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Great Tibet Tour

Great Tibet Tour

Kailash: Towards the Trials of Will and Spirit

Join us on a trip of a lifetime to Tibet!

Over three weeks, we will visit the most sacred sites in Tibet, such as Mt. Kailash, Drolma La Pass, Mansarovar Lake, Samye Monastery, Jokhang Temple, Sera and Drepung Monasteries, Ganden monasteries, Tashilhunpo Monastery and Palace of Tsaparang. The highlight of the trip will be the outer Kora around Mt.Kailash and optional radial access to the North Face.

We will immerse ourselves in yoga practice, pranayama, Vedic lectures, group discussions on sutras during each step of this journey.

Mt. Kailash is the most sacred place for three religions - Buddhism, Hinduism and Bon. At Kailas, time changes its pace - even those who don’t believe in anything, experience moments, which change their lives forever. It is possible and necessary to bury all your weaknesses, fears and vices. Here everyone, who is truly ready to come into contact with their multidimensional existence and the passage to new dimensions, has the possibility to get to know themselves.

Тур проводит

Программа тура

Day 1 - Departure from local airport

Departure from local airport.

Note: The majority of the group departs from Moscow. However, if this option is not convenient for you, you can choose to fly to Xi'an and meet with the rest of group at the airport.

Day 2 - Arrival in Xi'an 

Hotel accommodation. Rest after the flight. 

Day 3 - Local flight to Lhasa

Arrival in Lhasa. Hotel accommodation. Meeting with the tour participants. Q&A. Mantra Om.

Day 4 - Samye Monastery

Samye is the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet, founded during the Padmasambhava and King Trisong Detsen times. Excursion to the monastery. Radial access to the observation deck. Acclimatization at the altitude of 3,500 m. Transfer back to the hotel in Lhasa. Evening practice of the mantra Om.

Day 5 - Ganden Monastery

Morning meditation and hatha yoga practice. Visit to the Ganden monastery. In one of the sutras Shakyamuni Buddha predicted the construction of Ganden Monastery, or, in Sanskrit “Tushita”, named after the pure land of the future Buddha Maitreya.

Day 6 - Jokhang Monastery

Morning meditation and hatha yoga practice. Visit to the Jokhang Monastery in the morning. The Jokhang Monastery is the spiritual center of Tibet and a sacred place for all followers of Tibetan Buddhism. In the central hall there is the main treasure of the monastery - a statue of Buddha Shakyamuni, which was made during his lifetime. In the afternoon, visit to the Drak Yerpa cave monastery. This complex consists of many meditation caves and small temples. The Drak Yerpa is considered the most ancient place in Tibet, where hermits practiced. Drak Yerpa is the oldest place in Tibet where anchorites practiced. Invited by King Trisong Detsen, Precious Guru Padmasambhava and his wife Yeshe Tsogyal meditated here. Guru Padmasambhava meditated here for more than seven months and developed part of his supernatural abilities.

Day 7 - Drepung Monastery

Morning meditation and hatha yoga practice. Visit to the Drepung Monastery. Drepung is the largest monastery of the Gelugpa school. There are many magnificent examples of wall paintings, fine sculptures and other works of masters in the monastery. The famous statue of the future Buddha Maitreya is located in the monastery.

Day 8 - Departure for Shigatse. Tashilunpo Monastery

Morning meditation. Departure for Shigatse. Visit to the Tashilunpo monastery. The Tashilunpo Monastery is traditionally the seat of the Panchen Lama, which is considered to be the emanation of the Buddha Amitabha. The full name of the monastery in Tibetan literally means "all the happiness and prosperity is collected here." There is the largest statue of the Buddha Maitreya in the monastery. Transfer to Ladze (3 hours). Overnight at the hotel.

Day 9 - Departure from Ladze to Kriyong. Pakba temple

Departure from Ladze to Kriyong. Visit to the Pakba temple, which is a very ancient temple built by King Sontsen Gampo for a princess Brihuhti from Nepal. There is also a very important statue of the Buddha in the temple. Overnight in Kriyong.

Day 10 - Transfer Kriyong - Paryang. Milarepa’s birthplace

Departure from Kriyong to Paryang. On the way visit to the Milarepa’s birthplace. A small ascent (about 1.5 hours). Accommodation in hotel in Paryang.

Day 11 - Transfer Paryang - Darchen 

Lake Manasarovar and Chiu monastery Transfer from Paryang to Darchen. Visit to the lake Manasarovar and the Chiu monastery, free time to practice near the lake. Lake Manasarovar is another legendary place in Tibet. According to the Vedic texts, Shiva's wife, the goddess Parvati, loved to spend time here. Individual practice in the Chiu cave ("Bird Monastery"), where Padmasambhava practiced the last 7 days before he left this world. From the top of the monastery you will see magnificent views of the Rakshas Tal and Manasarovar lakes, as well as the snow-covered peak of Kailash. Transfer to Purang. Overnight in Purang's guesthouse.

Day 12 -
Purang temple

Morning meditation. Visiting the temple in Purang. Acclimatization before kora. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 13 -
Transfer to Darchen

Transfer to Darchen. Hotel accommodation. Night in Darchen. Rest before kora.

Day 14 - First day of kora

The beginning of kora, a sacred walk around the Kailash mountain. On request: a radial access to the North Face. Overnight at the base near the Northern face of Kailash.

Day 15 - Second day of kora

Crossing the Drolma-La pass (5,740m). Crossing the pass symbolizes a new birth and overcoming accumulated karma. Visit to the Zatul-Phuk monastery. Practice in the Milarepa’s cave. Return to Darchen. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 16 - Transfer Darchen - Ladze

Transfer from Darchen to Ladze. Stops to take pictures of the Tibet’s amazing landscapes. Hatha yoga practice, where possible. Accommodation and rest in hotel in Ladze.

Day 17 -  Transfer Ladza - Lhasa

Day 18 -  Free Day in Lhasa

Morning meditation. Hatha yoga practice. Free day in Lhasa. Final meeting with the tour participants. Mantra Om.

Day 19-20  Home departure from Lhasa

Morning meditation. Hatha yoga practice. Home departure from Lhasa.

Note: There will be lectures and discussions about yoga/self-improvement and practice of mantra OM during the entire trip. Hatha yoga asana practice will be offered wherever it is possible.


The price includes: 
- shuttle bus transportation along the route in Tibet
- hotel accommodations in Lhasa and Shigatse (double occupancy, with a shower and toilet in the room) 
- accommodations at the guest houses in the small towns and during Kora (4-6 people occupancy) 
- entrance fees along the route 
- excursion program and tour guide support 
- lectures and yoga practices 
- porters or yaks for 3 days of Kora around Mount Kailash (1 porter for 2 persons (maximum 12 kg) 
- payment of transit road sections and some parking lots where buses are required to stop. 
 The price DOES NOT include: 
- flight to Lhasa 
- Chinese visa ($100) 
- Meals (~ $200) 
- Video recording and photography fees in temples and other places that we visit
- Tips for the tour guide and drivers ($30-50) 
- Health insurance 
- Additional charges for hiring porters, indentured servants, apartments, housing, and food
- Additional costs incurred in connection with political and economic strikes or natural phenomena 

Special note: Trip to Kailash implies stepping outside your comfort zone. For most people this is an austerity. Not only sun, snow or rain might happen but also events and experiences which will test your patience, strength and resistance.

Please be prepared for any unusual conditions. Also be prepared to remind yourself that these situations are manifested only for your self-development and due to the karmic conditions created by you in the past.

Austerities help you to get stable on your Path and begin to see it in a new light.

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