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Life without sugar

This article begins with that fact that I wanted to tell people in Instagram,why I don't eat sugar and try to minimize it in the life of children .I talk about chemical sugar , which entered in our life very quickly.But I got really big post,which did not go in anywhere.And then I decided to finish writing in more details and to do the article.Because this topic is actual and painful. Nothing more than sugar. 

First of all enquiry. We know this information ,but usually ignore it.And still. Some proved scientific facts: 

Sugar blows up calcium from our organism. 
Sugar despoils organism of vitaminB
Sugar provocates adipopexia.
Sugar influences badly on cardiac work.
Sugar is a stimulator which creates stress for organism.
Sugar dicreases the immunity for about 17 times.
It is proved that sugar builds up a tolerance.

And now we can speak about my experience, because these facts I read many times, but I did not think about that. And only my personal experience, observations turned me to the thoughts about harm of sugar.

Sugar and autists.

Firstly I thought about harmfulness of sugar approximately five years ago. When we together with my husband were engaged in aftertreatment of our elder son , at that moment the diagnosis was “autism”.We searched for ways of solving the problems, read much, I spend much time at special sites about biomedical treatment. There I got information about the diet without gluten and casein,which helps a lots of children and is essential. And the fact that autists have metabolic disorder, and that difficult proteins such as gluten and casein will be poison for them.

Оff-handedly (to think about it was not time) , we kept to a diet. All of us kept it- because we could not have such food at home. Firstly the diet was without gluten and casein. I mean dairy and wheat. We kept to the diet for 3 years. It was difficult. Especially for us with husband. We changed wheat to rice and buckwheat and corn. Cow milk to goat's milk. We bought special food, I baked a lot using rice flour. In general, it was not very complicated, especially for me – because I had to think what food to cook for a child. But I speak not only about this.

Approximately after half a year the question about sugar was actual. There are a lot of researches about it harmfulness , I read it- the same facts, that are there in the beginning of this article, but I gave no heed to it.

I read about harmfulness of sugar in the forums. I began to observe. To refuse from sweets seemed impossible- because I have to go through this too. But I had to. It was evident that when the child got sweets, he becomes like drug-man and alcoholic.He could not control himself.

After that I read the researches about fungus of kind "Candida" which live in our organism and activate especially when there is decrease in immunity . I am not a medic, I will tell you later how I understand it, but please don't judge me strictly. Surely all women stuck with the muguet though once. This is the same fungus, and this is one of its manifestations.

Another you can see in the babies mouth, such as white aphthaes. These fungus live everywhere. And the most awful is that they usually demand new dose,and" organise" body's withdrawal. Moreover sugar builds up a tolerance as a result of ejection of dopamine, also Candida adds pulls and withdrawal.Also Candida gives hysteric , uncontrallability, sugar addiction and many other things. And not only autists. Autists usually have bad immunity, and they have a lot of problems with health, including fyngus.

Gradually we go to sweeteners.Mainly it was fructose and honey.Hysterics disappeared almost completely, the child became adequate. But not immediately - we had to pass two weeks of hell, when he could betray mother because of sugar. The baby( he was three years ago ) ,he had real withdrawal , all the time we sat at home, because in the street he ran to the shop which situated round the corner, there he opened sweets and began to eat them.s But he never did this before and after.

To relieve condition we gave him sorbents - when fungus die they release a lot of toxins. And gave even antifungal agents( the doctor prescribed). Presense of Candida was confirmed by analyses with great excess. It was much worth it., althouth it was not easy. 

In two weeks we had entirely different child. It was much worth it. We got the prize our son, his brains were not scrambled by toxins. 

When the diagnosis was eliminated , we decided to finish the diet, and to adapt in usual world. And everything was successful , we began to eat usual food. And sugar too. I felt sorrow for this , because there were two children. It is easier not to begin something than to lose the habit.And the youngest son became an awful sweet tooth too. And as every person addicted to sugar , under the influence of sugar he had very astatic mood, rapid fatigability, which demanded one more dose.

I and my husband began to notice connections the children had cornflakes with milk ( usual breakfast in the hotel) - in half an hour there were fights, moods, real nut-box.When eat some other food - absolutely normal children , without twitchy and mad glances.The same after eating yogurts , curd ,(from cottage cheese with jam there is not such effect).

Packagedged juices , cookery, sweets the same reaction.Which we parents dont like.

When Daniel went to the kindergarden , one of the educators asked the parents not to bring the cake on a birthday , but bring fruits. Because cake in the kindergarden it is like bomb , which can explode.I still remember her wisdom in this question.

To remove everything as it was previous time we did not make up our mind. We began to remove everything little by little.At first they could not believe that there is nothing sweet at home- they checked all the cases, and looked for sweet. Could not find and had temperament. Till present moment they can take something sweet in the shop. Just a little. That's why father usually goes shopping - it is more cheaper for everybody. Father brings some candies from the trip. But otherwise everything is good. They are completely different children.There is sweet in the ration, for older son it is honey, for youngest it is friut and milk.There is not any bad reaction after such natural sweets.

