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Manipura Chakra

Manipura Chakra

The third primary chakra in a subtle body is called Manipura. It goes after desiring pleasure Svadhistana and the root chakra Muladhara.

What happens when human consciousness reaches Manipura? What is this energy center responsible for? What is necessary to know about Manipura manifestations for better observation different motivations created by it? The answers to these and many other questions are presented in this article in order to help you widen the knowledge about the chakras and, as a result, about yourself.

Where is Manipura Chakra located?

The human body is unique naturally. It is hardly possible to find two absolutely identical people. There will be differences even for twins. The same is with a subtle body. There are no two identical subtle bodies, there are similar ones.

The position of Manipura is stated as being in the navel area. There might be differences. Manipura chakra, the location of which is individually for each, can be slightly below the navel, while the other is vice versa - higher.

If you want to understand and feel your Manipura, you can do it through the yoga practices. For example, you can pass through vipassana and learn the conscious concentration.

Meaning of Manipura chakra

Many energy channels cross toghether and form a "whirlpool" in the navel area called Manipura chakra. Some sources say that the human EGO lives here. It can expresses itself through ambitions, various desires, and clearly manifested materialism.

Rising from Svadhistana to Manipura is a very important time in a person's evolution. Comparing with Svadhistana, Manipura is a big step forward.

"Manipura" translates from Sanskrit as the «City of Jewels» or «Abundance of Jewels». Considering the translation, we can conclude that this period in life is due to fascination and strong enthusiasm for all material. Here begins an endless desire to enjoy various goods. Everything seems attractive, enticing. Here a strong wish of objects of luxury and status appears.

Through Manipura the psychophysical aspirations appear more subtle than on the level of first and second chakras. It is the peak of the extroverted perception. Here all attention and consciousness are captured and focused on the external world.

The color of the chakra is yellow.

In the human body, Manipura is responsible for the element of fire.

Let's pay attention to location of this chakra. It's obvious that Manipura is connected with digestive fire. It is the same fire that provides life to the human body.

Considering this we can diagnose the state of the third chakra. If there are various diseases of the stomach and digestive system as a whole, then most likely there is some problem with the energy in this center. In this case, in addition to the physical aspect of recovery, it makes sense to analyze your behavior, your habits and life views.

Chances are that, having worked out their limitations on the energy plan, a person will gradually get rid of problems at the health level.

Like all centers of the chakra system, the third chakra has its own seed mantra.

The seed mantra is the syllable «RAM».

Meditation on this mantra and its rotation are good for this chakra.

Among the five senses, Manipura is responsible for the vision. There is an opinion that people with any vision problems have some deviations in the work of Manipura.

Taste - hot (hot pepper, ginger).

Ayurveda says that acute taste helps kindling of the digestive fire and warms the body.

The classic image of Manipura chakra is a Lotus with ten petals. You can find illustrations with Sanskrit syllables on each petal. These petals symbolize different qualities connected with this chakra.

What are these qualities?

Negative qualities are: ignorance, dullness, disgust, desire, shame, cynicism, cunning, greed (greed), fear, laziness. Some qualities repeat other chakras, but differ in motivation and character of manifestation.

So, for example, fear and shame on Manipur will differ significantly from fear and shame on Svadhistan, just as cynicism in Vishudha will be completely different.

Positive qualities are: altruism, dedication, intelligence, the ability to give and sacrifice, organizational skills.

Manipura is represented with a red triangle, signifying the element of fire.

Manipura Chakra: Functio

Climbing the ladder of its evolutionary development, a person, if a development is harmonious, at the age of 14 to 21 years raises consciousness to the third chakra.

But in our world, where many factors lead to degradation rather than development, this raising can be delayed or do not happen at all. Many people live the hole life on the level of Manipura, failing to develop the acceptance and humanity – the qualities of Anahata chakra.

Manipura is a home of the Ego. Since it is actively developing here, a person can get caught up in all the tricks of his selfish manifestation. A big problem and limitation can become greed, the desire to own more, to get new and in large quantities.

Selfishness leads the inner world of man and the external world around to destruction.

At the external level, we see the consequences of such egoistic activity everywhere:

On the external level, we see traces of egoistic activity everywhere: mountains of rubbish, plastic islands in the seas and oceans, destruction of populations of animals, fish, birds, pumping out minerals from the bowels of the earth, deforestation, etc. All this slowly but surely brings humanity to global change. Not realizing all the scale and danger of such tendency, people continue to consume more and more, without thinking about the consequences.

To external factors of selfishly manifested Manipura is also the desire to influence others. The words "manipura" and "manipulate" are one-root. The desire to impose their will on others, to command – is one of the reason of wars, state conflicts, riots, etc. All this has a destructive character for the world.

