companies produce products under the brands of “Nescafé”, “KitKat”, “Nesquik”, “Extreme”, “Russia – generous soul”, “Bon Pari”, “Nuts”, “Golden mark”, “Maggi”, “Perrier” , “Friskies”, “Felix”, “Purina ONE”, “Gourmet”, “Darling”, etc. The public were holding a long boycott of Pepsi-Cola products, and in 2013 got the news that it breaks its 30-million contract with Senomyx.

From the description of types of the products of fetal industry it is clear that they are clearly split into two categories. First type is expensive medical preparations. For example, one rejuvenating injection costs between 500 to 2000 dollars. Such prices determine high profitableness in the area. People, who are turning to such medical services, understand what they pay for; they realize that someone's life was paid for their youth and health. And it is their conscious choice.

But there is the second category - it includes, for example, vaccination and flavor additives. This product is not expensive, or even free of charge (vaccinations), and the worst thing that people who use it, usually do not even have the idea of “technological” process. Well, who among us could have imagined that the children's lunches “Nestlé” or chocolates “Nuts”, or candies “Bon Pari” may contain cells of dead babies? People are simply being deceived, left with no information ... and they eat human babies, getting the heaviest karma of murder… It is worth thinking, who and why need this deception? Who benefits from the fact that we have become cannibals? Would any of us voluntarily, and having full information, use such products? Undoubtedly, the development of fetal industry, "cannibalism" is a tragedy for all humanity, but in Russia, this problem is particularly acute.

Fetal therapy is still prohibited in the countries of the liberal West. In particular, in autumn 2008 the European Patent Office has imposed a ban on the patenting of technological developments, based on allocating human embryonic stem cells, as “such technologies ... will surely cause persistent protest and accusations of violating the basic principles of morality in the society”. In Russia there is no law prohibiting use of such techniques. Accordingly, the development center of this kind has shifted to our territory. The rampage of fetal manufacturers has already gained a lot of publicity at the international level on the territory of the distressful Ukraine and Russia. In particular, on the famous Catholic Internet portal “Human life international (hli)” in the section, devoted to the analysis of bioethical issues in modern medicine, it is possible to see an analytical article, the title of which speaks for itself: "Experiments with fetal tissues and transplantation: biological chamber of horrors in Eastern Europe” (2007) (author – B. Clowes).

There are already more than 30 clinics, related to research and production of this kind, in our country. Russian Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, under the direction of G. Sukhih is the most “successful”. Center of aborting and dismemberment of living babies was founded in Moscow by American businessman Molnar for the treatment of foreigners and the “new Russian”. Head of the center, G. Sukhih is sadly “famous” for the whole Russia by the fact that, since the 90s, he persistently promoted fetal cannibalism in the country.

Initially, fetal business developed through the use of abortion material occurring for medical reasons, i.e. due to the killing of sick or non-viable children. Such abortions are carried out on the basis of the results of prenatal diagnosis, if the baby has an incurable congenital malformation or abnormalities of the hereditary apparatus, such as Down syndrome (and the mother agrees to terminate a pregnancy). Typically, these abortions are performed in late pregnancy (usually in the second trimester).

It happened so that, for example, in our country they are purposefully destroying not yet born babies with Down syndrome. Their mothers are strongly recommended to make an abortion, as a number of health administrators and politicians believe that in the “social state”, and according to the Constitution Russia is social state, it is permissible to spend taxpayer money on mass production of abortions, but spending on helping people with disabilities is “unbearable social burden”. Of course, the diagnosis was not (and still is not) perfect, and among sick babies, healthy babies were randomly killed.

According to a rough numbers, during the examination of 200 pregnant women, 4-10 (2-5%) of unborn children with chromosomal diseases were detected, mostly with Down syndrome. In this case at least 2 babies of the 200 examined babies (1%) were declared “sick” by mistake (so called false-positive results). And they, too, were subject to abortion, and then were used as material for the fetal products. This was the situation until recently.