Without sweets children have better appetite, they eat cereals and soups with zest . If there is biscuits at home , they can eat it with milk the whole day( oh, big deal).
Surely the older children the more difficult. Don't give sweets it is very difficult - especially at New Year( it is real sugar hell).They can eat it in other places. But if there is nothing sweet at home,and you don't eat it , the children will not get such great doses and will see a good example. You and he will be better.

Personally I ask guests not to bring sweets, cakes, ask grannies not to send us such food, but they send it in any case, even one package , they don't understand how we can deprive our children of sweets! Very often we just put off candies , hide or throw it . 

About myself.

At last I understood that everything begins with me. It is I who eat a lot of candies, cakes. I am the reason why sweets appear at our house. Chocolates, candies and spice cakes. I ask my husband to buy ice- cream, biscuits and yougurts. I really liked all these things. I liked to drink tea with pastry. I asked husband to bring some cakes from the cafes.Chocolates I ate with relish. I am the reason of sugar addiction of my family. Because I bring sweets to the house.

Besides Do I have the right to deprive of sweets my children, if I eat it privily in the evenings? The children feel when they can believe their parents and when they cannot. Once Matvei asked me :,,Mother , why you and father can eat candies and I cannot?" And I could not find the answer.

Three month ago I decided to start eating healthy food. It was not easy decision, but I wanted to try. First I had to stop eating sweets. Complete rejection. If to be truth it was difficult.I felt so awful. I understood what my children felt, when they are deprived of this drug.I felt so sad because of this , that I had more serious intention to stop eating sugar.

During this week my husband has just escaped being killed by me, when I saw him eating the cake.I had a real painful withdrawal, as addicts have. I could not recognize myself. It was similar to that moment when we with my husband refuse from coffee, but it was even worse. Because I drank coffee once a day, more often once during two or three days.or But sugar was my continual friend. I went through unreal depression during these three days. My world сrashed without candies. I had dreams about chocolates, my hand starving for and practically shaked. And there at home some sweets left it was the last stored. And of course I will never forget this week. But I am grateful for it.

That week passed and I understood that I don't want it anymore. At all. That I pass by pastries very calmly , even my favorite ones. I but ice-cream for children but I don't eat them. And it is not because I cannot eat it. Simply I don' t want eat. 

Sweets left in my life. And it is enogh for me. Honey, fruit, milk. And there is no sugar. According to rule once a week I can eat something prohibited.For example the cake. But I undestood that I do not use it for a long time. I do not want it. And that's why I better eat french fries at that time.

The only sweet, to which I am not indifferent, it is vedic sweetness "Shiam", which is produced in Rada and K. I eat it when I got it in my hand( several times a week). I eat it with clear conscience. So it is not simply sweet ball , but ball full of love.

Life without sugar opened new horizons for me.When I started vegetarianism,new tastes appear , and also when I stopped eating sugar I got much information about food. I understood that there is much sweet in the world even without sugar.For example porridge.When you cook it with water, without anything it is sweet.Milk- now I understand why doctor Torsunov said that it is sweet, it is science. Baked yogurt I never liked it , and now every evening it is my best friend.My sweet friend. Fruit they have another taste, when you do not eat made sugar! Herbal tea without sugar it is better and flavourful its taste and smell. I even liked cottage cheese , which earlier I can eat with great amount of sugar.It was not so awful to the taste, as I imagined.

Three month without sugar and I returned the figure that I had before pragnancy without any exercises and other self hardships.I lost ten kilos , without stopping breastfeed. I remembered the pictures about the constituents of the cake( it is with fat on the back).

I feel myself differently. Easier, better, lighter, my head is more clear. And I admit that sugar it is a real drug.I checked it by myself. Like coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. Legal drugs which is unhelpful. And which demands permanently person to eat more and more sweets, not to become brutal, does not it? Do you know such effect,don't you? If I don't eat chocolate - I can kill everybody. It is not normal. Now I know it by my own experience.

I predict, that everybody tell that women must eat sweets. Of course they need. It is necessary!For our hormone system to work well and don't disoder.But what sweets does it need? Chemical bonds ,build up a tolerance? The cake with fat on the button. Natural sweets.Milk, Honey, fruit, dried fruit. It is necessary! Synthetic does not do good- neither character nor figure. Women's mentality needs sweet taste , but not cake and  chocolate with nuts. Personally I don't want to become such person as some of my comrades, which don't part with sugar bowl.Besides lardy figure - diabetes, heart diseases, and toothlessness. I don't like like variant at all, I have other plans. And sugar and its consequences are not in the plans.

Everybody decide by himself. You may ignore the facts about sugar, as I did earlier, waft up to the certain time. And you can try.My husband stopped eating sugar too, but he did not plan it. But he thought about it. He saw my example, and also he wants our children grow healthy.

You can choose by yourself. For you and your children. Try and Make decision. And don't try - it will be your decision. I wish everybody health and inner harmony!