As for the qualities of internal state, here we can note the following: in the pursuit of personal satisfaction of one's own desires, a person is greatly impoverished spiritually. Such qualities as greed, laziness, insidiousness, obsession with their often imaginary needs can lead human to discontent with himself, the world, other people, to various diseases, including cancer. Cancer became the devastator of the XXI century. And it has the reason. The 21st century started with the propaganda of life for personal pleasure when high Ego ignore everyone and everything around.

Self-centered interests come into force here: to become better than others, to be smarter, to exert influence. The desire to be important figure leads to managerial positions, a person wants to be a real expert in his business, it is important for him to become respected in society, to gain status in the eyes of others.

External manifestations of such ambitions can be, for example, an expensive car, watches, suits, jewelry, houses or apartments. Thus, an illusion is created that all this grows the power and respect from others which are so desired for Manipura.

When so ambitious people meet the information about seven energy centers and Manipura in particular, they might start questions: "How to develop it? What can I get from developed third chakra?”.

Often people with developed Manipura become leaders, good bosses, managers and organizers. Some people experience best qualities of this chakra. They can virtuously control the space and people around, realizing different projects. Such people can easy and playful lead a team. But communication inside this team will be built mainly from the position of EGO.

How to recognize a person looking at the world through the Manipura chakra? Usually such people have a strong mind, developed intellect. They like to study, explore. They like theories and concepts, science. Their speech can be full of complex terminology, understandable only to them. This is connected with the desire of the EGO to demonstrate its superiority over other participants in the conversation. But this may not be the terminology. Bragging with their activities, achievements, acquisitions also take place in communication.

Often people with developed Manipura are qualified specialists; businessmen; merchants. Here are people aimed to get the result. The scientists are here too. Intellectually developed and exploring the world from the scientific and logic point of view, making discoveries, scientist-inventors are people with predominant Manipura.

So, the third chakra is responsible for activity. Having risen above Svadhistana, a person realizes that if he does not begin to move, society will push him under. And he does not want it.

Manipura Chakra Activation

At the level of Manipura, сonsciousness has all the possibilities for revealing its potential, because spiritual achievements, spiritual growth begin from this center. Here a human can understand that behind material comfort and prosperity there is no true happiness, and as soon as this understanding has come, spiritual quest begins.

If you want to activate particular chakra, treat it responsibly, seriously and realizing all possible consequences.

Activation of chakra can have force both positive and negative quelities. Quick and hasty action can give the opposite result from the desired.

Manipura is the center of will. Working on this quality harmonize this chakra.. The weak will, the inability to show it where it is necessary, the inability to resist addictions - all these are signs of an undeveloped third chakra.

Activation of Manipura occurs during meals, as well as at business meetings, negotiations, when it comes to business, profit.

Hatha Yoga can also be an excellent tool.

It is easy to notice active Manipura during a meal. Manipura problem is an increased appetite, expressed in volumes. A person with active manipura can eat a lot, the amount of eaten food becomes immense. Activity of Manipura is manifested such way, that not the taste but the quantity of food is important for person. If somebody has a lot of energy in this chakra, it becomes difficult to control the appetite. Always he is eating something or thinking about food.

Even understanding with his mind that he takes too much, he has no ability to overcome this. Energy becomes stronger than the will of man and controls directly his actions. But with the help of yogic tools, this energy can be transformed, raised higher. There is also another option - to avoid filling the chakra, to try all the time to invest your life energy in some projects and affairs. In projects that are useful to the world and people in this world.

Many yogis see such period of Manipura in their life. It is not bad. It means that they have a lot of vital energy. Over time every yogi finds for himself the most effective tool for working with it.

If overeating is still a big problem, then you can try yogic techniques called Shatkarma, for example Kunjal Kriya. Kunjal clears the stomach on the physical level, and on the energy level – it raises the energy a little higher. In serious cases, Gaja Karani is used.

Also, to activate the third chakra, you can use techniques such as Uddiyana Bandha, Agnisara Kriya, Nauli, Dhouti - various manipulations with the stomach.

Men and Women: Manipura Chakra

Although both men and women have a human body, nonetheless they have different nature. Their manifestation is different in this world.

The male Manipura is more specific, straightforward, purposeful. Men achieve their goals easier, they often shine with their sharp mind and are proud of the "male" logic. They build business and occupy leadership positions.

Manipura Chakra Function in Wome

Woman can also have pronounced third chakra. Nowadays woman demand equal rights with men, and they easily become leaders in society, earn money. So they meet all positive and negative qualities of Manipura.

