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Yoga for Beginners

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We conduct yoga classes for beginners in our Common-Cent lifestyle OUM.RU. Courses and yoga lessons for beginners will give you an idea of ​​the culture of hatha yoga, its physical and spiritual component.

In class you will learn what yoga is, what results it can bring and what are its methods. You will learn the basic asanas of hatha yoga, pranayama, mudras, bandhas and will be able to decide what result you want to come through the practice of yoga.

Our evening yoga classes for beginners are designed for those who have never dealt with hatha yoga or want to understand - why would he need to do? For greater awareness on each yoga session for beginners, we pay a while topics such as: what is yoga, and what types of yoga techniques are what asana and pranayama, what are the rules for the risk of injury in yoga ... and, of course, familiar with such terms such as "chi" and "austerity", because without this yoga lessons for beginners are converted into ordinary gymnastic exercises.

Despite the presence of a theoretical part (10-15 minutes at the beginning of practice), each session of Hatha Yoga for Beginners is a comprehensive training and is suitable for people of any age and physique. All elements of yoga lessons for beginners are accompanied by a detailed commentary of the instructor. Yoga class for beginners includes: warm, simple balance poses, exercises for the legs, arms and spine, which worked out the major joints and muscle groups.

Yoga Classes for Beginners harmoniously combine static and dynamic exercises to develop strength and flexibility. In the end - relaxation in shavasana.

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General recommendations for yoga lessons for beginners:
Yoga classes for beginners is preferably carried out on an empty stomach. If this is difficult, you can drink a cup of tea before class, cocoa or milk. After quite a light meal before the lessons of hatha yoga for beginners should take at least an hour after a heavy meal - at least four hours. After half an hour after exercise to eat. It is most convenient to engage in bare feet on the rubber mat (mats is in the audience) that was the maximum coupling with the floor and the feet do not slip in the performance of asanas. Yoga for Beginners will suit any comfortable clothing made ​​from natural fabrics, does not restrict movement.

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