Измени себя — изменится Мир вокруг

Chapter 7. Abortion Propaganda

женщина, беременность

When we take this or that decision, we believe that we consciously make our choice. Often it is not so, the choice is only a natural consequence of the processing of the information flow that we receive through the media.

You can talk about the dangers of abortion, to discourage women who have come to the antenatal clinic for the performance of abortions... But, unfortunately, all this is the work not with the cause but with the consequence. The source of the problem lies in those values and patterns of behavior that are purposefully formed in modern society.

According to the theory of social modeling, people gain setups, develop emotional reactions and new types of behavior by copying the behavior of television and movie characters. The task of social modeling is creating a person with predetermined rules of behavior with the help of mass media. This is roughly the same as in the laboratory they simulate the behavior of rats by using pleasant and unpleasant stimuli.

Just a few decades ago, big happy family was considered to be happiness, about which girls from the very young age were dreaming. Why have the reference points changed now? And what are they?

Valuable orientations of modern civilization are material wealth and sensual pleasure. A global concept is created: children are a hindrance in the pursuit of pleasures.

Through mass media, a scary worldview is imposed, according to which, "to become pregnant" means "to get knocked up", and the children are a problem that somehow need to be solved, the idea that personal comfort is always more important than motherhood.

Let’s see, in what “blue screens” or “glossy magazines” force us to believe.

1. That we need to consume as much goods and services as possible, without this we will be defective and children interfere with this.

We now live in an overly saturated world. Products are produced more than necessary. Mountains of clothing, tons of furniture, dishes, pots, and canes - the ocean of things that you cannot even imagine. For the ease of their sales, they invented different ways. Unnecessary needs are forcibly imparted: buying a new phone model every year, “fashionable” things, etc. Through TV screens and pages of magazines we are constantly told: “You need to consume as much as possible, otherwise you will be defective”. Man ceases to be “the measure of all things”, but things become a measure of a man.

Of course, with this approach a child is perceived as a competitor during consumption. You have to pay for material goods, and the family budget will have to be shared with one more additional “consumer”.

There is another approach - when children become a way to demonstrate their material wealth and social status. In fact, they become puppets. Baby is dressed up in jeans, before he even learned how to sit properly; girls’ ears are pierced in two years old to paste fashionable earrings. And since three years old, they start buying iPhones and tablets, in order not to be any worse than “Sergey’s mother, who does not have much earning”. And here appear an argument in favor of abortion, “I cannot provide him with dignity”. In fact, the baby does not need this all – he needs just a little love and attention.

“Five years ago, I did not let my girlfriend to have an abortion, promising her that if she would give birth, I will help her to bring up. Now my goddaughter Dashulya is 5 years. It's smart beyond your years and beautiful girl. The salary of my girlfriend is 3,500 rubles, mine is even less (as I promised her, I help to bring up, as I can), however the child gets what she needs most of all – love of her mother, who has never regretted her birth”.

We are being imposed the idea that happiness is associated with the process of consumption, it will come, when you get your second car, a new gadget... But for some reason there are more and more needs, and “saturation” does not occur. Just because happiness is not about consuming and taking for you, but about to giving as much as possible - and namely this opportunity is given to us by children.

Man, who even for half a minute let the thought that the idea of consumption could be imposed on him, he gets the freedom to choose happiness to his liking.

2. If you refuse from the children, you will become successful.

Many, especially western, movies and TV shows instills us, that all women are divided into backward, unkempt housewives, who are busy with the children and did not represent anything interesting, and successful business ladies that really take place in their life. How many contemporary films show scenes, in the center of which there would stand attracting to itself image of mother?

We are told about the “reproducing low-life elements” that are not capable of anything else other than reproduction. And in numerous media outlets different options of female realizations are exhibited for review – career, business, politics... except one programmed by nature – realization of her as mother.

At the same time, the stamp “large families – synonym for poverty” is being implemented. Those who decided to abandon the children, are presented as a kind of elite (we will add, of course, self-serving elite, not thinking about anyone but themselves), who is able to think and form their own life.

The reality is many-sided, and often shows a completely different picture – a lot of embittered business-women are trying to pretend that they are happy with their success, and women, who find happiness in the family, are calm and happy.

Liana Dimiroshkina gives the following example: “Imagine: you are steep businesswoman, director and the prime, and you have just signed a very lucrative contract and come home. And at home there is a note from your husband: “Let your lawyer refer to mine - we're getting a divorce; and, by the way, our 13 year old daughter is pregnant, look into the issue”. Well, what is the price of your success? Or another situation: on the job you are in trouble, you have been soundly chastised, but you came home, and your husband says, “Honey, today we have seven years of dating, let’s go to the café”. And at once, your children are rushing to you, carrying their drawings as a gift - you realize, that you are surrounded by love. And what is the price of that trouble?”

In fact, prosperous family life only helps the woman to be realized in all other areas:

“The birth of my son affected me so much that I discovered in myself creative abilities, got education and found a favorite work. Verily, children inspire!”

“Soon my friend's son is 12 years old!!! She was not afraid then, like me, and gave birth to a boy. Being alone, she studied at the institute, was living on the neck of the parents, and had no work. So what? Now she has a handsome son, clear head, who is studying at the best school, high achiever, mom’s joy. Girlfriend herself looks great; everyone thinks that this is not her son, but younger brother. We are not even 30 years old. She graduated from university, found a good job, bought an apartment and found the man who became her husband and loves them with her son immensely!!! The child is never an obstacle!!! This person is happy!!! And I am suffering that I had deprived myself of this... My child would be a little more”.

On the contrary, internal dissatisfaction and failure as a woman and mother usually acts like a time bomb, gradually undermining career and health, including psychic health.

3. The most important thing in this life is to have time to get the maximum possible amount of pleasures (“Take everything from life”).

The child in this case acts as an unnecessary restriction of freedom, something that prevents to enjoy life.

We can cite many examples, but most likely, everyone at once imagine magical resorts and seashores, which are shown to us in commercials thousand times. But we will look at this problem on the example of imposing early sex.

Both movies and magazines in every possible way promote sexual promiscuity by displaying as a reward stronger health, and defeated complexes, and earned reputation among peers. They strenuously inspire that safe sex and masturbation are extremely useful, and monogamous family relationships for the purpose of having children are boredom and routine. Sex is opposed to them, as an eternal entertainment with no worries, and most importantly, without children. With this approach, children are something that prevents the enjoyment, by-product.

Where does such an approach lead? Man, too carried away by sexual pleasure and it is indeed very powerful drug that can overshadow everything else, can no longer be realized either as a family man, or as a scientist, or as a social worker. He just has no energy left in him – all of it is spent on sex.

Media outlets have the aim to demonstrate sex as the single and most important filling of life. But those, who engage in such propaganda, are interested in the fact that in the life of an ordinary member of society there was nothing but sex. Family, motherhood - all goes to the back.

Of course, following the slogan “take everything from life”, you should have an abortion and continue enjoying sex more, because it is the most pleasant thing that we have.

But anyone, who has experienced at least some joy, except satisfaction of lust, for example, joy of raising children, will say that in this world there are things much more interesting. But those, who have taken a great interest in sex, are risking to never learn about them.

We have considered only a few of templates, imposed on us from outside, unconsciously following which, we shape our lives. In fact, these templates are much more, and many of them are not less negative. What to do?

To act adequately, humanely and reasonably, not to act as a puppet in the hands of others, it is necessary to protect yourself from the influence of the media. The experience of our country shows – with the help of informational exposure it is possible to cause people to abandon even one of the basic instincts – the instinct of procreation.