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Now we operate mainly at the expense of the participants in our asset who donate funds to support the operation of the site (hosting, maintaining and updating the server), the release of materials with which may spread among the people the idea of ​​a healthy way of life (T-shirts, CDs, flyers, stickers). Invite you to participate in the dissemination of common lifestyle!

Direction of funds for the dissemination of knowledge will certainly have a beneficial effect on your development.

There are some simple and easy ways to help the project.

1. You can use the Yandex.Money system.

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4. Or do the translation (in Russia and from abroad) to an account at the SberBank with the following details.

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We would be grateful if you can donate some funds.

You can also buy something from our online store (t-shirts, CDs, etc.) and help the development of this site, which contains a compilation of videos and reading materials that can help awaken many people.

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