It is interesting observation about eating. The difference here can be that a man more often needs a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. It lights the digestive fire and Manipura starts work all full speed. At the same time, woman can be full with a little salad or fruit, and she does not need more. Many housewives are saturated during cooking. They do not need to absorb a lot to full Manipura. But remember that there is no identical algorithm for everyone. If a woman has energy in the third chakra, she will absorb food in large quantities on a par with men.

It is worth to say that marriages are rather long-term at the level of the third chakra, since the partners are interested in being together. Most often people unite, because they see the prospect, and perhaps, the benefit of their partner. In this case, while there are "bonuses", the relationship will be very comfortable. But if the prospect disappears or a more favorable candidate arises, then the relationship ceases to exist. It can be a marriage by calculation or with a marriage contract, in which the duties of the spouses will be recorded and all material assets taken into account. It can be an alliance for common purposes, for example, a joint business.

At this level oа relationship there might be the clash of the two Ego, the struggle for leadership in family. can be Sometimes such qualities as insidiousness, pride, cynicism, complacency or vice versa humiliation and infringement appear.

Love on Manipur originates from the desire to own. Here manipulation at the level of the personal qualities of the partner starts. "I like this in you, but that – I do not". You can hear different variations of this statement, the meaning remains the same: "I accept in you only what suits me, the rest should be removed, get rid of it." Such motivations lead to attempts to change a person,. Grievances, claims, disputes appear. Jealousy and control can appear from the desire to influence and guide. One of the possible manifestations of such relationship can become family tyranny.

Since Manipura is characterized by self-interest, a thirst for power, pride, zeal for "one's own", this has the most negative effect on relations, especially if partners do not work on themselves. Often in such an alliance one can hear the words: "mine," "mine," "me," "mine." The emphasis on this is done quite consciously, as it claims the rights to man.

Both among men and women can be traced the consumer attitude to the opposite sex. Another person becomes a toy, having played with which, they say goodbye. Such tendencies arise more often in people spoiled by worldly goods. For them, others do not have much value and are equated to the commodity.

If "love" on Manipur did happen, then affection arises. But this attachment will be significantly different from the one that appears on the Anahata chakra (heart center). On Manipur it might have more animal character.

Both men and women, can have their own “precious” depending on individual preferences and established attitudes, as well as karma of the past. It can be anything. A thought to have "this" leads a person to a state of happiness. And severe suffering can occur from loss.

As an example we can memory a famous movie, where one of the characters was passion about magic ring.. He was touching it saying: "My precious."

Manipura Chakra Asanas.

Hatha Yoga is a wonderful tool that can adjust and regulate the work of such complex mechanism as human body. It's not just about the physical body, but also about subtle structures, such as the chakra system.

Different asanas affect different chakras. You can create your own special complex for each chakra, which affects most on the necessary element.

We list some asanas for Manipura chakra.

The twists. In twists, there is an effect on the organs of the abdominal cavity, the digestive organs. This is the same area where the third chakra is located. Asanas with twist are : Ardha Marichiasana, Ardha Matsiendrasana, Ardha Namaskar Parsvakonasana, Bharadvajasan, Vakrasan, Marichiasana (I, III, IV).

Deflections and asanas with an impact on the abdomen: Dhanurasana, Bhujangasana, Mayurasan, Bakasana, Shalabhasana, Ashtanga Namaskar, Navasana, Utthita Trikonasan, Parivrta Trikonasan, Utthita Parshwakonasan, Parivrta Parshwakonasan, Adho Mukha Shvanasan, Urdhva Mukha Shvanasan, Marjarianasan, Urdhva Dhanurasan .P.

A good effect on the digestive system is also provided by inverted asanas: Halasana, Viparita Karani Mudra, Sarvangasana, Karna Pidasana, etc.

Pashchimotanasana. The slope to the feet affects positively.

All these exercises for the Manipur chakra will be effective with a complex impact on the physical body, energy and work of consciousness.

Manipura Chakra Balance

Manipura is important and nessasary chakra. Being the center of human will, it gives the opportunity to develop spirituality. Up to this level there is no question about self-development. The search for thuth starts from the third chakra. The essential questions arise: «Who I am?», «Where I am?», «For what do I live?», «What for will I die?», «What is my destiny?.

A real enlightenment comes with harmonious development of this chakra. A human understands that the world is not limited with matte and behind the goods there is something more, essential, important. From this moment the period of spiritual search begins.

Rising up Svadhistana, a person overcomes rather primitive desire to attract attention, while remaining at the level of "being like everyone else." Speaking about spiritual development, it is worth noting one more important thing. At the level of Manipura's consciousness, the world is perceived as unfair, filled with pain and suffering. There is a saying about this point: "We are not such, this is life". From this perception of reality, man is experiencing pain. From this reason EGO appears. EGO becomes a protective mechanism, for which the person hides, defending himself from the "aggressive" environment.