But the volume of production grew; the requirements for the supplied abortive material too, and the policy of customer changed. Generating companies began to stimulate the number of abortions, without shunning anything at the same time.

Business on the victims of abortion in Russia and Ukraine becomes the reason of occurrence absolutely unique phenomenon: the profession of “human-incubator” among women is becoming more popular. These are ladies, who make their living solely by the fact that they are hatching pregnancy till the moment of artificial premature birth, in which the child is not supposed to survive. According to unofficial information, "a walking incubator" during all pregnancy is paid $150-200 per month, and rent a room somewhere. After an abortion, surrendering valuable embryo and placenta, the woman receives about $1000 and, after a rest, begins all over again. The maximum number of pregnancies - seven, and then “incubator” loses all ability to reproduction, and earn a bunch of concomitant diseases. Few of these women live to 45 years old.

Bribing doctors became another way to get abortive material in sufficient quantities. Now medical companies, engaged in the production of fetal preparations, pay extra to doctors of antenatal clinics for giving direction of abortions on late term. The suspected genetic mutation may be a reason, as well as the pathology of development, most often fictional, simply because it is beneficial for doctors to kill another child. Most often intentional "medical errors" are committed during the second trimester. Because the material at short term is not very suitable for the production of fetal preparations, but at the period of about 20 weeks - the most suitable. By the way, let us say that in medicine there are cases, when children, born even at 19 weeks, survived. At the period of 20-25 week of pregnancy, baby is an almost completely formed human being. Even in official medicine - permission from the burden, starting from the 22 weeks, is not called “spontaneous abortion” (i.e. miscarriage), but preterm birth.

There is a terrible regularity: with the development of fetal therapy in Russia, the number of abortions in late pregnancy has increased dramatically. There are numerous examples of the same scheme: at a late stage of pregnancy - 20-25 weeks, a woman goes to have ultrasound, during which she is told that “the fetus is dead” or “missed abortion” (does not develop), or they detect “the pathology of the fetus”, and persistently offer abortion. Doctors can find any reason to convince the woman to take this step, consoling: “Do not worry, you are young, next time you will give birth to a baby” - or reproaching, “Is it your third child? That’s enough!” - or threatening: “Too old to give birth to a child”.

For many women, the word of the doctor is the law, and they, without asking for advice of their relatives, and often without even telling anything to their close people, bursting into tears, go and carry out the will of the executioner. Using the psychological state of the pregnant woman and her impressionability, doctors are cashing in on someone else’s grief. And they do not care that the pathology, because of which they are sent to murder, is only probable, but it is more likely that it is fictional. After conducted operation no one will know whether there was really a serious illness, or the child was absolutely healthy and could live and please his parents.

There are a lot of cases, when women disobeyed, and despite the already reached verdict, they gave birth to strong, healthy and full-formed children.

Here are a few true stories and testimonies taken from the Internet:

“Natasha Semyonova was expecting for her second child. As intended, she was registered as pregnant at the antenatal clinic, had countless number of tests. Up to three months everything was in order, the woman felt well, the fetus developed strictly “by the rules”. On the thirteenth week of pregnancy, Natasha began to feel recurrent pain. She initially did not attach any importance to this, but three days later decided just in case to do an ultrasound. According to the direction of the antenatal clinic, she came to the 2nd gynecological hospital.

— I, frankly speaking, was very frightened by neighbors in the ward, - Natasha said. - But I thought at first that they were upset because their pregnancy was interrupted. Moreover, as it turned out, one of my neighbors lost her child in this hospital already for the second time. I was sure that everything would be all right for me: I had exactly the same problems in the first pregnancy, but everything went and I gave birth normally.

Couple of hours later, Natasha was sent for ultrasound examination. On the chairs close to the cabinet there were 12 women sitting. They were of different ages, mostly in the later stages of pregnancy - between 19 and 23 weeks. Further it looked like a nightmare.

— While I was waiting for ultrasound examination, the women, who were sitting in the queue before me and have already completed ultrasound, came out from that cabinet - Natasha said. - In total there were seven people. Several women came out in tears and said that the ultrasound examination had shown “dead fetus”. I thought I was going crazy. Then it was my turn, I entered. The doctor checked my belly with his device very fast - it did not take a minute - and said, “Well, fetus is dead. Do not worry very much, we will do cleaning operation right now, you will give birth next time”.

— I do not believe you! — Natasha said, trying to stay as calm as possible. – You’re lying. It is impossible that everyone has dead child. I’ll do ultrasound elsewhere.

— What can you understand? – esculap outraged. – I’m doing the ultrasound for thirty years. Go to the ward!

— He appointed me penicillin, - Natasha said. - I was sure that the child is alive, and asked the nurse if penicillin would not hurt - it's an antibiotic. Goes without saying that she also shouted at me, saying, don't be smart, do what doctor says. Neighbors in the ward explained that they injected penicillin before “cleaning”. That is, I was already being prepared to abortion.

But Natasha was not going to get rid of her child. She phoned her husband; he picked her up from the hospital and immediately drove to the clinic of the Financial Academy - for repeated ultrasound examination.

- Your little baby is alive, Natasha was told in the clinic. - The heart is beating ...”

“I’m afraid to go to our district antenatal clinics, as I am sure that I would be sent to an abortion. Our doctor, if a pregnant woman comes to her, for some reason, is always looking for a reason to send her to have an abortion (too young, too old, no one wants second child, and so on), and this is no exaggeration, because she takes money for abortion from women, and for keeping pregnancy she does not get even gift”.

“On the sixth month of pregnancy, I had a blood test for alpha-fetoprotein. When I came to know the results, doctor invited me to his cabinet and said: “The excess for several units. This means the child will have hearing or vision impairments. I highly recommend you to have an abortion”. Of course, I did not decide to get rid of the child; he was born completely healthy, without any deviations. But all the other months of pregnancy, I was just going crazy”.

“In January, 2006 I became pregnant, the baby was highly desired. Even then I knew that under no circumstances I will not allow anyone to deprive me of the kid. In March I got to the hospital for saving the fetus. I was directed on ultrasound, where as a bombshell the physician's sentence thundered: “Go for cleaning operation! Missed abortion.” I looked at her and did not believe! No! Not true! I know that he is alive. I asked the doctor to have a look once again, but the doctor was relentless. Then I just left the room and asked my husband to come get me. I wrote a statement to the head of the department and just left. Nobody was chasing me, probably more because my husband put on a police uniform, on purpose. We went to a private clinic, to one very authoritative doctor. There we were told that the baby was completely healthy, no abnormalities, and a fortiori signs of missed abortion, no. Now my miracle is almost 2 years. I cannot imagine what would have happened to me if I agreed to have an abortion. I sincerely wish the most serious punishment to that doctor for his carelessness. So dear girl, trust only your heart!”

These letters are not any exclusive. There are hundreds of such cases in Moscow, if not thousands. Experienced gynecologists also confirm these facts.

“I worked for several years in Perinatology Center at the 29th hospital, - says gynecologist Irina Klimenko. - When the patient came, directed at late abortion because of fetal abnormality, I was just shocked. Woman with normally developing pregnancy, everything is normal with her baby, there are some minor deviations that, by and large, does not affect anything. And she is directed to have an abortion - moreover in the period of 20-25 weeks”.

Igor Beloborodov, vice president of the Charitable Fund of Family Protection, Motherhood and Childhood comments the story of Natasha: "Natasha's story did not surprise me at all. — They turn to us with similar stories with depressing regularity. The scheme is the same: in the late stage of pregnancy - 20-25 weeks, more rarely in the short term, a woman has ultrasound and is said: “the fetus is dead” or “missed abortion” (not developing) or “pathology of the fetus”. And they persistently offer abortion. What happens next depends on the woman: she can do as Natasha - that is, to go to another doctor and make a re-analysis, and can go for an abortion. The last variant, unfortunately, happens more often”.