The sense of imperfection of the world pushes the individual to improve it. Someone is showing this through science, new inventions aimed at improving life. Someone is going into the world of spirituality, trying to find there answers and ways of solving human problems. Do not forget that we constantly interact with the outside world through energy that realizes itself through this or that chakra. Therefore, one can not say that one chakra is good and necessary, and the other is bad. All energy centers are really needed on all levels of evolutionary development.

If someone understands that his Manipur need to be balanced, the question arises: how to harmonize it?

One of the effective tools is communication with the element of fire. It can be Trataka's yogic technique (contemplation of candle flame). Or it can be an effective ancient method - Yagya and jumping through a bonfire, walking on coals. Of course, remember the safety rules.

Harmonious Manipur demonstrates its best manifestations: altruism, enthusiasm, dedication, willingness to share both material goods (charity) and intellectual ( knowledge ). Cultivating the these positive qualities, a human creates a road to the next evolutionary level, the Heart Center.

As a home of EGO and will power and the start of spiritual development, Manipura chakra is very provocative stage. A human can meet different manifistations of thus chakra depending on his behavior in past lives.

Some people do not feel greed from the childhood. They do not have this quality because they have worked out it in past. And somebody were burn with qualities of leader. They study how to share and give. And some other people are burn being altruistic and ready to give.

There is an interesting opinion of people involved in self-development about the reason of material and financial prosperity. The more someone gave in past life – the more he has in this one. It is the Universal Law of Karma. This rule works either in that case when someone didn’t care about others and hold everything for himself. The consequences of such selfishness are very poor.

Also there are conceptions about connection of behavior, motivation and level of consciousness in this life and future life: the type of future body and the quality of world around.

There is an opinion, that greed people thinking only about how to fill their wallet and stomach, get into the so-called "world of hungry spirits." You can find descriptions of the planets where creatures do not have the opportunity to eat or drink, but at the same time they want it very much. Their suffering can not be described in words. They are suffering all their miserable life. Thus karma of the previous egoistical birth returns. To see such way of life there is no need to fly to other planets and to other worlds. It is enough to look at what is happening in different parts of our planet. There are places where people die of hunger, where there are no conditions for life, even with its minimum needs. This, at first glance, injustice is a completely logical pattern based on the impartial law of karma.

You can watch peoples changes when it comes to profit. Blooming and changing, a person experiences an uplift of mood. People, who have given this profit or started talking about it, becomes temporarily in the eyes of Manipura worthy of her attention, respect and conditional friendship. Unfortunately, friendship is possible here, only while there is a benefit.

If benefit disappears – then friendship disappears .

Similar changes in mood can be observed when it comes to eating. Having seen tasty and plentiful entertainments, the person becomes exited cause he anticipates the future meal. There can be frequent thoughts and talk about food. Food becomes a cult.

It is very interesting to observe the trends of our world today. If you live in a city, you may see a lot of cafes, restaurants, fast foods. Whole space is saturated with thoughts that "you must come and eat." Unfortunately, under such an outward pressure of consciousness, it is more and more difficult to rise higher. The active effect on the third chakra is cycling it, accustoming to spend energy through Manipur.

Despite the limitations described above, Manipura can be beneficial both to its "master", and to people, to the world around. Considering that it is from this stage that the desire for development and self-knowledge comes into life, one can not underestimate its role in our life.

Having read the negative tendencies, finding them in yourself, having gained the courage to admit it, a person has all the possibilities to gradually reduce their influence on their lives, cultivating more positive qualities of Manipura.

Altruism. Try to do as much as possible not for yourself, but for others. It is possible on three levels: at the level of the body (action), at the level of speech and at the level of the mind. At these three levels, you can develop the ability for altruism not in theory, but in practice. It is very important to direct your actions, speech and thoughts for the benefit of others.

Surrender. If you find the golden mean in this quality, it can help you to work with the third chakra the best way.

Intelligence. Intelligence is an ability to analyze and build logical chains, to see patterns, not to make the same mistakes. Of course, the intellect can become a barrier in yoga practice, since the third chakra needs an immediate, quick result and a logical explanation of all the processes of practice. In this case, sometimes it is difficult to understand what is meditation. There might be doubts about the reality of subtle experiences and aspects of practice, the result of which does not come immediately.

Enthusiasm. Having found his destiny in life, a human becomes truly happy. He stops running, like a donkey, for material goods and values. He finds real enthusiasm in his work. And this kind of enthusiasm in the amount of the previous positive qualities is the real realization of Manipura in best way.