If a doctor suddenly persistently offers to get rid of the child, loved and desired, it is always worth thinking about. If he predicts some scary diagnoses, do not make rash decisions, better to stop and consider other options.

“What and why guides doctors, when they diagnose “missed abortion”!? My goddaughter was also nearly killed because of the incompetence of a gynecologist, who said that the pregnancy had developed into a tumor, it was necessary to have an abortion. But my girlfriend went to another doctor. The child developed normally, healthy and lovely baby was born! Now little daughter of my girlfriend is 5 years old! An acquaintance of mine had the following situation: they could not distinguish up to 3 months, whether she was pregnant, or not, what was the term of pregnancy, whether it was a missed abortion, or no. She also went to another doctor, who, without ultrasound and analysis on inspection, said everything, and about term of pregnancy, and that pregnancy was developing well... So it is better to be checked up at another doctor and not to trust unconditionally everything that is said to you! Expectant moms, whatever medical luminaries say, your heart feels, the heart of the expectant mother feels better than any ultrasound and verdicts of doctors!”

It might be worth to consult another specialist in a different place. In the end, to a geneticist, to consult with the child’s father, family.

The worst thing in this situation is that we can do nothing with these doctors. Everyone has the right to make a mistake. And people in white coats are not exception. Hiding behind this argument, they continue to direct women to have abortion. So you should not go on about the doctors. Unborn baby is a living being, and wants to live, too, to grow, to love, and he must have such an opportunity.

Fetal therapy is a terrible threat to our children. Not once it caused sharp protests from the public, including the Orthodox Church. For example, in the statements of the Church of the Public Council (CPC) on biomedical ethics of the Moscow Patriarchate it is explicitly called “a kind of anthropophagy” (cannibalism). In the “Basic Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church” it is clearly stated:

«…Condemning abortion as a mortal sin, the Church cannot find any justification also in the case when somebody may be getting health benefits from the destruction of conceived human life. Inevitably contributing even wider dissemination and commercialization of abortion, this practice (even if its effectiveness, currently hypothetical, could be proved scientifically) presents an example of glaring immorality and has a criminal character”.

Most of the spiritual people negatively characterize this phenomenon:

French doctor Pierre Mantoux:

“Is fetal therapy permissible? Is it permissible to use mentally disabled people, for example with Down syndrome, to treat seriously ill people?


1. Only rich people can afford fetal therapy.

2. There is a risk to put the production of embryos at a stream to ensure all those in need.

3. Today we pump the healing fluid from those with Down syndrome, tomorrow we will reach to children with less serious diseases, the day after tomorrow…” (Commenting Mantoux’s statement, we can say that we have already reached this).

Even the idea of the possibility of using fetal material in society encourages companies to continue developments and experiments with unborn babies: in California six-month embryos were immersed in jars of liquid with a high content of oxygen, to determine whether they will be able to breathe through the skin - babies are not able.

A study was conducted on the chopped off heads of 12 babies born by Caesarean section, which kept alive for several months; Ohio medical company tested the brain and heart of 100 fetuses within the $ 300,000 contract on research of the impact of pesticides; in Finland for a grant of $ 6,000,000, in the experiment with the liver a baby was operated without anesthetic, and a medic denied the need for anesthetic, arguing that the aborted child was only trash.

And absolutely transcendental: human embryos and their organs were enclosed in plastic and sold as a paperweight; also bags were made from the bodies of babies; in some provinces of China the aborted children are considered a delicacy and are available in restaurants only for the rich; placenta in dried form can be purchased at a regular pharmacy. All this seems to be half delirious.

But how could it happen that fetal therapy has become the norm? And all of us became victims, who, by intimidation and manipulation, are forced to kill their own children? Fetal therapy has become not just a theoretical subject, something out of fiction horror. It is already not a matter of abstract disputes and reasonings. This is a very rough and cruel part of our reality that we, unfortunately, have to keep in mind, building interaction with this world and making decisions.